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Brilliant Earth is the perfect name for this company – they make beautiful jewelry, that is also totally eco-friendly and conflict free. They offer engagement rings and wedding sets in a range of styles, from modern to romantic, and even have a collection of gorgeous antique rings. Or, if you’re looking for something totally unique, you can work with Brilliant Earth to create a custom ring. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from Brilliant Earth

Clockwise from top left: The Gardenia Ring, Luxe Sapphire Fancy Halo custom ring, Four-Row Pave custom ring, White Gold Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

Brilliant Earth also donates 5% of their profits to communities impacted by the diamond trade. You can learn more about their mission here, and you can check out the beautiful pieces in their online store. Even if you already have your engagement ring and wedding band, it’s a great place to find classic diamond earrings, or maybe some unique pearls to wear on your wedding day. Snippet & Ink loves Brilliant Earth!

This post sponsored by Brilliant Earth.

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[Amy interviewed me awhile back for her Blogger Crush series, and since I have a blogger crush on her, I just had to ask if she would guest blog for me. And she said yes! Better yet, she made two awesome inspiration boards for us. Other days, find Amy over at her blog, Old Sweet Song.]

Hey there Kathryn!

Hope you’re doing well. I was so touched when you said you liked my sweet tea board so I decided to do some more “beverage” influenced boards. This time I went a more adult route! I love inspiration boards and I love booze so it just made sense to put the two together. Ha ha.

Negra Modela

Mint Julep

Congratulations again, my dear. And thanks for asking me to guest post. I love your blog and what you do so much so it was a real honor.


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[You probably know Katie from her classic-with-a-twist blog, The Neo-Traditionalist, and you’ve probably seen her devastatingly chic engagement photos. With the upcoming launch of Matchbook, I’m not sure how she found the time, but I’m so pleased to have Katie (newlywed!) here today.]

I feel a bit silly writing a post about marriage having been married myself for a mere four months, but in racking my brain for material one thought kept coming to mind — remember to laugh.  There is so much hoopla surrounding love and marriage these days it’s easy to find yourself stressed in a quest for “perfection.”

I was more than a bit nervous walking up the aisle so when my pug, Alfred the ring bearer, burst out barking and everyone giggled it was welcome comic relief.  The florist doesn’t always show up with the exact shade of pink and the honeymoon hotel may have lost your reservation (don’t worry, Kathryn, I’m sure yours won’t…), but as long as you and your partner can laugh about it you’re bound to have fun.

These photos from our engagement session with Cooper Carras always remind me of John’s ability to make me laugh in any situation.  We’d just met Cooper and neither John nor myself are big hams for the camera, but my husband’s silliness instantly put me at ease.  I look forward to someday showing the photos to our children and grandchildren—proof that our old and wrinkle-filled faces are due to years of good, old-fashioned laughs.

Best wishes to you, Kathryn and Ryan!

Photos by Cooper Carras.

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[A Practical Wedding was an invaluable source of sanity and encouragement as I planned my wedding, and since Meg and I both live in the Bay Area, we get to have pizza together and gab about weddings and blogs in person.]

If you’re reading this website, chances are very good that you’ve been called a bride for months and months. But here is a newsflash: you’re not a bride. Not yet, anyway.

For most of us, the liminal state of bride-dom lasts for about ten hours. It’s long enough to put on the dress, say the vows, transform yourself from a single person to part of a brand new family, and then party like it’s going out of style. And then it’s over, and that’s a good thing. So the question is, how do we take those ten hours and experience them to their fullest? How do we get what we need out of this liminal state, and move forward with minimal regrets and a lifetime of memories?

In short: you need to really show up emotionally, let go of all the planning you worked so hard on, and embrace imperfection.

That sounds gauzy and hippy-zen and impossible, right? Well, it’s really none of those things. So, without further ado, here are the things you should know about your wedding day that no one will ever tell you. (Except, um, I’m telling you, so you win.)

Your wedding day might not feel like you expect it to feel.

After reading tons of wedding magazines and zillions of wedding blogs, it’s hard not to have an idea of how your wedding day is going to feel. The thing is, that idea might be dead wrong.

First, I think we all hope our wedding day is going to feel pretty and chic. The one problem with this plan is that you can’t feel pretty, because pretty isn’t an emotion. Trouble! As my husband warned me before the wedding, it’s really important to differentiate between how wedding pictures look and how your wedding day will feel. Our wedding pictures look dreamy and beautiful, and for that I’m grateful. Our wedding ceremony, on the other hand, felt really gritty and raw. The ceremony felt intense, but not necessarily happy. And that was ok. There was plenty of time for joy at the party, and in the weeks of bliss to come.

So on the day itself, do everything you can to resist classifying your wedding day emotions as right or wrong. Maybe like me, your life will change hard and fast, in a moment of gritty intensity. Maybe you’ll ride a wave of joy, but just feel like you threw an awesome party, nothing life changing. Maybe you’ll so overwhelmed that you’ll weep for hours. Maybe it will be something totally different, and even more unexpected. Whatever you feel, let yourself feel it. It may not be at all what you expected, and that may be a blessing.

Your family is crazy, and that’s ok.

I know right? You’re sitting here reading this thinking, “My family isn’t crazy, my family is lovely! And besides, it’s my wedding day so they’ll be on their best behavior.” Well, sort of. Your family probably is lovely (mine is), but you know how everyone acts in high stress situations? You know how your mom freaks out on Christmas Day about having the table set just right, and you have the brother who’s super delightful but slightly socially awkward in large groups, and you have the two uncles that don’t really get along that well after the four whiskies they always insist on having? Yeah. That stuff is going to happen on your wedding day, because weddings are stressful. But here is the thing, it doesn’t have to matter.

Being a bride has certain perks, and one of those perks is being given a free pass to not give a sh*t. If your mom starts freaking out while you’re getting ready, have a sister or a best friend who’s tasked with pulling her aside and telling her to breathe. If your uncles start fighting with each other after their fourth glass of whisky, you have permission to just turn around and walk away.

You’re not going to be able to make everyone happy, and that’s fine. For ten hours of your life, your job is to protect your own experience. Your job is to refuse to get emotionally involved when people get stressed, and to just walk away and let it go. It’s tricky, but it only lasts for a few short hours. Tomorrow you can get totally pissed at your mom when she’s acting a fool, but for today, it’s not your problem.

What happens next is so much richer.

Because planning a wedding is a giddy mix of beautiful things, mixed with a serious dose of pain in the *ss, it’s easy to get focused on This One Day We Spent So Much Time And Money Planning. But that day is not the point. Your marriage is the point. So as your wedding day approaches, remember that this too shall pass. And what you’ll be left with is your marriage, which is infinitely more beautiful than the most stunning wedding dress in the world.

My wedding day? It was one of the great joys of my life. But the happiest day of my life? That was probably a lazy honeymoon day with my husband, drinking whiskey and looking at castles. Or maybe it was just any old lazy Sunday, reading the New York Times, lounging around the house… and oh yeah, not planning a wedding.

So congratulations. Not on this beautiful wedding you planned, but on making it to the other side. Welcome.

Photos by One Love Photo.

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