I love the way the ladies of Rad + In Love look at weddings. Their photos are full of love and emotion captured in a way that is beautiful and fun and totally unique. Melanie and Michael’s wedding is no exception, with so many sweet moments caught on camera. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the bride and groom are a fun loving pair who wanted their day to be all about friends and family – definitely take the time to read what the lovely bride wrote about the day. It’s truly inspiring.

Says the bride: “We made these little books for everyone entitled YOU YES YOU. In it we included every single guest that was in attendance. We wrote each person’s connection to us, as well as a little something about them. Some were funny, some were sweet, others were downright inappropriate. It really made people feel like they were there for an actual reason, not just another name on a guest list. It was such a huge treat to see our guests find themselves in the book and read what we wrote for them. It took us about four months to complete.” The programs also featured a red and white YES button with the instructions to “Pin this button over your heart as a symbol of support for this union.”

Shares the bride, “A great moment for me was during the vows. My bridesmaid Jenny had written a song for me years ago and when Michael began his vows, she and our brothers softly hummed the tune in harmony in the background while he spoke. It made an already emotional moment almost unbearable. In the best of ways. Also, although we wrote our own heart wrenching vows, we followed up with the traditional exchange of vows, which are so simply perfect and do not get enough credit.”

Favorite part of the day? “Right after the ceremony, we invited all of our guests to take part in the recessional, which is a Sicilian tradition. We all walked together down a big dirt road to the reception, as our brothers played the accordion and fiddle and my sister sang traditional Sicilian folk songs. It was unreal. We were there surrounded by every single guest at our wedding. The excitement and love were so thick it felt like it was propelling us forward.”

From the photographers: “Many of Melanie and Michael’s friends performed for them at their wedding. Everyone sang and danced late into the night. I was high on love from this wedding for days.”



Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  Orcutt Ranch could accommodate our huge families and our tiny bank accounts. It is a city park, so at any moment a couple weekend hikers could waltz through, but the more the merrier. Also, it was super gorgeous and unpretentious as hell.

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  The one thing we kept coming back to was “community.” We wanted everyone there to feel like they were a part of our union. That and the song “Love Story” by Randy Newman. It essentially is a play-by-play of our wedding day, and hopefully our life.

What other music was part of your wedding day?  During the ceremony, Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s “Hello My Baby” played while guests of note processed, and Jenny O played “Sun, Moon, and Stars” while the wedding party processed. She also played “Love Story” by Randy Newman for our first dance and “Forever” by The Beach Boys for the Father/Daughter dance. Luke Rathborne played his song “Solon Town” for the Mother/Son dance. Becky Calinsky played “Old Kentucky Home” by Randy Newman while we sang it for addendum to the first dance.

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  To get a day-of coordinator. Allie was indispensable. Talk about giving yourself an effing break already.

What advice do you have for other brides?  1. Get a day-of coordinator. 2. That thing you’re stressing about?… NO ONE IS GONNA NOTICE.

Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  We, like everyone, had a tight budget. And we stayed within it. We designed our stationery and invitations – our invites literally cost us $75 total. / If you can find one vendor that you trust and that works for your budget, find all of your other vendors through them. They will lead you in the right direction. / Look into public spaces! Our venue ended up costing us $2000 for a 12-hour day. / Anywhere we could cut a corner, we did. Chairs for example: we used the same chairs from our ceremony for our reception. We just asked 10 of our male guests ahead of time if they would move the chairs after the ceremony for us. They were so happy to help and it only took them 10 minutes to move 175 chairs. Saved us over $400. / Find a small local chain to cater. Local means you can trust the quality and the people. Chain means it’s gonna be more cost-effective. Ours was Stonefire Grill. It was buffet style and it was perfect and we spent $4000. No one cared that it was BBQ.

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  Yes. We encouraged our guests to bring their kids. This was so important. The kids made everything light and loose and fun. Any table that had a kid at it had a big basket full of crayons, tattoos, stickers, paper, bubbles, etc. so the kids felt special. / We never left our guests. A lot of people told me to take some time after the ceremony, but we really did not need or want to. There was no grand entrance or separation between us and them. We were all in it together and it felt so right. / The other thing that made it so special was the involvement of our guests in the entire day. Our friends performed our first dance songs, my high school youth minister was our DJ, my uncle made our simple gold wedding bands, a friend did our flowers, all of my aunts and cousins brought the desserts, my 10 year old nephew and my best guy friend filmed the entire event, and we did all of the clean up. Michael and I changed into tennis shoes at the end of the night and cleaned the heck outta that place. It was so important to us to see this thing to completion. It felt great. I can’t explain it. There was something very emotional about being the last to leave, knowing that we had taken care of all of our guests, all of these people that were so important to us and had been there for us on our first day to help us take our first step.

