You might remember Jesse Tarnoff and the team at Sandbox Love from this awesome video, so you can imagine how excited Ryan and I were to have them film our wedding. They’re such a fun bunch, and it was so nice getting to know them in the months leading up to our wedding, and then to have them there that day. Somehow, even with four guys filming, they managed to be inconspicuous and unobtrusive (some of our wedding guests didn’t even realize we had videographers!). And I think they did a perfect job of telling our wedding story…


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  1. Laura

    Congratulations, Kathryn! This is simply gorgeous. My husband-to-be is a videographer and film editor, and we are always knocking on bad wedding video. I can’t wait to show him this! They did an incredible job. What am amazing day!

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  2. jacin {lovely little details}

    OMG. this is the sweetest start to my day,that’s for sure!! exciting to see the recaps!

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  3. Katie Sasse

    This is the essence of you two – what a beautiful video! I was so very excited to relive the perfection of that beautiful day!

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  4. Kelly Elizabeth

    so beautiful, it’s awesome to see and hear the story behind the wonderful blog that is snippet and ink. watching this also really helped me feel good about the decision we made to hire a wedding videographer and go a little big higher than we’d planned to get the quality we wanted, awesome! congratulations :)

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  5. Lauren

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! This has convinced me that without a doubt, I need a videographer. Congrats!

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  6. Kayla

    I never knew you were from Mississippi! It was so exciting to watch your wedding video and find a connection to the sights and sounds of the place. You did a wonderful job of marrying the beautiful San Francisco location with the warmth that I think best describes our home state. I grew up in North Mississippi, New Albany, and just recently married a boy from Madison.

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  7. Katja


    this is my first time commenting. I just wanted to say that you were a very, very beautiful bride (with a not too bad husband of course ;))

    All the best to you two from Germany,
    another Catherine (Katja)

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  8. Tara Whittaker

    Absolutely lovely. Congratulations.

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  9. yan palmer

    so unbelievably sweet. the way he looks at you is magic, kathryn. you were stunning, and the two of you together were even more beautiful together. so much happiness from me to you!

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  10. Lisa

    Oh my goodness, this made me cry!! You could not be more gorgeous, and you two make a truly stunning couple! This is by far one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever seen, thank you so much for sharing! :)

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  11. Chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day

    LOVE this! Thanks for sharing something so special to you :)

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  12. Savanna

    Absolutely love it!

    Music choices are excellent. Way to rep the South!

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  13. Meredith

    Oh, Kathryn! It’s perfect! I’ve never ever teared up while watching a wedding video until I saw your first look! Congratulations!

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  14. Jessica R.

    Lovely video! I agree with Meredith…never before have I gotten choked up watching a wedding video. Congrats to you and Ryan and as always thank you for sharing :)

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  15. Rachel

    I am sitting here tearing up at my desk in my office over this lovely video! Amazing! You look absolutely stunning and I love your new hubby! Also- where did you find your beautiful hair piece? I’m doing my hair in a similar fashion for my June wedding and would love a piece like this!

    Best wishes to both of you!

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  16. raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!}

    in the long line of wedding views i see every day, this one is my absolute favorite.

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  17. Lindsay

    I’ve been reading since 2009 or so and this is my first time commenting — so lovely to see this view into your day. What a beautiful bride you were! Thanks for all the inspiration you provide :)

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  18. M.

    So perfect. Really what more could be said?!

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  19. lanita

    all i can say is Wow! what an intimate, sincere, heartwarming film. may your union be blessed beyond measure and may you continue to grow and learn each other everyday. stunning absolutely stunning!

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  20. Catherine

    wiping away the tears still, that was so sweet! my fave moments were all of ryan’s expressions (you can tell he adores you so), the first look hug, your “i’m so excited!” squeal at the beginning of the ceremony…you could feel all the LOVE, and sandbox did such a beautiful job capturing the beginning of the rest of your lives together as mr & mrs :) thanks so much for sharing!

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  21. Maggie

    Ahhh… so so amazing! Bursting with love for this video, and wishing I could get married all over again.

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  22. Angela M

    So beautiful!! Congratulations to the two of you, and thank you for sharing such a personal momento. Your love and warmth were radiating off the computer screen right into my room here in Dublin, and it made me cry!

