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I’m figuring out what my schedule is going to look like now that I’m sharing an office (with some awesome ladies!), so that I can optimize both my work time and the time I get to spend with my honey. Which means going to bed at a different time than I’m used to, which in turn means that I’m a little behind with today’s post. But you’re going to love it, so here’s a little sneak peek from Charleystar to whet your appetite…

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Snippet & Ink loves honeymoons as much as we love weddings! And Traveler’s Joy is all about honeymoons. The perfect option for couples who want an alternative to the traditional wedding registry, Traveler’s Joy makes registering for your honeymoon a cinch. Whether your dreaming of a Caribbean cruise, a taste of Paris, or glamping in Montana, your loved ones can contribute to the trip of a lifetime. I mean, how cool would it be to thank your Aunt Judy for the gondola ride? Or your bridesmaids for the romantic beachside dinner?

Traveler’s Joy has made it super easy to set up your honeymoon registry. Using one of their pre-made theme-based (think beach or safari) or location specific (think Bali or Ireland) registries, you can instantly add items and experiences with a single click. And because Traveler’s Joy allows you to register for any portion of your honeymoon, you’re not limited to flights or hotel stays. Register for luggage, a video camera – even surf boards or snorkeling gear!

Not only has Traveler’s Joy streamlined the registry set-up process, their system also makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift portions. Dying to take a $400 helicopter tour of Kauai? You can split it into 4 gifts of $100, making it possible for friends and family to contribute to big ticket items and experiences.

I think one of the coolest things about Traveler’s Joy is the way that it involves your loved ones in your honeymoon adventure. When you’re sending Aunt Judy that thank you note, you can include a photo from the gondola trip (maybe a photo taken with that snazzy new camera you registered for…). So if you already have a house full of kitchen appliances and bath linens (or even if you don’t), Traveler’s Joy is the perfect way for wedding guests to give you something really, really special.

(Looking for honeymoon ideas? Check out some real honeymoon stories and real registries from Traveler’s Joy members for inspiration.)

This post sponsored by Traveler’s Joy.

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It’s been awhile since we’ve had Scott Andrew Studio’s beautiful photography here on Snippet & Ink, but I think it was worth the wait – Amy and David’s wine country wedding is one of the most charming I’ve had the pleasure to share with you. With 34 guests, it was a truly personal and intimate celebration. The lovely bride shares a bit about the day:

David and I knew we wanted an intimate and unique wedding. I’m a huge Francophile – we were engaged in Paris – but knowing that it wasn’t realistic to get married in France, we thought the next best thing would be a destination wedding in California’s wine country. Filled with French antiques and set on 75 acres of vineyards, Anderson Ranch seemed perfect, so when I called the owner I was thrilled to learn she was willing to let us host our wedding there.

The bride carried a fragrant bouquet of fresh lavender, tied with ribbon and fastened with her grandmother’s brooch. Says Amy: “Your palette, while it should be appropriate, doesn’t have to follow the typical expectations for a season. Everyone thinks orange for a fall wedding. I initially worried about using purples and blues in September, but grounding it with browns and beige made the colors work for a fall wedding.”

Some of Amy’s DIY projects included stationery, napkins, table runners, pillowcases, hand-stamped favor bags, and ribbon wands.

The best part was being able to share this day with our friends and family. We felt so fortunate to have people in our lives willing to travel and take time from work and home to be with us on our wedding day. After the ceremony we served iced tea, lemonade and a small snack so that guests could take a moment to enjoy the scenery of the vineyard.

