The Knot magazine has a new look, and our friend Elizabeth Messina photographed the cover story! And she kindly shared a little sneak peek with us:

See even more sneak peeks today over on Grey Likes Weddings and 100 Layer Cake! And congratulations Elizabeth!



Photographer: Elizabeth Messina for The Knot / Prop Stylist: Jeni Maus of Found Rentals / Fashion Stylist: Catherine Sheppard of The Life Styled / Hair, makeup: Erin Skipley / Floral design: Kat Flower


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Classic and simple never fails, and Amanda and Justin’s Oklahoma wedding is no exception. And you’d never know from these photos that it was 95 degrees outside!

A friend of the bride designed the darling invitation suite.

The bride’s mother baked 18 cakes for the wedding! Family friends also baked cookies and tarts.

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  We think Guthrie (the original state capital) is such a cute town. The reception site – we love how old it is and the grand ballroom we used was very picturesque. The balcony around the top and the lighting were great for dramatic pictures, but there was also great room for the caterers and planners to get stuff ready and storage in the back. Plus, when you want to invite 410 people and expect to need space for 350, when you don’t have a million dollar budget and only have 5 months to plan… those things definitely affected our decision by narrowing down what was available.

Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  It’s all about priorities. We prioritized being able to invite as many people as we wanted, which immediately meant we couldn’t go big or expensive with location or rentals or decorations or extras. No personalized napkins, or even table settings at all! Paper and plastic all the way. We wanted to feed everyone, and for them to enjoy their dinner, dessert, and drinks, which means messy and casual: tacos. It was the best quality of food for the cost. And it was Cinco de Mayo! My mom and I love to bake, so after she calmed down from being overwhelmed with the idea, she took on baking 18 cakes for us. Nothing beats homemade dessert. My artistically talented friend designed our invites for us for free, and I got the paper at a bulk supply place. Instead of thousand dollar letterpress, I used a local printer who used thermography (raised and shiny letters). Our talented photographer (and friend) designed our programs for us for free. And her mom’s wedding gift to us was the labor for making thousands of tiny tarts and truffles for our dessert table. Right before Christmas, we got major discounts on clearance J.Crew bridesmaids dresses and bracelets and my getaway dress. And I discovered Save on Crafts. So I guess my budget advice is: prioritize, watch for sales, and use your talented friends!

What was your favorite part of the day? I think our favorite part of our wedding was when we got to watch our video afterwards. I tried hard to remember things, but it really does become a blur. If a video isn’t in your budget, find a friend with a video camera. It helped us look at the big picture and see what a great wedding we had – it helped us look back and say, “So what if we looked miserably hot while doing our first look and first dance. So what that the slideshow didn’t make it to the reception, that the port-a-cools didn’t work, that 4 tubs of homemade cookies spent the evening in the groom’s car, and that he lost his ring on the drive from the church to the reception (we found it after we drove off).” So what, because everyone looked like they had a great time, including us!

What advice do you have for other brides?  The best advice I can think of for a wedding is the best advice I can think of for life in general: you always have time for what you put first. You know which people and things are important to you in how you choose to spend your time. You can tell what things are important to you in a wedding by what you want to put your time into. Sometimes that means putting more time into your relationship/marriage than your wedding.

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  The heat was a major part of the day – the average temperature in Oklahoma on May 5th is 75 degrees, but on our wedding day it was well over 95. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if the historic building had air conditioning (it didn’t) or the port-a-cools we rented actually cooled the building (we weren’t informed they needed a water source to work), so at the end everyone was drenched in sweat. It meant a lot to us that so many people stayed until the end.



Photographer: Ely Fair Photography / Venue: The Guthrie Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma / Event Planner: Wednesday Custom Design / Bride’s dress: Blue by Enzoani / Bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew / Flowers: Designs by Tammy / Rentals: Oklahoma City Party and Tent / Catering: Big Truck Tacos

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When Meg Smith and Ariella Chezar team up, you know the results are going to be gorgeous, which is exactly the word I’d use to describe this tropical photo shoot…

How incredible is this bouquet? It almost looks as though it grew together like this in the rainforest.

Don’t you just love the use of fruit here? I think it adds so much richness to the table. And now I’m dreaming of Hawaii…


See the full gallery here.

Photographer: Meg Smith / Flowers, design: Ariella Chezar / Venue: Haiku Mill on Maui / Hair, makeup: Liz at Maui Makeup Artistry / Dress: Tamara Catz
  • Tropical Island Romance at Haiku Mill

    6 August 2012
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    I spent way too much time procrastinating this week by looking at real estate websites – we’re not planning on buying a house in the very near future, so it’s really just dreaming, but I can’t help but imagine how my “Decorate” Pinterest board would come to life in these houses! I love our little apartment right now, but some day I hope we can have a sweet old farmhouse with a front porch and oak trees (I have a Pinterest board for that, too). What are your house fantasies (I’m sure I’m not the only one!)?

    A family friend shot this beautiful time-lapse video of the night sky, and it seemed to fit with this week’s inspiration board.

    Speaking of house fantasies, how about this modern farmhouse?

    Or how about this “Cape Dutch” style home?

    Have you tried Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter? I wish it didn’t come in a plastic jar, but it has replaced Nutella in my life.

    Dreaming of Tuscany with these wedding photos.

    These vintage-style social networking posters are pretty clever.

    Diamond slice earrings? Wow, via Mrs. French’s Pinterest.

    White peach cooler sounds like a yummy summer sip.

    How do a graphic designer and a musician do wedding invites? Just like this.

    Planetary chocolate bon bons.

    Congratulations to the lovely Jen Huang!


    Have a happy weekend everyone!

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