I’m so excited – after some frustrating wedding planning stops and starts, we’ve finally decided on a date and a place! You’d think that after blogging about weddings every day for the last two years I’d have a very clear idea of what kind of wedding I’d be having. In some ways I suppose that’s true, but in other ways it’s just incredibly overwhelming. Hopefully now that we’ve finally figured out the where and the when, it will be easier to edit out some of the endless possibilities and focus on what makes sense for our wedding. Hopefully… Of course I have some favorite links to share with you this week:

Who knew a surveillance video could be so cool? No really, you have to watch this.

Darling new font by Jessica Hische.

Clever photobooth.

Or how about a shadow booth?

Sweet shoot from Steep Street.


Wouldn’t this be a fun way to spend a summer evening?

Tempted to elope, yet again…

Have a happy weekend, lovelies!

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One of these days, I’m going to have a beautiful garden, and I’m going to have little garden parties where I serve cookies and lemonade. In the meantime, I’ve translated my little dream into a simple garden wedding for you. The color scheme and idea aren’t anything new, but it’s still one of my favorite looks, and the individual images are so lovely that I couldn’t resist.

Mood: sweets and roses
Palette: garden green, sugar white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: mock orange via Nibs, cookies from Sweet Paul, lemonade and flowers from Wedding Style Guide
Row 2: photo by Jose Villa, birdhouses from Rebecca Thuss, cupcakes from Project Wedding
Row 3: invitations from Martha Stewart Weddings, centerpiece from Brides, dessert buffet by Amy Atlas, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings

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A few of these images have been floating around for awhile in my head, and I thought it would be fun to put together a celebratory French-inspired board for Bastille Day. French flags, sparklers, and a croquembouche of course. If you happen to be in San Francisco today, head down to Belden Place, have some moules frites, and party (it’s what I’d do if I was there)!

Mood: celebration à la française
Palette: navy, red, white, gold

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Koreana, French flag save-the-date from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet by Artfool, miniature champagne bottles from Wedding Style Guide
Row 2: shadow box from Martha Stewart, photo via Lolita, croquembouche from InStyle Weddings, photo via {frolic!}
Row 3: berry tarts from Martha Stewart, sparkler photo by Adrienne Page, both menus by Cynthia Warren
Row 4: miniature fries from Callahan Catering, photo via Black Eiffel, potted flowers from Martha Stewart

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You may remember One Love Photo‘s work from this real wedding that I featured a few weeks ago, and I’m excited to have another excuse to share their incredible images with you. Heather and Jon are the talented duo behind One Love Photo, and their photos do not disappoint! Here are just a few of my most recent favorites (be sure to click to enlarge the images)…

I love how Heather and Jon describe their work: “We love the exciting energy of weddings. We have an uncompromising artistic style and move in the opposite direction of cliche wedding photography. Our main goal is to create untraditional photographs of your family and friends being their fabulous selves. To capture your natural true love on your wedding day with a funky artistic twist.” How perfect is that!? They use digital, film, and homemade lenses, and they are totally up for travel (check out their inclusive Travel Bug Package). If you want gorgeous and unique photos to remember your wedding day by, you have to check out One Love Photo – and don’t miss the blog!

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It must be all this time I’m spending here in Montana that’s inspired two horse-related inspiration boards in a row. Whatever it is, I love the simplicity of this palette: the gray of aged barnwood, the green of summer grass and trees, and the rich brown of old iron keys and horseshoes. Refined rustic is one of my favorite looks, because it can be classic and unfussy at the same time.

Mood: equestrian elegance
Palette: gray barnwood, green pasture

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: barn photo by Traci Griffin, stationery from Wedding Style Guide, bouquet by Ariella Chezar, key seating cards photo by Alisha Clark via Lucky Me!
Row 2: cake from D Magazine via Hip Hostess, photo by Punam Bean, photo by Meg Smith, photo by Martha Manning
Row 3: table from Brides, centerpiece via {frolic!}, lemonade and sweet tea photo by Cooper Carras, table number from Alison Events
Row 4: bouquet photo by Katie Stoops, wedding sign photo by Elizabeth Messina, photo by Millie Holloman, photo by Brooke Schwab via Little White Book

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