Martha Stewart Weddings Sneak Peek

The Martha Stewart Weddings summer issue just debuted, and it’s filled with tons of great ways to personalize your big day!


Megan & David returned to their home state of Kentucky for a sophisticated wedding with gilded elements and modern details. The bride put her design skills into play, creating the stationery and overall look of the day. Gold paint, embellishments, and foil-stamping added glitz to the event, which took place in a art museum in downtown Louisville.



The issue is not one to be missed!  It’s filled with ideas on how to create a similar wedding aesthetic including, clip-art thank you notes, boozy favors, painted decor, and unique gift boxes.

Get the magazine on newsstands now or download it on your ipad!

Vendor Credits

Cover photograph by Raymond Hom / Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2013.  / Story photography by Lucy Schaffer / Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2013.


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