There’s just so much to love about Lisa and Ben’s charming Brooklyn wedding – the vintage dress, the skateboarding bride and groom, the city hall ceremony. From the bride:

We were married on May 5, 2010 at City Hall in Manhattan. 2 guests, 2 photographers. Our friend, Chris’tine stopped by on her lunch break to join in on the wedding fun. We couldn’t imagine planning a big event and we decided to make it a relaxed fun day, ambling over the Brooklyn Bridge on our way to City Hall. Just me and Ben having fun, like we always do.

Lisa found her vintage dress just two weeks before the wedding, at Bopkat Vintage. “Like a museum, the selling floor only displays part of the entire collection. Just ask and dresses will appear. The owner pulled out handfuls of gowns from the back. I scored mine, an authentic 1950s prom dress for $150 and it fit with no need for alterations. The hat was customized to match the dress by Margaret Duncan of Bridal Veil Falls. Margaret (being super talented!) was super detail oriented and would not let me take the hat home until she had had a look at the dress first. She designed the flowers on the hat and added the net to give it more pizazz. She was very accommodating and had the hat ready for me within a day. So couture! And only $90. (I secretly LOVE hats. If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to buy lots and lots of vintage HATS).

Ben and I are skaters, so our photographers, Charles and Tatjana of Wrinkle in Time Photography, suggested incorporating our longboards into the wedding day. We were all for it!

I picked up some white peonies from the Flower District on West 28th Street for 1/3 the cost had I gone to a conventional florist. Bound them up with ribbon for the bouquet. Then a stop at Key Foods grocery store to pick up an orchid to make Ben’s boutonniere.

City Hall had their chapels renovated so you can plug in your iPod or iPhone and walk down the aisle to the tune of your choice. We walked down the aisle to “Let’s Get Busy” by Rocket From the Crypt.

My favorite moment was putting that ring on his finger!

We had a gold airbrushed opera cake from Almondine Bakery in Dumbo. Because we were walking across the bridge before the ceremony, we didn’t want to bring our own wine, so we bought some at a corner pizza shop. Buying it at the last minute meant that it was still nice and chilled when we served it.

Everywhere we went, we were greeted by enthusiastic tourists and locals alike, giving us their well-wishes and congratulations. New Yorkers often get a bad reputation for being rude, but we only received smiles. We were even cheered on by large groups walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Our family and friends are happy for us, but how amazing to feel on that day, that the entire city was happy for us too! Receiving that wave of happiness was an awesome way to begin our lives together.

Bride’s dress / hat: Bopkat Vintage / Bridal Veil Falls

Bride’s heels / skateboarding flats: Annie / Rocket Dog

Groom’s suit: Joseph Abboud

Cake: Almondine Bakery

Congratulations Lisa and Ben! Wishing you all the best, and thank you for sharing your sweet wedding with us. And thank you to Tatjana and Charles from Wrinkle in Time Photography for sharing these beautiful photos.

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  1. Alicia

    I love this – especially the part about the whole city cheering for them!

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  2. Unemployed Home Cook

    These are fantastic photos. I love the intimacy and playfulness of them. The photographer does an excellent job capturing the love and simplicity of a young couple getting married all by themselves. The skateboards are a nice touch… to be young in love…

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  3. Laura Reaux

    SO fun! I love this so so much. Her dress is adorable and they look so genuinely happy. Gorgeous photography, too!

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    Such a fun wedding and the couple is too cute! They look like they are having the best time! =)

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  5. SMK

    Had to leave a comment because I just love this – I think it's so special that it was the two of them, having fun together all over the city. What a really great way to celebrate!

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  6. Dognbird

    These two are adorable, love their happy vibe.

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  7. Meg

    That second picture KILLS me. It makes me miss Brooklyn like a crazy person.

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  8. emma discovery

    This is just amazing. Something about it makes me want to scrap the whole shebang and do things this way. So intimate, so beautiful, so fun, and just like the best days, the days when those two or we two or any two wander and make their/our own fun. Love it. Thank you for sharing it, s&i!

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  9. 10000dollarwedding

    GASP! I love her dress and hairpiece!!

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  10. ever ours

    love LOVE this cute wedding. especially her gown!

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  11. Sarah

    This is perfect. I do love a teeny tiny city hall wedding, and the bride's outfit is absolutely perfect. (I want a vintage hat now, too.)

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  12. mysanfranciscobudgetwedding

    This is perfect. I do love a teeny tiny city hall wedding, and the bride's outfit is absolutely perfect. (I want a vintage hat now, too.)

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  13. elauinc

    I LOVE this! I too had a city hall ceremony, though not nearly as well styled and adorable. LOVE it.

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  14. MrsFord

    SO sweet.

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  15. Chasa Dominique

    How fun! Love the photo of them on the subway!! Too cute :)

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  16. Masha

    I love the photos with the skateboards in the park! And her dress is lovely.

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  17. DreamWedding

    I love how autentic and how completely and utterly about them this wedding is. I also adore the bride's dress!

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  18. Woman

    gorgeous photo set, love it to bits! ;-)

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  19. Hillary

    How fantastic is that dress!!?? What style.

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  20. nibsblog

    That dress is adorable…!! I can't believe she found it two weeks before the wedding. :)Martha B.

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  21. shela

    It’s necessary to have a great Videographer and a photographer in the wedding.

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