I have two sweet weddings to share with you today! First up, and intimate City Hall wedding from a Snippet & Ink reader. Says Erica, “My Morgane Le Fay dress is how I found Snippet & Ink. It was the first dress I tried on and I fell in love with it. I went home and looked online to see if anyone had worn it as a wedding dress and Didi and Ambrogio’s wedding came up!”

13 people joined Erica and Justin at their San Francisco City Hall wedding ceremony. Says Erica: “SF is a beautiful city and one of our favorite places to visit. We wanted a simple ceremony followed by an intimate dinner with our immediate family. City Hall is as stunning as any location gets and we were so excited to be married on the 4th floor! It was such a surprise to be able to get married on the 4th floor of City Hall. It’s gorgeous up there. I had seen photos and read about it but it’s usually closed unless rented out for private events. We were the last wedding of the day and City Hall was completely empty so I asked. My favorite moment was standing in front of the judge with the light beaming in the courthouse, holding Justin’s hands, looking into his eyes and feeling like we were the only ones in the room. I couldn’t stop smiling and got the giggles. I have never felt such peace and happiness in my life as that moment.

Says Justin, the groom: “I guess my favorite moment was standing in front of my wife-to-be and looking into her eyes. We had been running around non-stop for several weeks so it was the first chance to enjoy the moment. I also got a kick out of Erica being very predictable and forgetting something. This time it was her ID in the town car and my brother having to sprint all the way outside to retrieve it while we waited to be called into the clerk’s office. Naturally, our families were waiting in the hall and not sure what was going on. They probably thought the worst!”

I love these tips from the couple. From Erica: We went back and forth whether or not to have our families at the wedding or elope. Sitting at dinner and looking around at everyone laughing and sharing stories made us so happy we had them there to share the day and help us celebrate. And from Justin: Be sure you give yourself enough time to tie the best knot you have ever tied on a neck tie. When you get into all the options for knots, you’ll likely need plenty of time to try them all.

Photography: EmmyJeanne Photography (found through Snippet & Ink!)

Ceremony venue: San Francisco City Hall

Reception venue: Le Charm Bistro in San Francisco, California

Bride’s dress / shoes: Morgane Le Fay / Kate Spade

Groom’s suit / shirt and tie: Banana Republic / Thomas Pink

Flowers: Natalie Bowen

Congratulations Erica and Justin!

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  1. Hazel

    I love everything about this post. Such a simple and wonderful ceremony. Simply beautiful! Congrats to the couple!

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  2. Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride]

    Super beautiful city hall wedding! Love her bouquet!

    / Reply
  3. Cynthia Guzman

    I may not be engaged…yet…but I think I just found my shoes. Beautiful Kate Spades. Congrats Erica and Justin.

    / Reply
  4. Jesse

    That 4th floor hallway is such a beautiful location. I think it’s wonderful that she used it as a backdrop for their ceremony. So bright and gives you the feeling of being above it all.

    / Reply
  5. Maruchy

    It is photos like these, of weddings like those, that always present a compelling argument to forgo the big gaudy weddings and take the intimate and oh so very sweet and eclectic path. Love love love it!!!!!!

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  6. Em

    Oh I love everything about this. Congratulations to the cute couple!

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  7. littlewinterbride

    How lovely to see another bride wearing Morgan Le Fay, the dresses are AMAZING! The style dress we both wore, called Daffodil, was unique and you could change the look of it, making it short, long, drape one side up, one side down, drape the back or drape just the front or both…..it was a very special dress. And not to mention, easy, no fittings and budget friendly.

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  8. rebecca

    Beautiful bride and groom. The photos really help capture their love for one another. Great photography.

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  9. KG

    Erica! Again, A-Mazing! I am so happy for you and hope to see you soon. Love, KG xo

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  10. Lana

    Divine! I love these photos & feel as though I were there with you, which I wish had been possible. Here’s a toast to a beautiful couple with contagious smiles. Once you are settled in a little more we’ll get together and raise a glass or two…till then, we send much love your way & wish you a fine trip to Seattle & a glorious Thanksgiving.

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  11. Heidi Cleret

    What a magical and memorable day you had :-)
    Fabulous photos that really show pure happiness and joy. Nice for all of us here in Sydney to see! Congratulations to you both.
    Maybe honey moon in Australia?!?!? You’re welcome anytime!
    Love Cleret, Sutherland and Burgess Families xxpp

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  12. Dee & Marshall Arisman

    Congratulations Justin and Erica! Lovely to see you again, Justin…in pictures and your very beautiful bride! Looks as if it was a perfect wedding! So happy you’ll both be in New York, again. Why we might even see you and meet
    Erica! Much love, Dee & Marshall

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  13. Bronte Hock

    Justin, your tie looks almost as good as your wife.

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