Mid-Week Link Special

Today’s inspiration board just isn’t working for me – not sure what it is, but it’s just not ready to make it’s debut. I’ll have that inspiration board for you tomorrow. Meantime, I hope you enjoy these links!

Made this for my honey’s birthday yesterday – it was perfect with blackberries.

It’s gray, ruffled, gorgeous

Happy birthday parties!

If I hadn’t just bought a new table, I’d definitely go for the chalkboard look.

Perfect gift for the plaid lover.

Not that I’m ready for 2010 or anything, but I do love this calendar.

The girl and the boy together.

I thought the days of covering books were behind me. Maybe not.

Great advice for business, for brides and for life.

Fashion mags: one man’s point of view on post-its.

United steaks.

Happy Wednesday y’all!


  • Judy@nofearentertaining says:

    Thanks for the link!!! I am so glad you liked the Lemon Curd Ice Cream. And it would be perfect with erries!!!

  • brideonashoestring says:

    I love, love, love the Tomasi/Hill wedding. She is so very awesome too btw. Of course, just when slightly tinted wedding dresses are hitting the runway, she has already done it. Yay for Dallas girls.

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