Photography: Rad + In Love / Venue: Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, California / Day-of Coordinator: Allison Shane, Pop the Champagne Events / Bride’s Dress: Nicole Miller / Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens / Veil: Gilded Shadows / Groom’s Attire: J.Crew / Stationery Font: Molly Shiot / Stationery Printer: NonStop Printing / Rentals: EZ Party Rentals / Classic Guitar: Albert Diaz / Cello: Becky Calinksy / Singers: Jenny O, Luke Rathborne / Catering: Stonefire Grill, Brent’s Deli / Custom Stamp: Yellow Owl Workshop / Hair, Makeup: Page Mahon / Photo Booth: Photoboothology

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  • Orcutt Ranch Wedding from Rad + In Love

    13 March 2014
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    Robyn and Dean’s sweet farm wedding feels like summer, with greenery, and sunlight, and dinner in an apple orchard. Cappy Hotchkiss (one of our Select vendors!) captured the day and shared these beautiful images with us…

    Robyn shares a moment from the ceremony: “I’ve always dreamed of getting married barefoot on a hill in Tuscany. But Italy wasn’t going to happen, and knowing my father, he certainly wasn’t going to let me walk down the aisle barefoot. I stumbled across a wedding blog highlighting a foot washing ceremony. I thought the symbolism of being humbled and serving your partner was beautiful and emailed it to Dean thinking he’d say it was crazy. Turns out he loved the idea. After we said our vows, our first act as husband and wife was to wash each other’s feet. It created a special moment between just the two of us, where we could pause to focus on the commitment we were making to each other. After that, we kissed and walked down the aisle barefoot. The plush green grass between our toes and the sun shining at our backs; it was a perfect moment I will remember until I die.”

    Cappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & Ink Cappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & Ink

    “Dean and I met while working at Charlie Trotter’s a little over 4 years ago, and we both currently work at Per Se in NYC,” says Robyn. “To us, a beautiful outdoor garden and delicious, local and organic food shared with our closest family and friends is all we really care about in life.”



    What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  Nature, garden flowers, farms, Italy, dinner parties.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  There are so many! Besides the classics: Wedding photos with chickens and goats. It was so much fun and perfect for who we are. They also made for some great renditions of American Gothic. A chorus of local church bells broke out in song during our service. I remember thinking money couldn’t buy that moment. Our nieces and nephews dancing around us on our first dance. They were squealing with delight and seemed almost like fairies. Lighting our wishing lantern. Dean picking me up to carry me across our yurt threshold. I started to cry because I had completely forgotten about that since I was a little girl.

    Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  Our officiant rang a Tibetan singing bowl at the beginning of the service. It was a nice way to begin the ceremony as it brought everyone’s attention to the present moment. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful sound.

    What was the best advice you received as a bride?  I was engaged to a different man 5 years ago. We had planned a gorgeous, ballroom wedding that would make any mother and father of the bride proud, but it didn’t represent my personality at all. After going through that (and calling it off!), I realized the best wedding is one where you go with your gut. The two of you make decisions based on what speaks to you and what reflects who you are as individuals, and more importantly, as a couple.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  Go with your gut, and don’t second guess yourself. There are so many choices and decisions involved in wedding planning, you’ll drive yourself (and everyone else) crazy if you change your mind. We planned our wedding in three months and everything turned out better than we both imagined. Just do it! Also, my one regret was not getting a videographer, or even just asking a friend to shoot it on their iPhone.

    Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  Decide what you really have to have and what you could live without. For us, it was location, great food and wine, and photography. We spent the bulk of money on those things and pulled everything else together ourselves. DIY is a lot of work, but in the end, it reflects love and detail you can’t buy. Printing and designing my own paper goods was really easy and saved hundreds of dollars. My brother was the DJ, but he had so much fun in lugging the speaker around and was proud to do it. The challenges and stresses of the DIY projects were definitely there, but they were all overcome by love and support from friends and family members. Isn’t that what a wedding is really about anyway? A big family get together!

    Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  We spent our first night as husband and wife in a yurt, smack dab in the middle of the apple orchard. It was magical to wind through the candle lit grove at midnight while we listened to our friends still partying in the background, only to wake up surrounded by dew covered apple trees. It was just our style to “glamp” on our wedding night, and it offered such a unique and memorable experience.

    Photographer: Cappy Hotchkiss / Venue: Liberty View Farm in Hudson Valley, New York / Floral Designer: The Green Cottage / Ceremony Dress: Wtoo’s Jasmine via Lovely Bride / Reception Dress: Free People / Shoes: J.Crew / Hair, Makeup: Tressol-Mi / Pearl earrings: Dana Kellin / Groom’s Suit, Tie: Bespoke by Sebastian Grey / Wedding Bands: Eli Halili / Officiant: Puja Thompson / Rentals: Events Unlimited / Catering, Cake: Agnes from The Village Tea Room

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  • Apple Orchard Wedding from Cappy Hotchkiss

    12 March 2014
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    There is something so dreamy about this Alabama wedding from Mandy Busby. I’m not sure if it’s the pale blue accents, or the English garden-inspired decor, or maybe the bride’s ethereal gown… or maybe it’s everything put together. Whatever it is, I know you’re going to love this one as much as I do!

    Holly Hollon hand-lettered the invitations and illustrated a custom map of the property where the wedding took place. “By not including an envelope liner with the invitation or a reply card,” says the bride, “I was able to save and instead have the most gorgeous letterpress invitation with a custom map of Choctaw Bluff and it is one of my very favorite details from the entire wedding.”

    Bridesmaids carried small bouquets of peonies and olive leaves.

    The bride explains the decision to hold the wedding at Choctaw Bluff: “The location was inevitable and decided upon from the time little girls start dreaming about their weddings. Choctaw Bluff is my family’s place in the country that was purchased by my great-grandfather almost a century ago. It is my favorite place in the world and a part of who I am. The ceremony took place in the chapel by my parents’ home overlooking the Alabama River and the reception followed in the yard.”

    Guests enjoyed a cocktail reception in the yard of the bride’s parents’ house, just a short walk from the chapel.



    What inspired you when you were planning your wedding? As Assistant Editor at Flower Magazine, a large part of what I do is study and write about floral design and weddings so my mind’s eye was full of inspiration and ideas. I have learned that English gardens always make my heart melt so the floral design was largely influenced by that sort of romantic and wild, yet also focused and impactful aesthetic. Also, I didn’t want to compete with the beauty of the land, but rather to give the impression that Mother Nature had reached in to each and every detail to make an ethereal setting.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  My favorite moment was being led, with my daddy, across the yard and up to the chapel by a bagpipe band as part of the bridal procession. This was done in honor of my beloved grandmother who is of Scottish descent and passed away only a month before Robin proposed. The pipers played “Amazing Grace” and it truly felt mystical. The gravity of how very sacred it all was hit me in that moment. And walking with my daddy to meet my groom at the altar was all that it should have been and more.

    What was the best advice you received as a bride?  The best advice was to keep the main thing the main thing. At the end of the engagement and wedding, I would be married to the love of my life and that is the greatest gift of all. Your brain tries to convince you that the tiny details are life or death, but that’s just not true and I had to keep myself in check there. Also, the advice to pray and purpose to soak up each moment of the incredible day. I truly feel that I can remember it all vividly despite the whirlwind and I am so thankful for this.

    Photography: Mandy Busby / Venue: private estate in Alabama / Dress: Reem Acra / Event Planner: Blair Bullen / Bridesmaid dresses: Jim Hjelm / Stationery, Calligraphy: Holly Hollon / Floral Design: Sybil Sylvestor of Wildflower Designs, Floral Creations / Rentals: Blue Rents / Bagpipers: Duncan McCall Pipe / Catering: Clifton Morrissette

  • Garden Inspired Wedding from Mandy Busby

    11 March 2014
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    When I was planning my own wedding not that long ago, setting up a wedding website was not high on my list of things I was excited about. And a custom wedding app? Get real. If only Appy Couple had been around then! It would have made things SO MUCH EASIER! With an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, the only thing hard about using Appy Couple is picking which one of their 300 super stylish designs you love most!

    Appy Couple is an absolutely brilliant online tool that pretty much does it all. Quite simply, it’s the most magical and stylish way to create and publish your own mobile wedding app and website. Here’s what I love about it:

    STYLISH: Did I say this already? Well it’s true! Check out the 300 gorgeous designs Appy Couple has available. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can work with their design team to create something totally custom and magical.

