Married almost seven years, Stephanie and Brandon are in the midst of building the house of their dreams, literally. “I had this dream that our house was falling down hundreds of years from now and the new owners saw some writing behind the layers of paint,” says Stephanie. “As they started to peel back the layers, they saw our vows.”

Stephanie shared the idea with Brandon, to write their wedding vows on their home before the walls were painted over, and he loved the idea, so the two donned their wedding attire and asked Ali Harper to photograph this sweet vow “renewal.”

Says Stephanie, “I wanted to do this because the words that we spoke to one another on our wedding day were the most important words either of us will ever say in our entire lives. In the years since our wedding we have been through some difficult, emotional experiences with our families and the meaning of those words have only gotten stronger, as has our love. Each day I love my husband more than the day before. Building this house was a dream come true for us and it felt like the perfect opportunity to recommit ourselves to one another. Now when we go to bed our words will be there to remind us of our love and every morning we will begin another day in our journey through life together.”


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Photography: Ali Harper
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Maybe you’ve been heartbroken to discover that your favorite flower isn’t available at the time of your wedding (no garden roses for my December wedding), but fret not. The talented Max Gill is here to show us that no matter the season, there are gorgeous fruit, foliage, and flowers to be found. Beautiful photos by Silvana di Franco.

The elements used here are perfect for a romantic – but not overly sweet – September wedding. A beautiful bridge between late summer and early fall…

Centerpiece: “Iceberg,” “Pieter B,” and “Swan” garden roses, huechera foliage, “Guincho Purple” elder foliage, white and pink snowberry, green toyon berries, sweet autumn clematis, and Asian pears.

Bouquet: “Pieter B,” “Fair Bianca,” “Swan,” and “Koko Loko” garden roses, hollyhock, sweet autumn clematis, Montana clematis foliage, “Guincho Purple” elder foliage, and black chervil.


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Photography: Silvana di Franco / Floral Design: Max Gill / Flowers: Garden Valley Ranch, San Francisco Flower Mart, and Max’s personal garden / Ribbons: Laci’s Museum of Lace and Textiles
  • Romantic September Wedding Flowers

    2 October 2012
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    Jena and Chad have known each other since high school, and though it took them a few years to finally start dating, they eventually fell in love. And then they shared their gorgeous Italian-inspired Southern wedding with us! Beautiful photos by Rylee Hitchner.

    This gorgeous wreath included a banner with a quote from Virgil, “Nunc scio quid sit amore” – Latin for, “Now I know what love is.”

    Nods to the groom’s Italian heritage included the bride’s Italian lace cathedral-length veil, loaves of bread as favors, and a band that sang in Italian.

    The intimate reception took place at Veranda on Highland, an historic Southern home that has been converted to a restaurant.

    The bride answered some questions for us about their wedding…

    Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  My parent’s wedding was at Canterbury, so when I got engaged it seemed like the natural spot to choose for our ceremony. The chapel is more intimate than the sanctuary, which I think might have been a bit too big for us.

    What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  I tried to use bits and pieces of our everyday life in the details because I wanted the wedding to feel like us. We were married where we grew up, in a fairly formal and traditional setting, but there were little reminders, almost secret, that we included. For example, we love the little bakery down the street from our house. It is the most relaxing place to have coffee and breakfast, and we went once a week or so for the entire four years we were dating. It may sound somewhat trivial, but that bakery was the place of so many of my favorite mornings with Chad, and he had the fantastic idea to have our favors be baguettes from the bakery.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  I actually want to mention my favorite moment of the whole weekend, which was Chad’s speech at the rehearsal dinner. It was the most incredible, impromptu tribute to our friends and families. He and I were both so overwhelmed with the sentiments expressed all evening. I think emotions were even higher than expected because Chad and I were moving from Birmingham to Boston the day after the wedding, and I know our families were particularly emotional about our leaving. He was able to stand up and put into beautiful words our mutual feelings without so much as a hint from me. It was a moment where I was thinking, I cannot believe I get to marry him.

    Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  To celebrate Chad’s Italian family, we included the Italian wedding song (“Luna Mezzo Mare”), sung by Chad’s uncle, complete with the circle of friends dancing around us. I was a little nervous about including something so boisterous, thinking it might be a bit much for the small room we were in, but I was so wrong. It was one of the highlights of the reception. There is something about being in the circle of all those smiling faces, full of genuine joy and well wishes that just struck me. I hope every bride and groom get to feel that love on their wedding day.

    What was the best advice you received as a bride?  This is somewhat specific in nature, but the best advice I got regarding the wedding was about the invitations. I wanted something a little less traditional, and I was told that though most of the wedding choices were mine to run free with, the invitations were in fact, from my parents. The only thing my mother and I had really any disagreement over was that she wanted more formal invitations than I did. I ended up heeding the advice I was given, and the invitations were stunning.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  Two pieces of advice. 1.) Don’t be afraid to go with new or emerging companies if they come highly recommended. The florists for the wedding were new, did not even have a website put together, when we chose them. They were amazing. Professional and kind, which was wonderful, but honestly the flowers were far beyond anything I had imagined.  2.) Do not try to micromanage every detail. I gave everyone quite a bit of freedom. The florists, the chef, the stylist, I just feel like people shine when they are not bound up with very strict rules. It worked. I really loved everything they put together, and I never could have come up with it all myself.


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    Photography: Rylee Hitchner / Design, Styling, Coordination: Ginny Au / Reception Venue, Catering: Veranda on Highland in Birmingham, Alabama / Flowers: Holly Carlisle & Katie McDaniel for Rosegolden / Invitation Suite, Calligraphy: Holly Hollon / Cake: Olexas / Bride’s Gown: David Fielden / Brides Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Hair Stylist: Mandy at Salon U
  • Italian Inspired Wedding in Birmingham

    1 October 2012
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    Oh my gosh you guys – I can’t believe we haven’t had a weekend link round-up in three weeks! I’ve been saving up links this whole time, but they’re some really good ones, so I hope you’ll forgive the super long list this week. Enjoy!

    How incredible is this wall art by Olefir Design?

    Or this moss graffiti?

    A tale of two rings.

    Hilarious (surrealist) eyeglass, via Automatism.

    Yummy posters via Design Crush.

    Jacques Genin might be my favorite Paris patisserie.

    Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, for the little monsters in your life, via Creature Comforts.

    How about a paintball bachelorette party?

    Halloween count-down calendar – what a fun idea!

    Fancy dancy light bulbs, via Eat Drink Chic.

    Looking for a totally unique wedding gift? How about a custom painted kitchen mixers?

    Equestrian bride and groom from Carrie Patterson.

    Oh, Oscar!

    Penny for your thoughts?

    I love this Smythson wallet (and if I bought it I wouldn’t have any money left to keep in it).

    Have you seen the new Cup of Jo? How about the new Camille Styles? Love ‘em!

    Salted Bourbon Caramel… mmmm…

    Reversible wrapping paper, via Wantist.

    Have you ever wondered what happens to unsold stamps?

    Cheat sheet for how much food and drink to serve at your next party.

    Congratulations to the Lady Grey!

    And to Uncle Beefy!

    Have you entered our Great Big Giveaway contest yet?!

    Have a happy weekend everyone!

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