Board #567 | Late Summer Sunlight

Mood: playful, rustic, low-key
Palette: black, white, honey gold, green, tan

I love black and white as a way to dress up a rustic event – it seems sort of unexpected and even a little bit modern. Here it’s more black and tan, I guess, and the effect is warm and a little bit playful, especially with details like funnel cakes and a silhouette artist. Dahlias and sunflower centers tiptoe back and forth between summer and fall, and a rustic venue feels like the perfect place to be as one season transitions into the next…


Row 1: woman in gingham shirt and cardigan with vintage camera, photo by Kate Powers / letterpress invitation, calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap / funnel cakes from Food and Cook  //  Row 2: Motorman chocolate lager, packaging designed by Freshthrills, via Lovely Package / bouquet with maidenhair fern and brown sunflowers by Ariella Chezar for Brides  //  Row 3: barn and field with dandelions, photo by Rebekka Seale / musician with mandolin, photo by Jose Villa / silhouette artist from Martha Stewart Weddings  //  Row 4: escort cards nestled in peanuts from Kelly Oshiro, calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap, photo by Jose Villa / centerpiece with dahlias and fruit by Amy Merrick / black striped linen tablecloth from Relish Decor


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