Board #43 | Waterfront Wedding

I know there are some ladies out there working with a navy and green palette, so I wanted to offer my take on what that might look like. I leaned toward preppy instead of nautical, with lots of green hydrangeas, but I still imagine this as a waterfront event. Let me know what you think!

Mood: preppy, waterfront
Palette: navy, green, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Valls Photographic, necktie via Tie the Knot, pew decorations by Ariella Chezar, table via Toast and Tables
Row 2: photo by Valls Photographic, calligraphy by Laura Hooper, bouquet from MS
Row 3: monogram from MS, Juliet Poyser dress from Brides UK, lettering by Bluebird Studios, boutonniere by Seattle Flowers, Jim Smeal cake from In Style
Row 4: candy buffet and blue dress both from Rebecca Thuss, hydrangea via Living the Swell Life, monogrammed tote by L.L. Bean


  • jessicalynn402 says:

    Why oh why must you do this to me!? And by that I mean the following: Everyday you post BEAUTIFUL boards that make me want to change my theme. And then, when I actually convince myself to do so, you post a board on the color scheme/theme that I was finally able to let go of the day before. Now you leave me torn between colors! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  • Merrilee Diaz says:

    You should work at a magazine! As always, your boards are gorgeous!!

  • Erin says:

    This is exactly the theme I’m having at my wedding! Thanks so much for the board – I love it!

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