In my dreaming of spring, I thought I’d put together a little Regency-era, Emma-inspired board. Of course, you’d need to add a top hat for the groom and a horse-drawn carriage in place of a getaway car.

Mood: sweet garden romance
Palette: pastels

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Top row from left: cake from Bliss Weddings & Events, Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma, parasol from Rebecca Thuss, rose bouquet from MS, Alberta Ferretti dress from Brides
Row 2: photo by Jessamyn Harris, centerpiece by The Green Vase, RSVP card by Ceci NY, Christos dress via Brooklyn Bride, boutonniere from Michelle Rago (photo by Dasha Wright)
Row 3: garden arch from Artfool, gloves from MS, rose arrangement by Ariella Chezar, white clutch photo by Paul Johnson

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Jessica wanted some help creating a board that was summery, fun, with the honeydew green of her bridesmaid dresses, but that also incorporated red in order to celebrate her and her fiance’s Chinese heritage. To steer clear of Christmas-in-July territory, I used red just as an accent, and added some pale pink to soften things up. I thought that a nice way to bring in red was by using red string, maybe to tie up envelopes, and using traditional Chinese knots in some places (maybe as an addition to seating cards, or napkin ties) – a play on “tying the knot.” Also, to play up the “Beijing-to-Boston” theme that Jessica mentioned, I like the idea of a save-the-date that has a map on it, with lines connecting any important locations for the couple and their families.

Mood: fresh and bright
Palette: honeydew green, pale pink, lucky red

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Top row from left: potted orchids and melon cups both from MS, boutonniere by Artfool, cake from MS
Row 2: bouquet from MS, table by Michelle Rago (photo by Dasha Wright), bouquet by Juniper Flowers, napkin from David Stark
Row 3: save-the-date by Mr. Boddington, envelope by Cheree Berry, Ann Taylor dress, bouquet by Ariella Chezar
Row 4: lanterns and ribbon from In Any Event, Chinese knot, tie from Jaan J., Jasper Conran dress from Brides UK

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So sorry about the late post today!

Aimee met her fiance at a farmers’ market, so she wants to incorporate some seasonal fruit into her wedding. She also wants to include global details to reflect her experiences in Africa and the Middle East, as well as her fiance’s Vietnamese heritage and time spent in the South Pacific. In my mind, food is one of the best ways to incorporate global details. Have hors d’oeuvres and edible favors that bring to mind other food traditions. Also, Aimee has some beautiful Vietnamese silk lanterns from her fiance’s parents, and I think she should definitely hang them in the trees, possibly along with some long cuts of colorful ribbon. Another idea is to have something (maybe the word “love”) translated in all the languages Aimee wants represented, and have those either be the names of tables, or printed on napkins and matchbooks. Here is my board for Aimee, with summer berries and loose, natural floral arrangements (Ariella Chezar is brilliant at this type of arrangement, as is Michaele Thunen).

Mood: farmers’ market goes global
Palette: berries, persimmon, green

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Top row from left: photo by Barnaby Draper, bouquet by The Green Vase, invitation by Cheree Berry, silkscreen favor bags via The Paper Moon Project
Row 2: bouquet by Ariella Chezar, cake from MS, punch photo by Madeline Polss, centerpiece by Ariella Chezar
Row 3: dress from J. Crew, berry boutonnieres by Michelle Rago (photo by Dasha Wright), Michaele Thunen arrangement photographed by Kathryn Kleinman, J. Crew dress from Brides
Row 4: jam and biscuit favor from MS (via Junebug), photo by Elizabeth Messina, photo by Julie Mikos

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Stephanie Nikolopoulos interviewed me for an article she was writing for the style website, Emerging Thoughts. Check out her article here (my quote is toward the end). She also asked if I could come up with a board that reflected the style of Emerging Thoughts, “an online boutique filled with unique and one of a kind pieces” that seeks to “promote free thinking and creativity.” What do I think a board based on the style of Emerging Thoughts would look like? I think it would look like the couple are putting together a party that expresses who they are without worrying too much about fitting anyone else’s expectation of what a wedding should be. It would be unique because the couple is unique, not because they’re trying too hard to do something that’s never been done. And hopefully it would incorporate the creative talents of not only the couple, but also of important people in their life.

Mood: bright, unfussy, personal
Palette: green, yellow, brown

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Top row from left: cake from MS, centerpiece by Artfool, veil from MS, dog photo by Jose Villa
Row 2: chairs, lemon souffles and bouquet all from MS, J.Crew dress from Brides
Row 3: bouquet by Studio Sweetpea, invitations by Cheree Berry, vest from J. Crew, gin and tonic from MS
Row 4: photo via Knottie Mrs Steph M, photo by Gertrude & Mabel, yellow ranunculus

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Amanda’s color scheme is so sweet and classic. She wanted a board that was Tiffany blue and lemon yellow, and that reflected the casually elegant feel she imagines for her wedding. I love the potted flowers used on the table in that big photo, and the tiers of small ruffly cakes are so pretty!

Mood: casual elegance
Palette: Tiffany blue, lemon yellow, ivory

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Top row from left: photo by Ryan Phillips, cake photo by Belathee
Row 2: yellow bouquet from MS
Row 3: veil photo from In Any Event, photo by Jessamyn Harris, tent by Michelle Rago (photo by Dasha Wright), flowergirl from MS
Row 4: invitation by Lily Darby, dress by J. Crew, lemonade, baby’s breath wreath by Artfool

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