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  23. Missy

    Your story is beautiful! I watched it an hour before my first wedding dress fitting and it reminds me of what weddings are really about, the two people getting married and the love they share.

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  24. Li Mei

    Congratulations Kathryn!

    I’ve been following your blog for more than 2 years now when I was planning my own wedding, and I was most excited to read about your wedding more so than the other couples that you have featured. Thank you for sharing your story with us and I hope you will continue to do what you have done with this.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos!

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  25. Prippy Handboook

    I LOVE your sweet story and beautiful video. I’ve never seen a wedding video that so perfectly captured the uniqueness and genuine love between 2 people. As someone who also never thought a video would be something I would want at my wedding… you may have just changed my mind!


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  26. Asiya

    ohmygoodness Kathryn, This video is wonderful, so personal and romantic. You are so generous to share it with your readers, Thank you!

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  27. Miss Kate

    Congratulations! Your wedding video was so beautiful it moved me to tears. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!

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  28. Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Kathryn, I jumped up at least three times during the length of this to 1). wipe tears away, and 2). delight in the sweet love I have with my own man. Thank you for the best inspiration I’ve seen in a long time.

    I was also a part of TFA and one of my closest friends met her love through the organization (summer training institute in NYC!)

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  29. Kamie

    O my goodness! Congrats!! I love what you said to each other-gave me goosebumps!! Sitting here writing a paper and crying happy tears!!

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  30. chelsea

    Shoot! Could this be any sweeter? It looked like the most perfect day. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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  31. courtney

    Absolutely beautiful!

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  32. Dabay

    Wow…this video is so breathtakingly beautiful and heartfelt! These aspects of your wedding have been long-anticipated and I feel so lucky to have caught a glimpse. I’ve always felt that Josh Turner song is so perfect for a wedding, and it fits so well into your story. Many, many congrats on your wedding, and may your marriage be filled with love & laughter.

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  33. Dominique

    An absolutely beautiful video, just amazing.

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  34. Aimee

    This honestly brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing it…and best wishes for a long and happy life together!


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  35. Tara K.

    Simply lovely!

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  36. Shannon Leahy

    adore your hairpiece, so chic. i loved so much about this wedding, but the thing i love most about it is that for a wedding blogger it was so much about you and your husband, not about wedding trends. it feels so personal from the paper crowns (my family wears those at xmas & new years too!) to the pink buttons (what were those? they remind me of my college kappa buttons!) to your whole look and style of the wedding. it’s so hard to be unique in this wedding world where we are constantly bombarded by new ideas and trends but you really proved that by staying true to yourself you really created something fresh and unique that actually had meaning and wasn’t just a blind copy of someone else’s wedding.

    beautiful, touching day. and great film by sandbox love! thank you for sharing, that takes guts!

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  37. Gia

    “I could be in a car with you forever”?! Love that!

    Congrats to you both … and what a sweet, sweet video.

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  38. Caroline

    where oh where did you get that hair clip?

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  39. Vanessa

    Congratulations again! What a beautiful story! You look amazing!

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  40. Sarah

    oh my goodness. so perfect. so sweet. i don’t know either of you, but i have tears in my eyes .. congratulations and cheers to a very long, happy, and healthy life together.

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  41. Charlie

    so lovely :) thank you for reminding me how special your wedding day is – with 2 months to go til my wedding I have been feeling overwhelmed by planning and desperately longing to feel connected to the real meaning of marrying the person you want to spend your life with. this really helped.

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  42. Caribbean Wedding Events

    Kathyrn….just so amazingly beautiful, lovely, gorgeous and fabulous…congratulations!!

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  43. camilla

    so beautiful kathryn!! the presidio social club looks so cool! has anyone ever told you that your hubby looks a little like jake gyllenhaal???

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  44. Elaine

    You guys are seriously so sweet. You make a beautiful team!! Gorgeous film!

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  45. Sam

    Perfect! and you both look extremely lovely together. congratulations – I feel like I know you already just watchning that little video.

