With my wedding fast approaching, I’m so thankful for photos like these from Dave Ainley Photography. They capture the joy of the day so perfectly, and remind me of just what a wedding is all about. Plus, bride Lauren has the most incredible smile! She and her groom, Nikolai, planned their Spokane wedding in just over six months, creating a celebration that honored both of their families and heritage.

From Lauren: One thing we had to take into consideration for our wedding and ceremony was the blending of cultures, since Nick’s family is Russian. Both of us come from a strong Christian background – the church we were married in was built in the early 1900’s, and for many years was called Grace Baptist. When Nick and his family moved to America in 1989, they attended Grace Baptist church for 11 years. The congregation slowly disintegrated and about 5 years ago, the church I have gone to for 13 years, Christ the Redeemer, merged with them, and eventually bought the building. It was very special for us both to have a strong connection to the church we were married in. Not to mention, the building is beautiful!

One of my favorite moments was standing on the stage with Nick, looking around at all the pews full of people, realizing how many people were there who I cared about. I’m so glad I took a minute to look around me, because the day went so fast that there were a lot of details I don’t even remember. Nick and I were so filled with joy the whole day long, and we really haven’t had an unhappy moment together since.

Photography: Dave Ainley Photography

Venue: Christ the Redeemer Church in Spokane, Washington

Bride’s dress / veil: Bridal Collections / Jade Rose Designs

Bridesmaid dresses: Zara

Groom’s suit: vintage Harrod’s

Flowers: Just Roses

Happiest wishes to Lauren and Nikolai – thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with us! And a big thank you to Jill and Dave Ainley who shared these beautiful photos of their friends. You can see plenty more from Lauren and Nikolai’s wedding over on the Apple Brides blog, as well as a couple shots from their adorable engagement session over on Dave Ainley’s blog.

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  1. Naomi

    Her smile says it all…you are right. It is quite infectious!

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  2. Lindsey Shea

    So cute! Love the photos on the bed!

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  3. Rachel – theWeddingVine

    Love the images on the bed!! and the dress is gorgeous!!

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  4. anna

    seriously– the best bridesmaids dresses ever!!

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  5. Sarah

    Where is this dress from? I LOVE it! Would love to find out who the designer is. Thanks!

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  6. Stephanie

    What a beautiful, happy bride! I think her pretty red-lipped smile is the perfect accessory.

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  7. La Belle Bride

    Wow! Beautiful shots!

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  8. Dave Ainley

    Thanks so much to all who have commented on these photos!

    Kathryn, I thought you might like to see this:


    Dave Ainley

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  9. Take My Hand

    Every single photo brought a huge smile to my face! The bride looks so happy and beautiful what a lovely wedding, love it

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  10. camilla

    LOVE the pics of the bride on the bed. pure joy!

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  11. The Demoiselle

    Oh wow! I adore the image taken of the bridal party on the stairs. Fantastic!!

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  12. Amanda Thorson

    she must be one of the most beautiful brides i’ve ever seen.

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  13. Aileen@LoveandLavender

    Aww she looks so happy and gorgeous!! I grew up in Spokane and it’s rare to see Spokane weddings on blogs…fun to see this one.

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  14. hearttypat

    I love the hair fascinator! so simple and yet slightly whimsical!

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  15. vanessa

    I love it!
    Were is this dress from? pleaseee answer.

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  16. Jillian

    I believe her dress is Mori Lee 4524 without the sash.

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