It’s been awhile since we had a Real Wedding Saturday! Denise is a Snippet & Ink reader who was kind enough to share her totally DIY wedding with us, and she wrote such a darling little love story…

Once upon a time there was a boy from Munich and a girl from Barcelona. They both traveled far and wide looking for love, but little did they know that love had other plans for them. One unexpected day the boy came home to find the girl sitting in his living room. Meet my sister, said her brother. Meet my brother, said his sister. She smiled, he gulped, and so the spell was cast.

Matthias and I shared our love with our family and friends on a traditional Bavarian estate in Munich, Germany. We had a very personal ceremony in the tiny chapel situated on the grounds, where we asked for the blessing of our family and friends.

In true international style, the party kicked off with a Bavarian Beer Garden and was followed by English Afternoon Tea. Dinner was served in the barn where we later danced till our feet ached. We put all the love we could into every single little detail, crafting and designing and sewing practically everything ourselves. The most amazing thing was how our family and friends pitched in. From all corners of the globe, everyone added their own personal touch to make it even more special.

Congratulations Denise and Matthias!

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  1. Denise Stock

    What a lovely surprise when I checked your blog this morning! Thank you so much Kathryn!!

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  2. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

    What a lovely little wedding! Such charming details, like the cheery checkered bunting, the gentlemen in Bavarian attire, the stuffed fabric love birds. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Claire – English Wedding

    This wedding is adorable – I love it! And a wonderful and beautifully written love story too. Inspirational!

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  4. sarita

    first time i’ve made a comment on your blog. I have been reading your blog for about a year. I LOVE weddings, even if i don’t know the people! The weddings that you share so great because of the DIY aspect! i think this wedding is perfect. the church is just the right size for the wedding. You have JUST the people thta you want there. i love the outside part of it. last but not least i love her GREEN petticoat!!! thank you for a lovely blog and for having loveliness to share.

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  5. Eva

    I second sarita’s love of that green petticoat! What a fantastic and original detail — I’ll keep this in mind for my wedding, whenever that happens. It’s a lovely way to add a cheeky, flirtatious pop of color.

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  6. Kate@MagnoliaRouge

    How adorable!!! So many charming details!!

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  7. Kamie

    Beautiful! Such a surprise to find a wedding posted today!!

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  8. Susanne

    Wow – thank you for this post! I live in Munich and I currently started thinking about how my “special day” could be. Thank you – I really really love the photos!

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    • Denise Stock

      There’s a fantastic book called Scheune, Schloss und Gaumenschmaus with the best locations in the München area.

  9. love.luck.kisses.cake

    This is so cute! I wish I had thought of the German theme at my wedding! The only shout out to my heritage was the German sausages and that was about it. Great share :)

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  10. artdecodiamonds

    The wedding looks wonderful…, pretzels and alot of good times!

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  11. Before the Big Day

    Love the idea of ciutting a heart out of an old sheet and walking out through it. You could then use it in the photo booth to frame your guests. Simply but fab, like all the best ideas! xGeorgia

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  12. Laura Whitney

    What a fun wedding this must have been! I love all the non-traditional use of color! Plus the beer garden thing, awesome!

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  13. Miss Sam

    Oh man. The cutting-out-heart-bride carry! So epic! And the lime green crinoline just made my day. So lovely!

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  14. Addie

    Look at all the cute details!

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