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  46. April

    Gawww! I already had tears in my eyes 30 seconds in.
    So much love and happiness and giggles between you two! Truly inspiring <3

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  47. Kristy

    Oh, Kathryn! I’m all sorts of weepy over this, after reading your blog for 3 years. Sandbox Love did a great job with the filming & editing (did they choose the music or did y’all? either way – perfect).

    You look gorgeous and glowy and like your face probably hurt from smiling so much, and I’m so happy for you two. :)

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  48. Megan

    Beautiful!! You had me in tears almost immeadiately! Sincerely, thank you for sharing!

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  49. N.

    wow! this is awesome!!!
    thanks for sharing :-)
    all the best wishes for your future!!!

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  50. kate

    Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous movie and wedding. I can pretty much safely say I was in tears from moment one. Your husband seems like the sweetest guy ever and you looked so over the moon happy.

    My two year old also really enjoyed the film; as soon as it was over he turned to me and asked to watch it again. He liked all the kissing.

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  51. Cynthia Guzman

    Ugh! I cried. I never cry. Love is great isn’t it? Cheers! Here’s to your next 40 years and more of wonderful wedded bliss!!!


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  52. Amanda

    Gorgeous! I swooned. That “I’m so excited!!!” shriek at the altar? I hope that one day, I have that moment! Congratulations. Ya’ll are beautiful!

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  53. jamie

    oh geez, so beautiful you guys!

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  54. Martine Louise

    Damn Kathryn! this is super sweet! ugh brings a tear! I especially love the part where you sneak up behind Ryan and tap him on the shoulder – his face is price less! Congrats!

    p.s. i love that your from Mississippi – i’m in love with the south since moving here!

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    That was amazing! I got married last December too and have been inspired your blog since the beginning so I’ve been waiting to see a glimpse of your day and it was magic! Congratulations to you both.

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  56. Tina


    you can tell that you guys are SO in love, and this is such an amazing keepsake to have. i love the way you guys talk about each other and look at each other. you can tell it’s real, what you have, which is so rare these days.

    this video made me tear up (a lot) and i don’t even know you guys! but i feel like i do after watching this beautiful video. congrats on marrying your best friend! i wish you guys a lifetime of happiness. :D


    p.s. your hubby looks SO much like Jake Gyllenhal. :)

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  57. Michelle

    Oh how perfect. I think they got the feel of your love and relationship perfectly! This is something you will cherish forever and show your children and grandchildren!

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  58. Joke

    this is so so so so gorgeous! it made me cry! you make a beautiful couple!

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  59. ABS

    Brilliant! What a perfect representation of the two of you. I will watch this over and over again so when I am old I can tell the story of how I was at your wedding and what a beautiful day it was, and I will really believe it!
    Love love love you!

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  60. B. Wright

    Two things:

    1. Nice beer selection!

    2. Your day was so beautiful I can’t stop smiling. It make’s me look forward to mine one day (that takes a lot). :-)


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  61. Polka Dot Bride

    Congratulations Kathryn, I could not be happier seeing this video and seeing your dreams come true. I am so happy for you

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  62. kelsey

    Wow, brought tears to my eyes! Absolutely beautiful!

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  63. Heather

    SO beautiful! It definitely made me well up :)

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  64. Lainey

    This was just wonderful. Congratulations.

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  65. Amelia

    “I feel like I could be in a car with you forever.”

    I weep. That’s real love, baby. What a beautiful video.

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  66. Shana

    Okay, I’m bawling! Your hubby is SO sweet! “I feel like I could be in a car with you forever.” Yep, this is when the tears really started to flow! OMG!

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  67. Shal

    Wow, your love is inspiring! You two are really a perfect match, and you are such a classic, beautiful bride. I would love to hear about where you got your veil! Just lovely, thank you for sharing :)

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  68. The Perfect Palette

    this brought tears to my eyes. your story was wonderful. And the wedding was too. so classic + fun. Loved the commentary portion, such sweet words between you and your hubby.

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  69. laura [prismera]

    So many videos now look like movies because of how they are put together, the eye for cinematography or lighting- but your video reminds me of a movie because of how beautiful you two are. And like the best movies (to me, anyway) how completely real it felt. I’ve been following wedding stuff for a while, for work and just because I love them, and this video is one of the best I’ve ever, ever seen.

