Board #92 | Champagne and Beach Cruisers

Amanda wrote me a while back looking for a board that would reflect her vision for a wedding by the beach. She wants a laid back Southern California feel without sacrificing any elegance: “like sipping Champagne while riding a beach cruiser down the boardwalk” as she put it. I love that image (in fact, if I were Amanda, I would definitely make sure to get some photos of exactly that). Amanda also said that she wants all white flowers, with green and turquoise accents in the form of ribbons, fabric, etc. (If the turquoise in this board is too light, or too baby blue looking for you, just swap it out for a deeper hue.) To keep things from feeling stuffy, I would have the guys wear khakis and Converse. I might also have a do-it-yourself Champagne buffet, where people can add the elements of their choice (like fruit juices, flavored sugar cubes, garnishes, etc.) to create Champagne cocktails.

Mood: like sipping champagne while riding a beach cruiser down the boardwalk
Palette: white, green, turquoise

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: champagne, calla lily cake from MS, stationery by Wiley Valentine, Junko Yoshioka dress via Brooklyn Bride
Row 2: Champagne truffles by Teuscher, beach cruiser from Just Bicycles, Becky Kelso necklace via A Little Sussy
Row 3: dress from Inside Weddings, ties from MS, table from Brides, veil by Leah C, bouquet from MS
Row 4: photo by Jessica Claire, ribbon from Ribbons Galore, centerpiece from Taste


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