We haven’t had a love shoot feature for awhile, and I think you’re going to enjoy these fun pics from Ozzy Garcia. Laura and Josue and musicians in Miami, and they marked their anniversary with a shoot in the heart of South Beach…

A picnic on the beach sounds so nice right about now… Thanks to Ozzy Garcia for sending over these great photos! See even more from this shoot right here.

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  1. Emma – Aphroditeswb

    This is stunning, I absolutely adore Laura’s dress!!! x

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  2. Linda

    Such a fun shoot! Loving the colors, different angels, and that dress is to die for!

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  3. Clickmama

    yummy yummy yummy shoot. I wonder if this was film that was used. Oh my goodness how cute are these two…

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  4. Summer

    In. Love. with that dress! This is exactly what I have envisioned wearing when I get married. Kathryn, any idea where it’s from?

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      Hmm… I’m not sure, Summer, but I can try and find out for you. I love the idea of it as a wedding dress!

  5. Erin Davenport

    What a great idea! Ours is coming up right before we move out of California, you’ve got me thinking about an anniversary + remember those 6 months we spent in Cali shoot! <3

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  6. hk

    that dress embodies what i’ve been searching for wedding dress-wise. of course it has to be vintage or handmade or unattainable in some way. sigh, beautiful nonetheless.

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  7. MH

    I love her feather fascinator! Is there any way of finding out where it’s from? (There are soooo many fascinators out there now, but I love the colour and form of this one!)

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  8. Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

    So fun!



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  9. daniel lateulade

    Love this shoot man — awesome work!

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  10. Linda V.

    What a lovely, romantic, easy going well taken photoshoot. If all shoots could look so relaxed !

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  11. Linda V.

    @Daniel: I compliment you on your black & white photo’s on your website! Shame we live in the Netherlands!!

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  12. Tom Fowler

    I love this couple sense of style.I love Laura’s dresses so awesome!

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  13. DanielaDukleska

    Love this! It’s so so sweet!

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