    EASY: Appy Couple guides you every step of the way to create a beautiful wedding app and website that shows off your style. With a drag and drop interface, there are absolutely no technical skills required! Not to mention it’s fun to set up!

    SOCIAL: Get your guests talking to each other, and sharing photos from all your wedding events. And don’t worry about those friends and family who don’t have a smartphone – when you set up your app, a coordinating wedding website is automatically created so everyone is included.

    ALL-IN-ONE: Wedding website, app, event RSVPs, gift registries, photo sharing… with Appy Couple you can have it all in one place (all with the same beautiful design), which means it’s easy for you to manage, and easy for your guests to get all the information they could possibly need right at their fingertips.

    PRIVATE: This might be the best part of all. Don’t need your uncle at the bridesmaids’ brunch? Appy Couple allows you to update privacy settings so Uncle Joe won’t be able to see that event, but those invited will.

    And the cherry on top that makes Appy Couple such a perfect wedding tool? You get everything for a one-time set-up fee of just $28: your app, website and coordinating emails, limitless changes, automatic updates, unlimited guests and app downloads for Apple and Android, unlimited storage, photos and RSVPs…

    If you’re as excited about Appy Couple as I am, then you’re going to be even more excited when I tell you what they’re giving away to one Snippet & Ink reader: a custom Appy Couple design! You’ll get to work with Appy’s design team to create your very own, completely custom design for your wedding app and website – that’s a $500 value! To enter, check out Appy Couple’s current styles for inspiration, then leave a comment here with the name of your favorite design! And don’t forget to enter your email address, too!

    Appy Couple is offering a discount to all Snippet & Ink readers! Just enter the promo code APPY2SNIPPET at checkout to receive 10% off your Appy Couple account!

    Contest begins Monday, March 10, 2014 at 10:00AM PDT, and ends Friday, March 14, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT. Winner will be selected by Snippet & Ink, and announced on this post. Please note: winners must live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec).



    Congratulations to Talia who said “It seems like there are many more than the last time I was on their site! I absolutely adore Jazz Age Glamour.”

    If you didn’t win, you can still get a discount on an Appy Couple account. Just enter the promo code APPY2SNIPPET at checkout to receive 10% off!


    Official contest rules.

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    If you loved Molly and Thomas’s clambake welcome dinner earlier today, then you are going to adore their incredible wedding, courtesy of Jonathan Canlas. And the gorgeous, luxe details here – like the bride’s detailed sheath gown (paired with a cathedral length veil), and her cascading bouquet of orchids – are just the beginning. You won’t want to miss what’s in the full gallery (for example, hanging arrangements of succulents and moss framed like artwork)!

    The bride’s dramatic bouquet included phalaenopsis orchids, stephanotis vine, and garden roses.

    “The ceremony was outside and we took the less is more approach, as the gardens are so pretty and we were positioned beside a pond with a fountain,” says Molly. “We had wooden benches for guest to sit – again very natural. Guests walked along a garden path and under a stone walkway to arrive at the ceremony area. We had two large white stone urns framing where Thomas and I got married. In the background, guests could see stone ruins…just amazing.”

    Says the bride, “Consider a long veil. Antonio Berardi who designed my dress encouraged me to go with a long veil. It is such a special occasion, why not mark it with a special veil. How often do you get to wear one?”

    Peacock blue and shades of green were incorporated throughout the wedding, including the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets.

    “The history, charm and beauty of this 27 acre estate overwhelmed us. On our first site visit, we noticed a distinctive stone sculpture of a peacock perched on the corner of the house, alongside the driveway. It was then explained to us that peacocks used to roam the grounds, guarding the property. The peacock then became the inspiration behind our invitation suite. It felt fitting to incorporate the connection into the invite, almost like playing homage to this historical home.”

    Molly wanted the escort card display to be an unusual, organic focal point. Semia from Flowers by Semia created framed living art by growing moss and nestling succulents in wooden picture frames (starting months in advance!). A calligrapher wrote guests’ names on metal garden tags which were tucked into the moss, and the frames were then hung on a stone wall where guests would find them as they walked from the cocktail hour to the dinner tent.

    Table “numbers” were London tube stops, made with white stickers on lucite plastic. “We wanted to bring our home (London) into the mix and thought it was a fun way to distinguish the tables,” says the bride. “We chose to make them transparent so to not distract from the table décor.”

