Mid-Week Pause

Since I spent Christmas with my honey’s family this year, I’m headed home today to spend a week with my mom and my sister. Why not start the new year with a day off and a trip, right?

(This photo has nothing to do with me or my trip home, but it was so darling and it made me smile. By the ever talented Jonathan Canlas.)

Regular posts will be back tomorrow, but for today, I thought I’d ask all of you to pick up my slack by sharing some inspiration… How are you maintaining your sanity and perspective during your wedding planning process? And would you be so kind as to share it with the rest of us in the comments below?


  • Clare says:

    I've been keeping sane by making sure we pause at the end of the day to talk about the favourite things that happened during the day, things we're proud if and what we like about each other. The whole day might have been about whether this or that task has been done but at the end of it all we remember each other.

    …And I take many deep breaths when I'm talking about planning with the parents! Haha!

  • Becca says:

    Destressing with a massage Friday with my mom. I'm hanging out with friends coming in from out of town for two bridal showers. Girls' weekend!!

  • Tonia says:

    Really good chocolate and snuggling with my dog are what bring me back down to earth after a stressful day of decisions and deadlines. :)

  • not a minx, a moron, or a parasite says:

    Have fun with your mom & sister! Family is the best :)

  • Anonymous says:

    One word: Planner. :) Worth every cent, particularly as I'm a destination bride.

  • Randi Lee says:

    hmmm, I de-stress by not planning it! That probably won't be very good in a few months… eek. Maybe I should get on it…

  • Katherine says:

    The thing that kept me sane throughout our whole long-distance engagement/ wedding planning process was just talking to my fiance on the phone every evening. I remember the night before our wedding he was supposed to go out with his friends and I was supposed to catch a good night's sleep in my childhood bed for the last time. But he ended up calling me just as I turned off the lights. We talked about everything, calmed each other's stressed out nerves, and it made all the difference for a peaceful rest.

  • Marnie says:

    i was married in October and my friends called me the zen bride. I don't think that I felt that way all the time but the best piece of advice is to know that if you take the time to choose your vendors well and stick to your "most important" and "least important" list, everything will be lovely. keeping perspective on what the day was about rather than all the planning elements kept me grounded. Making decisions as a couple was so much fun and by far one of the best memories and preparation for being a married couple!

  • Megan says:

    Everytime I begin to stress out, I simply say this to myself: At the end of all this, I will be married to the man who makes me complete. The most important part of that day will be saying "I do" and taking him to be yours forever, and that's the moment you will remember. The wedding and everything involved in it is just one day, but our marriage is for the rest of our life.

    Oh and having a sense of humor helps too…

  • alex says:

    focus on the big picture! yes, your wedding is a big day, but it's only one day. set aside a day to take a break from everything wedding & do something else you enjoy and have a date night with your fiance.

  • wedded twist says:

    i agree that it's helpful to stick to your most important/least important list especially as it applies to your budget as that can often be the most stressful part. you should never be put in a position where you might go into debt over your wedding. it feels so good to just let something go if it isn't a fit and never look back.

  • Sara Sheehy Photography says:

    At the moment I am not retaining any of my sanity! I'm 2400 miles away from the wedding spot, I can't find a venue, and did I mention I'm 2400 miles away? I'm losing it. Sigh.

  • Jonathan Canlas says:

    I just screamed out loud when I saw this on my reader! I hope all is well!!!

  • Jonathan Canlas says:

    oh and ps, i get inspiration from reading your BLOG! <3<3<3<3

  • Tree says:

    I try to focus on the relationship, and see the wedding day as a celebration/party to that relationship. WE matter. WE will still be around after this day, even if the dress doesn't fit, or someone's grandma can't attend, or the like. It's kept me grounded. I recently lost my dad admist all the planning, so I also think, in a way, it has kept me more grounded than usual; it keeps to the front of my mind the fact that these PEOPLE matter, not the place, or the time, or the shoes. :)

  • carly says:

    I am event planner by day anyway, so while I have a lot of the logistics and details mapped out, I am enjoying DELEGATING! I dont have to do this whole party myself for once! What a nice thing to give tasks to loved ones who want to help.
    I have learned in events, that if the tablecloth is "ivory" not "white" or the flowers are burgundy not maroon, only you will know the difference, and not even you will remember in a month. Perspective!

