It’s raining here in the Bay Area, so I thought a gray San Francisco wedding was appropriate (I was married on a gray day in San Francisco, so there’s a special place in my heart for weddings like this).

The bride and her bridesmaids all wore romantic dresses by Sarah Seven. “I also wore something old (my engagement ring was Michael’s maternal grandmother’s and my earrings were vintage), something new (my dress and shoes), something borrowed (my garter from my aunt and my mother’s tanzanite ring), and something blue (also that gorgeous tanzanite),” says Margo.

Margo’s aunt made her bouquet, along with the bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, and reception arrangements.

Margo shares a bit about the ceremony… “Our ceremony was our favorite part of the day. Hands down!  It was so personal and joyous. It really was the 20 minutes or so at the core of a beautiful day. We included a few key Jewish traditions: We were married under a chuppah, we signed our Ketubah (marriage contract), and, Michael broke glass, of course.”

Some tidbits about the day…

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  We wanted to be married someplace iconically San Francisco – someplace that we could visit and enjoy for years to come as a staple in the city. We also wanted our setting to be distinctly urban. Fort Mason met these requirements, plus it is a place that we have visited over the years and, it is right on the water!

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  Our major inspiration was us as a couple. That seems so simple, but we really wanted the day to feel personal, and we wanted to share the joy in our relationship with our loved ones.  So, we focused on the things that we adore – photography, eating and cooking, intimate gatherings, for instance – and made those factors central to our celebration. I read numerous wedding blogs every day. Just seeing tons of weddings was useful in determining what resonated with me. I would save photos from those weddings that I liked most, then Michael and I would review those together and use them as a kind of road map to guide our choices and help us decide where we could add personal touches, or put our unique spin on another couple’s ideas.

Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  Last I checked, our wedding cost approximately 2/3 the price of an average wedding in San Francisco of the same size. We did absolutely everything that we could ourselves, and we shopped tirelessly for affordable resources. This kept our spending down, but we put a ton of time into the planning process, so know that saving money might mean more time spent on something. Also, we found that it was easy to stay on budget when it came to the big things, and that it was the little odds and ends that cost us. When you are down to the decorative specifics, decide which details are worth the money. What will you really delight in on the day?

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  Often, I felt like wedding planning was a total slog. But, at the end of the day, I don’t hesitate to say that it was 110% worth it!  Michael and I had our dream “urban modern meets vintage, art opening inspired, quintessentially San Francisco” wedding, the memories of which will be a gift for the rest of our lives together.



Photography: Jon Rivera / Venue: Firehouse at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco / Bride’s dress: Sarah Seven / Bride’s shoes: Melissa / Veil: Jade Rose Designs / Bridesmaid dresses: Sarah Seven / Groom’s attire: Brooks Brothers


PS – Margo is selling her lovely dress on Craigslist, so if you’re in the Bay Area and love it, check out the listing right here!

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Dear readers, I love when you share your beautiful weddings with me! Chelsea says that she read Snippet & Ink every day while planning her wedding, finding fun and colorful inspiration. Which is wonderful, because her wedding was both of those things…

Chelsea is a graphic designer, and designed all of the stationery from the invitation to the place cards.

Says Chelsea, ” My dad surprised us with two 1947 Rolls Royces to be our wedding cars. It was the final special touch and it made my dad pretty happy too! Very sneaky dad.”

Says Chelsea, “One of our favourite moments was our wedding dance. We both met each other doing Salsa and Tango classes, so what could be better than a Tango that ends in Salsa? We had an incredible dance choreographed by our dance teacher and we were pretty nervous about it but we pulled it off without a hitch. It was a very special moment where it felt like just the two of us (except for the hoots and cheers in the background!).”

Chelsea answered some questions about the day…

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  I had been there before and had seen how stunning an event would be there. It was the first place I took Shahaf to see and he fell in love with it, just as I had. It’s also in the Yarra Valley which is wine country, with rolling hills and paddocks and grazing cows. So lovely.

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  The venue has a very rustic feel so it made sense to go with a rustic, harvest look and feel. My parents used to own a fruit business so having fruit and veggies in the flower arrangements felt very natural to me. I was also greatly inspired by Snippet & Ink – Shahaf caught me on the blog every day!

What DIY elements did you include?  In my toast I referred to this as DIWM not DIY. It stands for “do it with mum,” as all my projects were a collaborative effort with my mum! We quilted the chuppah and we tweaked a pattern so that it was made up of S’s and C’s (our first initials). We also made the 100 metres of bunting that looked phenomenal. Mum and I wrapped up all the succulent favors and my mum sewed the flower girl dresses. She is so talented! My dad also got into the DIY theme as he made my wooden cake stand.

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  The advice that was given to me was to make sure that you take a moment away to watch what is going on, as it goes so incredibly fast. Hide around a corner and peek out and observe the guests having a ball! It will be the same advice I give to others, along with relax and be happy!



Photography: Love Katie & Sarah / Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley in Coldstream, Australia / Bride’s dress: Gwendolynne / Pearl earrings, wedding bands: Holloway Diamonds / Hair stylist: Lauren Mackellar, +61 416 409 709 / Make-up artist: Pollyanna Bernhardt / Bridesmaid dress: Nicolangela / Groom’s suit: Kenzo / Stationery: Chelsea Dunn (the bride!) / Flowers: Mr. Lincoln / Five-piece band: The Daedels

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There’s something so fitting about hiring a husband and wife team to photograph your wedding, don’t you think? Especially when the results are gorgeous and dramatic and playful, like these shots by Adam and Sarah of inTandem, a husband and wife photography duo.

Adam and Sarah take the kind of photos you want to frame and hang on your wall for everyone to see – “wall-worthy” if you will. Photos that remind you of exactly how happy, beautiful, silly, or loved you felt on that day.

Even though I think their photography speaks for itself, I just love these little tidbits from their website: Through the lens, Sarah sees tenderness and humor, infused with fairytale-like whimsy. Adam sees drama, scale and perspective, and transforms a real life moment into art.

Even though inTandem is based in Austin, Texas, these two love to travel, so if you love their work, get in touch! Near or far, they would love to shoot your wedding. Also, be sure to check out inTandem’s site and blog for lots more of their beautiful photography.


This post sponsored by InTandem.

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I’m headed to Alt! My bags are packed with lots of really fun outfits (read: black, black and more black), and since I’m probably the only blogger on the planet who has yet to own an iPad, I’ve got a good book to read on the plane, and a brand clean notebook so I can write down all the brilliant things folks have to say.

If you’ll be at Alt too, stop by my panel tomorrow morning where I’ll be speaking about work/life balance (and hopefully learning how to get even better at it from my fellow panelists!). And if you won’t be there this year but want to hear about what’s going on, my twitter feed is certain to be saturated with #altsummit tweets.

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