Keeping with the French-inspired style, a croquembouche took the place of a traditional wedding cake. Congratulations Amy and David, and thank you to Scott Andrew Shoemake for these beautiful photos. See lots more from this wedding over on Scott’s blog. For some sage advice from the lovely bride, see below…

Photography: Scott Andrew Studio

Venue: Anderson Ranch in Sonoma, California

Bride’s dress: Angelina Bridal

Bride’s shoes / necklace: Kate Spade / Lord & Taylor

Bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew

Groom’s custom suit: Nicholas Joseph

Flowers: FleurEssence

Guitarist: Mori Achen

Month-of coordinator: A Savvy Event

Catering: Ramekins

Amy shared some great tips that I wanted to pass along to you:

On budget: First, I’ll admit we spent more than I had originally planned. That being said, we cut back on elements that weren’t as important to us, and focused our budget on those that mattered the most such as food and wine. We didn’t spend a lot on flowers – rather than a lot of small arrangements, we used one statement piece, and used it at the ceremony site and on our welcome table. The arrangements for the dinner tables were also rather small, but we placed big candelabras on the tables and tea candles, which created great lighting and the tables didn’t look like they were missing anything. The venue itself saved money in décor – since the ceremony site and house were so beautiful, they didn’t need a lot of embellishment. Also, don’t be afraid to ask vendors to work with you on price. Our florist cut back and made adjustments to meet our budget, and our photographer worked with us to make a custom package. Instead of a band, we had a solo guitarist for ceremony and cocktail music, and used an iPod for dancing.

On having a destination wedding: If you’re having a destination wedding, a planner is essential. I thought I could do everything myself but began seriously worrying in the last months leading up to the wedding. We hired A Savvy Event for month-of coordination, and they saved us! Also, if you’re bringing décor for the wedding, ship it beforehand. We brought everything with us, and it was not easy getting through the airport with six suitcases plus a wedding dress. Also, we arrived in California 3 days before the wedding, and since I was doing so much myself, it felt really hectic. If you’re going to be hands-on, I would recommend arriving a week before to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

In general: Don’t worry so much. I say this as a perpetual worrier and perfectionist. It’s true that it will be the most wonderful day and everything will fall into place.

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For your Saturday, a fun DIY wedding full of kitschy retro details, and it comes to us from a Snippet & Ink reader! Elaine explains her planning mentality:

I saved money by questioning things and asking myself, “Even though it’s a wedding norm, do I really need this, or even want it? My husband got me thinking that way when we were talking about getting engaged. He asked me what kind of ring I wanted, and I said, “A diamond of COURSE.” He asked, “Why of course?” He then explained to me that engagement rings haven’t always been diamonds. So, I did some research and now have a beautiful pearl ring that I absolutely love. So, like I said, that got me started. When we went to the jeweler to get the wedding bands I thought, “I don’t have to have one…I don’t even want one! I like my engagement ring the way that it is!” After that I thought, does Patrick really need a wedding suit? He has only worn one of his suits once, why can’t that be his wedding suit? And so on…

I should explain that we technically got married at City Hall the night before the wedding. We aren’t religious and didn’t like the idea of some random person performing our wedding, so we went to City Hall and then had Patrick’s uncle perform the ceremony the next day.

Seating cards were all vintage cut-out paper dolls with the guests’ names and table numbers. The dolls’ clothes were on the table along with scissors. Each table had a vintage clock on it, and the time on the clock was the table number. Patrick’s mom baked miniature cakes in little tin cans to get the miniature layers, and a family friend piped the frosting. We had ’50s themed drinks-of-the-hour including Pink Cadillacs, Harvey Wallbangers, Manhattans, Side Cars and Blue Lagoons.

I lucked out and found my dress in a vintage store for only $48. It fit perfectly and needed no alterations whatsoever. Another funny little tidbit was that through all the wedding planning wildness, I hadn’t gotten a veil and I thought that the hat would be fine on its own. On the morning of the wedding when we were getting our hair and makeup done, the hairdresser really insisted that my hat really needed a veil and because I didn’t have one, she said, “Oh don’t worry, I just live across the street, you can borrow mine.” So that last minute detail was my something borrowed. This was very much how our wedding came together – even though I paid a lot of attention to detail in some respects, I allowed the day to evolve, too.

Photography: Trevor Booth

Venue: The Pavilion at Lakeside Park in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Bride’s dress: purchased at Lost and Found Vintage

Groom’s suit: MVIO

Music: Two Step Monday

Congratulations Elaine and Patrick!

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