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  70. Chloe

    “you always push me to be the best me”. Are you kidding?? That is so, so beautiful.

    You were an absolute goddess on your wedding day; your dress, hair, smile-so radiant. Absolutely, utterly, divine.

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  71. Shana

    I wanted to add – he’s right about your eyes. I’ve always thought you had pretty eyes. :)

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  72. SanjaB

    This is SO beautiful. Sharing it with all of my soon-to-be-married friends. Congrats again!

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  73. Lisa

    this is absolutely gorgeous!!! congrats – looks like it was perfection :)

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  74. Kelly

    Congratulations to you both! It’s so beautiful to see how happy you are together and know you had a wonderful day!You give so much to so many people through what you do, and it’s lovely to know that you had the amazing day you deserve! Best wishes on your marriage to your best friend!

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  75. Emma Barton

    That is absolutely the most beautiful video I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing! Looks like your day was perfect! :)

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  76. CN

    Ah! You two seem beautiful inside and out. I love your blog even more. Thank you for sharing!

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  77. Cyd

    Oh, friend. The two of you are so beautiful together. Thank you for sharing your love…it’s so deeply inspiring. xoxo

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  78. Amanda

    Huge congrats to you and your new hubby! Your story is as beautiful as your wedding! I love the words you use to describe one another!

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  79. Megan

    Wow, so beautiful! It brought happy tears to my eyes. Such perfection.

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  80. Jillian

    Amazing! It looked like such a fun party and I loved how you two talked throughout the video! Makes me even more excited for my day now!:)

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  81. Susan

    Wow! Love this.

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  82. Emily Heizer Photography

    I was so confused watching because I was SO SURE I knew those porches you were sitting on…by Chrissy Fields, the military barracks… on the Presidio… And then they got to the chapel and I’m like… that looks just like the Swedenborgein Chapel… how could that be Wisconsin or the South? FINALLY! On the video somebody said SF and I was like YES! I knew I wasn’t crazy! lol I love seeing places filmed or photographed where I have photographed too, because it just really opens your eyes up to the different intrpretations of the space by other artists!

    Also, have to say, the first song on the video, Alexi Murdoch, one of my favorites. “Away we Go” is one of my favorite movies too… it’s how I feel about love!

    / Reply
  83. Kristi

    Tears! I adore who personal this was…to hear your story with the two of you telling it was just over the moon goodness. What an amazing job of piecing it all together to form one perfect video that you will cherish forever! I hope you to have lots of lazy days and road trips in the car ;-)))


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  84. Debbie

    I have just recently subscribed to Snippet and Ink…I HANG OUT for your emails…I LOoooooooooove your blog…it’s truly glorious!!

    Thankyou so much for sharing your wedding video. It’s beautiful! My 11 year old daughter and I just sat and watched it together. (we are in Adelaide, South Australia)

    so romantic! Thankyou xx

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  85. Wedding planning

    I love your wedding party very much….

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  86. Sally

    Totally totally wonderful!!! What a beautiful couple and an amaazing video – True Love

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  87. Blushing Bride to Be

    This is the sweetest and most amazing wedding video I have ever seen! You are so lucky to have something like this to cherish forever. Your wedding looked so beautiful and you two are a lovely couple. Congratulations!!

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  88. Mary

    I just bawled my eyes out. AMAZING video!

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  89. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe}

    This was so so beautiful. Congratulations to both of you.

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  90. Karen Hill Photography

    SO gorgeous, thank you for sharing your day! So personal and intimate. I love your dress. Such beautiful photographs. Congratulations to you both!!

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  91. Meg

    I have to say that after reading your blog for so long, it felt like watching a friend getting married! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    / Reply
  92. Rach

    I’m usually not a fan of wedding films – I’ve really never seen one that I enjoyed, let alone one that moved me – but this was just spectacular, truly magical and moving and warm. Congrats on a beautiful wedding and a beautiful marriage! And thanks for sharing!

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  93. Ingrid

    Absolutely perfect. XOXO

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  94. Elaine

    WOW! That was so beautiful, anyone can tell how in love you two are with each other, congratulations!!