    “Swedes love a speech and traditionally, there can be 10-15 speeches throughout the dinner during the reception. Dinner usually lasts 3–4 hours. We didn’t think the Americans could handle that long of a sitting, so we allowed speeches from our groomsmen and bridesmaids on Friday night and then the best man, bride’s father, groom’s father and groom addressed the crowd during dinner on Saturday night.”



    Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  We chose Newport for its charm and we wanted to get married in a seaside New England town – I spent every summer in New England, and the landscape shares some similarities to Sweden (Thomas is Swedish). We thought our international guests would really take to Newport’s charm and effortless elegance. We chose Gray Craig because we wanted an unexpected venue that was special and memorable, as well as an ‘at home’ setting which would serve as a blank canvas, so I could have creative license with the events. It was amazing luck and our good fortune that we were able to rent Gray Craig for a week, especially as it had never been done.

    What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  We were inspired by our wedding venue for its effortless seaside grandeur and the surprise hidden nature of it, tucked away from the town of Newport. Also, “Sweden meets New England” was a theme that represented both of our origins and cultures and brought together the best of both worlds.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  It’s funny as most brides find it terrifying to walk down the aisle, but it was my favorite part of the day – I felt confident and happy with my Dad by my side, knowing I was about to start my new life with Thomas and being surrounded by our closest family and friends. It felt so fulfilling and took place in the most idyllic, dream setting.

    Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  Also, there is the Swedish tradition of guests kissing the bride and groom when one of them leaves the table. When the groom leaves the room, all the male guests line up and kiss the bride and the women clink the sides of their glasses while this is going on. And vice versa when the bride leaves the room. Creates a fun stir.

    What was the best advice you received as a bride?  Once you arrive at your venue, let go and enjoy it.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  Do not overfeed your guests. / Know your crowd and plan a party that is going to make it memorable for both yourselves and your guests. / Investigate noise and alcohol restrictions pertaining to the location – you never want any surprises on the big day. / If couples come from different countries, inject some local customs or flair into the wedding. Put your stamp on it. Make it a new experience for each guest. / Personalize as much as you can. Your guests will appreciate it. / Think hard about a Sunday (day after) gathering – lunch or breakfast. Often guests are tired the next day and have had enough of socializing, especially if you bring them together before Saturday. / Stay as natural as possible when it comes to makeup. Nothing worse than the Groom not recognizing you. Less is more. Happiness is the best beauty remedy and every bride benefits from this blessing. / Rather than hiring a band, think about a DJ with a live music element, such as a singer.

    Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  The style and look inside the tent was very important to me. I wanted a variety of everything – from varying shapes and sizes of tables, to a mixture of chairs – and I wanted everything to look bespoke and considered. Loads of detail was taken with how the tables were styled – we used six different types of tables (whitewashed farm tables, circular glass tables, square glass tables, circular tables with Italian linen, circular rustic wood tables, and the head table which we called the Living Table because the table top was a sliced tree slab held up with tree stumps). I wanted to use as little linen possible and fill the room with living elements. All of the tent poles were wrapped in grapevine and moss to make it feel enchanting, organic and give off an earthy feel.

    Photography: Jonathan Canlas / Venue: private estate in Middletown, Rhode Island / Event Planner: Stasia Anthony / Bride’s Gown, Veil: Antonio Berardi Couture / Shoes: Hangisi Satin Pump by Manolo Blahnik / Flower Girl Dress: Rachel Riley / Groom’s Suit: Thom Sweeney / Tie: Hermes / Shoes: Crockett & Jones / Shirt: Stenströms / Bridesmaid Dresses: Emilia Wickstead / Floral Design: Flowers by Semia / Music: DJ Max Chipchase, Antoine Drye & Jazz Quartet, Music Performance Services, Monica Schmidt / Catering: Plantation Catering / Desserts: Confectionary Designs by Mark Soliday / Cake: La Maison de Coco / Espresso Bar: Ana Louise Ronci / Hot Dog Truck: Spike’s Junk Yard Dogs / Mixologist: Fluke Wine Bar / Stationery: Paper Moss / Calligraphy, Maps: Daley Ann / Tent: Newport Tents / Rentals: Rentals Unlimited / Farm Tables: John Orton Events / Scenting: Diptyque / Historical Newport Trolleys / Hair: Hoa Thai / Makeup: Jane Sincere

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  • Newport, Rhode Island Wedding from Jonathan Canlas

    10 March 2014
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