A sweet and casual love shoot from Snippet & Ink reader, Carolyn: My new husband and I are currently living in Singapore and we were married last month in Perth, Australia where he is from. We wanted to incorporate something Australian into the pictures and what better way than Australian bottle trees at Bottle Tree Park, right here in sunny Singapore!

Bride’s dress: Banana Republic

Groom’s suit: Zara

Photos: The Peeping Thom

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  1. christa elyce

    Wow those photos are so great! i want to see singapore now! http://www.jemappelles-christa.com

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  2. Melissa Blake

    The photo on the beach is absolutely stunning!

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  3. jlc

    Wow!!! These area GREAT shots!! I love how vibrant the colors are!!You have a new follower!

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  4. danacordovadesign

    beautiful shots! I especially love how the green was captured.

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  5. Ashley Serena

    These just made me smile SO MUCH. Thank you for posting them. :)

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  6. Coordinately Yours

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the use of the "love" candles in the last shot! Very creative!

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  7. Anonymous

    That tree is unbelievable…very touching, and I love the shot on the dock.

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  8. Stacey Ilyse Photography

    That tree is spectacular..very touching. I love the shot on the dock.

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  9. henzy

    gorgeous potographs..

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  10. lane dittoe

    awesome job! love the bench shot, thanks!

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  11. Mark Garber Photography

    These pictures are great. So creative! What a fun couple.

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