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Do you use Pinterest? I kind of love it.


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  1. Candace

    I love Pinterest! It helps me create mood boards for my clients.

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  2. Meredith Perdue

    Yes! Isn’t it addictive?!

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  3. jillian

    LOVE pinterest! totally obsessed. off to follow your boards! xoxo jillian::

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  4. Kirby {Colors of Honey}

    totally! I just got an account over the weekend and I’m so excited!

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  5. jenny

    I love it!! It’s so great for collecting pictures from all around the internet!

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  6. erika

    i do indeed! highly addictive – but also very useful to organize!

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  7. Maia McDonald

    I’m obsessed with Pinterest, it’s especially helpful for compiling wedding inspiration.

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  8. Theresa

    I must admit, that I am a bit addicted to PINTEREST. I only realized today: I amat over 2100 pins:

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  9. elaine

    me too!! :)

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    • Andie

      The genius store called, they?re runinng out of you.

  10. holly anne

    sure do! turns out i was already following some of your boards :]

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  11. Cynthia Guzman

    What? No. This looks awesome. I just save images I like in picture profiles on my computer. Oh dear, I’m going to be hooked aren’t I?

    Xoxox Cynthia

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  12. Jenna

    I adore Pintrest, too! It is such a great place to stow away photo obsessions and pieces of style/home/life inspiration. Here are my boards:

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  13. allthingsjennifer

    I love pinterest and have been snipping lots and lots of ideas from this page in my “future wedding ideas” folder!

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  14. madeline

    I love Pinterest! I just started “pinning” last Saturday!

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  15. Katie

    I’m obsessed. Love it. You know you pinterest too much when you want to pin things in real life…

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  16. Michelle

    I have not gotten into Pinterest yet. I’m afraid it will suck me in. haha. I’m sure I will get around to it soon enough.

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  17. Bethany

    Umm, YAH! Major obsession right now.

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  18. Sarah

    I do now! Thanks for the tip!

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  19. Karen

    I love it too!

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  20. ellen

    I love it and have developed an obsession to finding things to “pin”…smiles.

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  21. kate

    uhh yes, best thing since sliced bread!!

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  22. reubenvision

    I just started the other week & it is superb !
    following your pinning now !

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  23. Josie

    Once you discover pinterest I don’t see how you can’t become obsessed! It’s so useful for my job though, so I can justify looking at pretty things all day long!

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  24. Zuzu

    Yes, I love it! & I just started following yours…


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  25. Rita

    Yes! Really useful to organize everything and collect ideas. Since I started planning my wedding I have been using it to share inspiration with my bridesmaids, photographer, florist, future hubby…I pin a lot from S&I ;)

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  26. Erin

    I do, I do! I just recently became a member and use it to get inspiration for my blog (and my life!)…and Ez of CreatureComforts blogged about how you can use it to better understand your readers/shopper @
    very helpful tip!

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  27. Caitlin

    Love it! Just started over the weekend and am already slightly obsessed :) If only I knew of it last summer when I was bookmarking and copying and pasting images into a word doc the months before my wedding!

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  28. Tiffany

    oh, where oh, where has this been all my internet days? I do’t think I will ever get off my computer now :)

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  29. Uncle Beefy

    Well, you know I do! And, of course, I love it too! Okay, maybe not “love” it. But, oh, I don’t know… LOVE it?! Yes… LOVE it!!!

    And, I’m thrilled you’ve come on board, Kathryn!

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