Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh

Where to wed when the bride is from Connecticut and the groom is from California? For Heather and Brett, Jackson Hole was the obvious choice, as a place they’ve enjoyed together and where they got engaged.

Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh
Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh
Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh

Bridesmaids carried pink antique hydrangea and the bride carried white garden roses.

Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh
ring-bearer-short-pants-6 ring-bearer-short-pants-6
Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh
vintage-red-convertible-getaway-car-8 vintage-red-convertible-getaway-car-8

One of the best parts of the day? “My family surprised us with an antique car as we walked out of the church,” says Heather. “The owner was a local gentleman who did not drive this car for any compensation. He was impossible to reach and would only accept a donation in his wife’s name to the local hospital. It was very special to spend our first moments together as a married couple in the presence of a man who loved deeply and we were touched that my family arranged it.”

cowboy-rustic-wedding-invitations-9 cowboy-rustic-wedding-invitations-9
Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh
white-dinner-jacket-groom-11 white-dinner-jacket-groom-11

The signature cocktail was a play on the couple’s last name, a “My Tighe” (aka Mai Tai).

pink-stripe-ribbon-menu-accent-12 pink-stripe-ribbon-menu-accent-12
Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh
birch-log-centerpiece-pink-hydrangea-14 birch-log-centerpiece-pink-hydrangea-14
Britt Chudleigh Britt Chudleigh

I love this little detail: “Brett has been known to wear Croakies to every wedding and formal event we go to. In honor of his charming style and since Croakies are a Jackson Hole company we made custom Croakies for our guests with ‘Tighe the Knot’ printed on the back of them. Brett wears his proudly almost every day in California.”

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  Brett is from California and I am from Connecticut. Jackson Hole which sits in between those places has been incredibly special to both of us for many years – skiing, fly fishing, hiking and roadtripping. We got engaged at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain after a day of skiing.

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  We love the outdoors, we love being free, and Jackson represents that to us.

Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  We don’t consider ourselves overly traditional in the classical sense, but there were some traditions we incorporated. I married with my grandmother’s ring – she represents to me all that is fun and adventurous and wonderful in life, an attitude I hope to carry with me in my life and marriage.

What was the best advice you received as a bride? Right before you leave the church, pause for a moment and look at everyone’s faces. It’s quite cool.

What advice do you have for other brides? Spend some quality time with your best friends and family leading up to the event. It’s far more important than a last minute beauty appointment.

Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  Be as creative as possible and ask for anything you want even if it’s not customary. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.


See more of this romantic Jackson Hole wedding in the gallery.

Photographer: Britt Chudleigh / Event Planner: Destination Jackson Hole / Venue, Catering: The Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club in Jackson Hole, WY / Bride’s Dress: Milly / Groom’s Attire: Saks Fifth Avenue / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid / Stationery: Farewell Paperie /  Floral Designer: Char-Ral Floral / Music: Pete Muldoon / Videographer: Tower 3 Productions
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As I get ready to become a mother, the relationship I have with my own mom takes on a whole new meaning, and I find myself appreciating her more every day. She is generous, creative, funny, open, and I hope I can give my own daughter half of what my mom has given me. Happy Mother’s Day, Mimi! I love you!

Me and my mom, April 1984.

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Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend, everyone!

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Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar

Let’s escape to Maui! Ariella Chezar recently held a workshop there, and on the last day she walked attendees through her process of creating a perfectly designed table – which they all got to enjoy later that evening for an end-of-workshop dinner party!

Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar
Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar
Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar

Says Ariella: “The gold and violet ribbon (wrapped around the votives above) was the jumping off point for the table design. It’s funny, I’ve never really loved purple that much, but these days I’ve really been enjoying this sort of violet/lavender color and I think it looks amazing with gold (what doesn’t!?). The ombre La Tavola Sinai Sunrise Amethyst was a beautiful base with a gold coated linen underneath all.”

Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar
Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar

“The location for the party was the old Baldwin estate – tons of history, incredible old trees, and a beautiful colonial house.”

Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar

Have carnations ever looked so lovely as they do in these chair garlands? As part of the workshop, Ariella takes attendees on a tour of the local cut flower farm, where they found purple bananas that she incorporated into the centerpiece (below).

Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar
Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar

“I always try to have my events look of the place,” says Ariella, “and the Hawaiian fabric that we made into napkins helped to achieve this.”

Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar
Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar Anna Kim, Ariella Chezar

Interested in Ariella’s workshops? Check out her website for dates and info.

See more of this bright, tropical wedding table in the gallery.

Floral Designer: Ariella Chezar / Photographer: Anna Kim / Venue: Historic Baldwin Estate on Maui, Hawaii / Linens: La Tavola Linen
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With all of our focus on how to make your wedding special, we thought it was important to highlight some ways to make your marriage awesome, too. Introducing “Snapshot of a Marriage,” a series from contributor Emily Westbrooks, who interviews couples on some of their secrets for a strong and successful marriage.

 Jonathan and Tamar met at a summer teen conference in Germany. When Jonathan saw Tamar from afar, he turned to a friend and said, “I could marry a girl like that.” And he was only fifteen!

It took him two more summers of conferences to get up the courage to ask her to lunch, but from then on the two were an item. When they parted ways after the few weeks and returned to their respective countries, Ireland and Holland, they began writing each other letters. “I told her my email was broken because I wanted to write to her,” says Jonathan. But Tamar didn’t mind at all, “I got to know him in a whole different way.”

Two years later, the couple were married and started their life together in Holland, but they quickly found that their schedules left little time for them as a couple. Three years into their marriage, Tamar and Jonathan took advice from a mentor. “He pointed out that we needed to re-prioritize. He suggested we plan time not to do anything, just to be together,” says Tamar. That extra time together, focusing on each other, did just the trick. “We still do that, even now,” she says. Jonathan agrees with a laugh, “We find it quite easy to drop the kids off with the grandparents!”

As the couple has moved around the world, from Holland to India to Ireland, and added two children to their family, they’ve come up with a system for making family decisions that keeps them on the same page. Tamar explains, “We constantly seek out the peace. No decision gets made unless we both have peace about it.”

Jonathan beams as he says, “We forge peace together, we carve out time together, and we make sure we’re each other’s top priority.” It’s clear that ten years in, the still-smitten couple’s system is working.

SNAPSHOT SUBMISSIONS  Do you know a married couple whose relationship you admire? Or maybe you’re married and want to share your words of wisdom! We’re now accepting submissions from couples who have been married for ten years or longer. Email Emily at with your first names, how long you’ve been married, and a few sentences about why you’d like to be interviewed for our Snapshot of a Marriage series.
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