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  95. Kelly Jones

    I don’t know if it is because we love you so much or just that the video was absolutely perfect, but I cried all the same.
    You ARE our favorite Kathryn in the whole wide world and we loved being a part of your beautiful celebration!!

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  96. nina {nina renee designs}

    Beautiful details….love your dress and veil!

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  97. Amanda Bevington

    No words Kathryn…just tears ; ) You have a perfect love in one another. Cherish that and enjoy the ride!!! Such a beautiful film! Thank you for sharing your hearts with us… such an inspiration!!! xoxo, A

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  98. Bec

    Such a gorgeous story and beautiful video. What a lovely couple you make! Congratulations!

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  99. Alexandra Rembac | Sterling Engagements

    Wow, somewhat speechless here, what a gorgeous video, incredible love story and so many wonderful elements to your day. Congratulations, this is seriously one of the most sentimentally sweet videos ever! I love the “I love being lazy with you, being with you”. SO SWEET!

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  100. Angie

    wow! You are so gorgeous and I adore your Wedding dress!!! Congratulations and we wish you happiness forever and ever!

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  101. Josie

    I love when you can see the marriage, not just the wedding, in the film. Congrats & much happiness!

    / Reply
  102. Em

    I love, love. What an amazing video.

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  103. ann @ wedding favors

    Such a lovely couple! You can really tell that they were so in love with each other. And the best part is when the the couple were exchanging their oath and vows to each other and the bride was teary-eyed, full of emotions and happiness. Best Wishes to both of you…:)

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  104. Jo Ann

    a million times over, congratulations!

    / Reply
  105. ashley

    This video was beautifully done and such a wonderful peak into your lives and wedding. I am now SERIOUSLY re-thinking my choice to not have a videographer at our wedding…..

    / Reply
  106. Janie

    Kathryn and Ryan, I adore you both and your wedding story was simply elegant and so romantic…I wish you both a lifetime filled with happiness and love….xoxoxo

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  107. Alison

    … wow. as if it could not get any better. tearing. majorly. what a beautiful story. CONGRATULATIONS!

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  108. The Thirty-Something Bride

    Not like this thread needs another comment – but holy wow was that film good!

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  109. alyssa g

    Your wedding, your dress, your video (music included), and your love are all the stuff of dreams! I’m going to go dry my tears now…
    Thank you for sharing!

    / Reply
  110. Jackie

    i love wedding video and how it not only shows all the beautiful details of your wedding throughout the night, but also shares with us your story as a couple… i teared up too! jb.

    / Reply
  111. kate

    I had a moment to finally watch your video and it made me tear up – and then I made my fiance sit down and watch with me and he teared up too! What a lovely couple and a lovely wedding. Congratulations!

    / Reply
  112. Jesse

    Kathryn, we’re such big fans of you and Ryan. All of these comments aren’t about the video, they’re about how visible your love is. We were just the lucky ones to be able to capture it and have it come through so clearly. The love you and Ryan have for each other is an inspiration to all of us, truly. So thank you for shining so bright, and choosing us.

    / Reply
  113. melissa

    i’m a devoted believer in love, and you and Ryan are definitely a rare gathering of perfect souls. yes, there are weddings being shared all over the interwebs, but yours is special. special because you both get it ~ the reason you fell in love, the reasons why you wish to remain in love, and the bond which you share that will never be broken. finding your perfect mate is a gift, and i love when i see others enjoy the bliss of it too. congratulations!

    p.s. cavallo point is special, isn’t it?

    / Reply
  114. Virginia


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  115. flights of fancy

    Awww, this is just so sweet! Congrats again Kathryn!

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  116. Delia

    Kathryn, you and Ryan have something special! You two are such a beautiful couple! Wish you two both the very best!!! :) Thanks for sharing your video with your followers <3

    / Reply
  117. Life of a Doctor’s Wife

    So absolutely beautiful – the video and the two of you as a couple. Amazing.

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  118. DesignInTheDark

    Wow, you are two are amazing.

    / Reply
  119. DesignInTheDark

    Wow, you are two are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your love.

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  120. Wedding Video

    This really is a beautiful Wedding Video!

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