Wow. Sorry for the late post again! I seem to be having some serious trouble with the internet lately. Anyway, here they are… Today we have two red and white boards, one for early summer and one for winter.

Board #35: Strawberry & Cream

In the early summer, red and white makes me think of berries and cream, picnic linens, and sweet simple fun. I imagined this board with a touch of French flair.

Mood: sweet, simply elegant
Palette: red, white, bits of black

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: calligraphy by Maybelle, photo via Faye and Greer, photo via Black Eiffel, Luisa Beccaria dress via Perfect Bound
Row 2: photo via {frolic}, Eavis & Brown dress from Brides UK, flags from Vintage Weave, cake and French poppies both from MS

Row 3: table by Art Fool, necklace by Saylor Sage, red and white napkin, drinks and Paris photo both from Brides

Update! These coasters by Sarah Ridgley would be perfect for this event.

Board #35: Cranberry & Snow

Add some sophistication to a snow white event with rich holiday red.

Mood: holiday sophistication
Palette: cranberry, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: white hot chocolate from Matthew Mead, church, pomegranate seating cards from MS, Carmen Marc Valvo dress via Perfect Bound, lantern ceiling
Row 2: photo from Brides, fig holiday roll and red lipstick both from MS, red candles from Flickr, hypericum boutonniere from The Knot
Row 3: red pistachios, red currant gelee and bouquet both from MS, invitation from Ceci NY


How about this fun card by Wiley Valentine?

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Today’s boards are variations on a Great Gatsby theme.

Board #33: Gatsby by Day

Mood: country club chic
Palette: pastel pink, green, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: cake from Brides, veil by Lynn Kiracofe Designs, Favourbrook suit from Brides UK, bouquet from MS
Row 2: Great Gatsby party, Oscar de la Renta gown from Brides UK, centerpiece by Ariella Chezar
Row 3: invitation by Bird and Banner, table from Brides, Michelle Rago frog corsage (photo by Dasha Wright), garland via {frolic}
Row 4: hat from Hats and Veils, photo from Jacqueline Property Rentals

If you want more ideas like this, take a look at this spread from Brides, and this post from Faye and Greer.

Board #34: Gatsby by Night

Mood: swanky Art Deco
Palette: black, cream, chocolate

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo from Brides, flapper, invitation from The Knot, earrings from Aspire Auctions
Row 2: bouquet via Wedding Flowers Guide, desserts from MS, pearls, garland from MS
Row 3: Stacy Kane photo via Classic Bride, vintage poster, Youlin dress from Brides
Row 4: Diane von Furstenburg dress at Neiman Marcus, image from Brides UK, April Reed cake via Love Made Visible, bouquet from MS

Update! Check out this fabulous post over at Perfect Bound – lots of Roaring 20′s inspiration.
Update! How about some of these paper goods from Tinsel Trading – I especially like the bride and groom card, and the menu.
Update! Look at this beautiful dress by Claire Pettibone – I think it work well in either of these boards.

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Hi there! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I hope you’re ready for some fun boards. This week I will be posting two boards a day, each one a variation on a given theme. Today, the theme is Seaside…

Board #31: In the Navy

Mood: preppy, nautical
Palette: navy, white, yellow touches

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: place setting from Carolyne Roehm, photo from Design Mom, cake from The Knot, farewell flags from Brides
Row 2: centerpiece from Rebecca Thuss, invitation by Austin Press, rope knot at This Next
Row 3: bouquet from Brides, dress at Anthropologie, guest book at Rebecca Thuss, Oscar de la Renta dress at Brides
Row 4: photo from MS, photo from Brides, paper boat and bouquet both MS

If you like this theme, you should definitely check out the Brooke invitation by Lily Darby. It is lovely!

Board #32: Lobsterfest

Mood: relaxed, fun
Palette: red, white, beige

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: table by Art Fool, Resail tote via Treehugger, photo from Grapevine Weddings, bouquet from In Style
Row 2: Robert Danes dress from Brides, cake by Cape Cod Cakes, raspberry cocktail, shell candles from MS, knot diagrams via Tying The Knot
Row 3: photo from Brides, photo from Sparklers Online, photo from Maverick Charters Ltd., Hackett suit from Brides UK
Row 4: Kate Spade dishes from This Next, invitation by Bird and Banner, invitation by Ceci NY, lobster dress by J. Crew, oar “guest book” via Tie The Knot

If this is the look you’re going for, take a look at these photos by Stacy Kane.

Update! If you like the idea of a nautical knot, take a look at this invitation from Good On Paper.
Update! For more lobster ideas, check out this post over at Toast and Tables.

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Outside of nature, I’m not such a fan of pale purples. I think they can look pretty tacky, actually. Aubergine, though, (sounds so much better than eggplant, doesn’t it?) is just gorgeous. It is one of the deepest, richest colors I can think of, and paired with deep browns and a hint of green, it’s perfect for a lush fall event.

Mood: lavish elegance
Palette: aubergine, chocolate, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: stamp from Stamp Russia, photo via Toast and Tables, Marchesa gown from New York Magazine, invitation by Ceci NY
Row 2: purple dress and gray suit, bouquet by Ariella Chezar, cake photo by Dasha Wright, candy from Brides
Row 3: bouquet from MS, arrangement via House Martin, Paulette macarons via Brooklyn Bride, centerpiece via Brown Turtleneck Sweater

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How about a city hall ceremony and a chic champagne and dessert reception? Black and white is such a powerful combination, so I added some hints of very pale pink to warm this board up. Also (you may have already noticed this) I just can’t get enough of sneakers for the groom and groomsmen – I think it adds so much personality!

Mood: urban chic
Palette: black, cream, pale pink

Top row from left: photo via {frolic}, Morgan Davies dress from Brides UK, photo from Brides, centerpiece from Vine
Row 2: photo by Jessica Johnston, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, invitation from Ceci NY, ring by OGI Ltd.
Row 3: photo via Perfect Bound, cakes from MS, shoes via Orange Beautiful, monogrammed napkin by Print Appeal
Row 4: bouquet from MS, photo via Faye and Greer, black cube from Chocolate Trading Co., invitation from Ceci NY

I have had some questions about whether I will take suggestions for boards, and the answer is yes, of course I love to hear your suggestions! I can’t promise when a certain board might show up, and I actually have quite a few boards lined up at the moment, but I would love it if I could create a board that would be useful for a specific person and event. So feel free to post any suggestions for boards that you might have and I’ll see what I can do.

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