This color palette is too fun, hence the title. Melissa is getting married at a country club, and her colors are pink, green, teal and orange. There’s a lot to work with there, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by so many fabulous colors, so I tried to pull them together in a way that was fun without looking psychedelic. Pam‘s gorgeous bouquet has made an appearance in one of my previous boards, but it was too perfect not to be the main inspiration for this board.

Mood: vibrant, outgoing
Palette: pink, orange, lime green, turquoise

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Top row from left: photo by Anna Kuperberg, photo by Rob and Lauren, photo by Elizabeth Messina, lemonade from MS
Row 2: lanterns from Knottie ad52905, dress from J. Crew, bouquet from Housemartin
Row 3: photo via Brooklyn Bride, photo by Elizabeth Messina
Row 4: cake by Papillon Cakes, arrangement from Oh How Charming!, shoe photo by Jessamyn Harris, invitations from Michelle Rago (photo by Dasha Wright), photo from Valley Flora

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Valerie’s reception is going to be at the Wolfsonian, an Art Deco venue in Miami. As soon as I saw a picture of the gold and green fountain in the lobby of the museum, I thought of this Art Deco piece by Tamara Lempicka. The palette comes from both the fountain and that piece of art, and the calla lilies fit perfectly into the Art Deco styling. And of course, to celebrate Valerie’s Cuban heritage, mojitos! A great bridesmaid gift would be an engraved gold compact…

Mood: Art Deco inspired Miami chic
Palette: emerald green, gold, white

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Top row from left: veil from Hitched Salon, bouquet from Brides, calla lily arch from Smith and Niemierko, dress from J. Crew
Row 2: seating card table from Always A Bridesmaid, mojito, cake from MS, invitation by Wiley Valentine
Row 3: invitation by Ceci NY, boutonniere, table setting from Fete NY
Row 4: bouquet from MS, clutch via Glamour This!

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Tyler’s sweet friend over at Pretty Little Things requested this board for her: a chic, fall wedding with fall colors and a red velvet cake. In order to keep things from feeling rustic (harder than you might imagine with those fall colors!), I used the red velvet cake as my focus point, so I ended up with a red, white, and chocolate palette. I hope this board is helpful for you Tyler!

Mood: fall chic
Palette: red, white, chocolate

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Top row from left: envelope via Brooklyn Bride, bouquet by Ariella Chezar (photo by Dasha Wright), photo by Mel Barlow
Row 2: dresses by Thread, red velvet cake from NY Times
Row 3: car photo by Elizabeth Messina, table via Oh Happy Day, photo by Belathee, champagne from Beth Helmstetter
Row 4: bouquets by Artfool, photo from Junebug, boutonniere from Jessamyn Harris, programs by Jo Gartin, seating cards by Laura Hooper

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Not A Contest

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For those of you worried that your wedding isn’t big enough, or unique enough, or whatever, take a look at this post by Offbeat Bride. It’s a nice reminder that your wedding day isn’t about out-doing other brides, but rather about expressing who you and your fiance really are, sharing your special day with the people who matter most to you, and getting to spend forever with someone you love.

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I’ve been wanting to put together a farmers’ market inspired board for awhile, and I finally have enough images to make it work. Fruit is a wonderful non-floral point of inspiration, and I think this board proves that vegetables are, too.

Mood: flavorful, bountiful, rustic
Palette: red, yellow, green

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: Healdsburg Country Gardens via Here Comes the Guide, photo from Mindy Rice, tomato arrangement by Ariella Chezar, photo by Belathee
Row 2: vegetable bouquet by Ingela’s Design, water via Toast & Tables, wagon from Brides, artichoke bouquet via Brooklyn Bride
Row 3: cake photo by Jessamyn Harris, photo from Ariella Chezar, farmer’s market notecards by Yee-Haw Industries (thank you Martha B!)
Row 4: photo via Brown Turtleneck Sweater, vegetable basket from MS, radish card via Shiny Squirrel, rustic table, salads from MS


Thank you to Ms. Martha from Nibs (the source of those fabulous notecards) for also pointing out the adorable radish and carrot pins at Anthropologie. Martha, you and I might have to team up one of these days…


Of course I only became aware of this fabulous cake by Bakery Bar after posting my Farmers’ Market board.

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