  • Paula says:

    I'm planning a wedding 3,000 miles away, so I keep telling myself "don't worry about it, focus on teh big stuff"… the great thing is that I have an incredible support system around me, and for that, I'm truly grateful!
    Also, I come to your blog almost every day… I can't decide on a color palette. Bridesmaids are in little black dresses, guys in tuxes, held in a "elegantly rustic" barn at 10,500 feet in Colorado… any advice?

  • Northern Girl, Southern Wedding says:

    we have 16 months till our wedding day in 2011 so i'm making this WHOLE YEAR about just enjoying being engaged and the time we have together pre-wedding. we talked about how to make this one of our most fun and special years ever (we've been together for 7 already) so to that end, what can we experience and try that will be new for both of us, that will create great memories for us…that has nothing to do with wedding planning! We got a lot of the "big" planning stuff out of the way last fall (we've been engaged since last summer) which has been such a blessing, so that we can actually just focus on each other this year, our families and friends, and all the "little" stuff in terms of planning will get taken care of in time. for any bride planning a wedding, i highly recommend giving yourself space just to not think about "the wedding" for awhile.

  • jessica quadra says:

    my fiance and i are taking a drive up to monterey (we're in so cal) to finalize a restaurant for our wedding reception this april. we think it's going to be this adorable french bistro, so i'd love to see some french themed boards! but bookmarking ideas i stumble upon online is a great way to collect ideas and make the decision making that much easier.

  • Anonymous says:

    as for the "elegantly rustic with the lbd and tuxes" bride; i would go one of two ways, pick a color that pops, like a classy turquoise, or pick a shade of mauve/lavender. it sounds beautiful!! asolutely gorgeous!

  • My girlfriends and I are currently in the practice of sending each other "gratitude lists" every morning– 5 things we are grateful for that day (no repeats!!) It has helped me to stay positive and ENJOY the planning process rather than complaining or being stressed! This as been by far the best few months of my life!

  • Anonymous says:

    I de-stress by delegating chores to my lovely sisters and cousins!
    my oldest sister is handling the wedding-cake and my youngest sister is handling bachelor party duties and wedding favors!
    My cousin is responsible for the music playlist and i feel relaxt and can enjoy this special time leading up to the wedding!

  • {The Perfect Palette} says:

    my planning is over. Although there were times of stress and insanity- you have to always remember what your wedding is all about. It's about the two of you making a promise to one another. It will be a beautiful day and life is too short to stress over each and every detail or to try to please everyone. focus on yourselves.

  • Christi says:

    Very surprisingly, for a type A perfectionist, I found it really easy to keep sanity and perspective when planning our October 09 wedding. We had did it in less than 100 days and changed our ceremony and reception location a month before the wedding (after the handmade invites went out!!!)

    I think it was possible because I knew that it's really just a party we're planning. Just one day.

    I focused on what was important to me: a memorable ceremony and a fun party. Having dear and talented friends who were willing to pitch in as 'friendors' was great too. With that as a framework, it all fell into place.

    Stick to what you love and think is special, and you won't get overwhelmed. The rest is just noise.

  • kristie says:

    After my honey and I of 15 years got engaged this Christmas…I thought I'd go against the grain with my years of elopement thoughts and do a real Celebration. Being a planner, I figured I had seen it all and would know how to deal with any stress appropriately. After all, we have a lot to Celebrate with our lengthy romance…but when there was mama drama within 48 hours…I started to hesitate. And then when everything I've had pictured in my head to make this simple and about the families and us being together…I got more drama. So needless to say, I think I'm back to my original idea because all I really want to do is MARRY MY HONEY peacefully and happily. Is that selfish of me? xo

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