Today’s beautiful wedding comes to us from photographer Katy Gray (submitted via Two Bright Lights!), and Mindy the bride was kind enough to share all the details:

I knew from a very young age that I would get married on the ranch I grew up on, I just had to find the right guy. Words cannot express how lucky we are to have been married in such an exquisite place. I was inspired by the location, the people, the history, everything that makes the CM Ranch what it is. I am a true Wyoming native and I really think our wedding reflected what the Wyoming spirit means to our families.

My mother planned a special surprise for us. Toward the end of the ceremony, I noticed some of the ranch wranglers riding around in the next field over with about 60 horses. Because of the way the ceremony site was positioned, nobody but my bridesmaids and I could see that something was up. After Kyle and I were pronounced husband and wife, we walked down the aisle and the wranglers chased the horses out of the field and they galloped right by the ceremony! Everyone started crying and cheering – it was magical and such a special surprise.

I now know why weddings are not just about the bride and groom. Our wedding day was very emotional day as my father wasn’t able to attend, but the love and support of all our friends and family filled a void that almost broke our spirits. A wedding is not about an expensive wedding dress, the cake or what your hair looks like. It’s about sharing an intimate moment with people who would do anything in the world for you. I threw all my worries out the door when I woke up that morning, and we had a flawless day.

Photography: Katy Gray

Venue: CM Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming

Bride’s dress: Sophia Tolli

Music: Jalan Crossland Band

Congratulations Mindy and Kyle! See tons more from this wedding over on Katy Gray’s blog, here and here.

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  1. Rachel – theWeddingVine

    Wow it would be a dream to have a wedding where wild horses were free to roam right by!! Stunning photography!!

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    WOW! Stunning wedding! The horses were a beautiful touch.

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  3. Annie

    The shot of the horses is amazing! It seems like this was such a beautiful, special wedding. Congrats to Mindy and Kyle!

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  4. DeeDee

    The photos are so fresh & intimate, I feel like I could step right in.

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  5. Lace.and.Likes

    i love how country this wedding is
    and those horses galloping by, amazing

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  6. Leila | Be Inspired PR

    Love this rustic wedding and the horses galloping by is priceless!

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  7. creative wedding photographer

    very nice location for a wedding! and very nice the wedding photos reportage of your post!

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  8. Chloe

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding. My favourite image is them walking in the field. So epic!

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  9. Ashley

    I just want to say that mindy’s description of her day was absolutely beautiful and the way everyone needs to feel. I see so many brides completely obsessed with the fact that the day is supposed to be all about them and its refreshing to see it switched. I feel the same way about my big day, its a huge celebration for my family to enjoy, im just lucky to be the one throwing it. Thank you for the fantstic post, these images and details were amazing!!

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  10. Dynamite Weddings

    Amazing photography! Love the running horses!

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  11. em

    wow. such a beautiful and magical wedding. love.

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  12. Canvas & Canopy Events

    that is beyond dreamy! wow, what a great mom to think of such a cool touch!

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  13. Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful

    The horses! Oh my gosh! Try not to cry, try not to cry…I totally got misty. Amazing! A beautiful wedding. Congratulations!

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  14. lydia {ever ours}

    oh my wedding goodness…60 horses! how incredible and what a rush!

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  15. Naomi

    That must have been amazing. The sound of horses running together…your mom rocks!

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  16. Denise Nichols

    Love, love, love the horses!

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  17. the joielala girls

    wow… the horses running by is so cool. what an awesome surprise! i love this wedding!!

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  18. holly

    wow, that bit about the horses gave me chills. lovely wedding!

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  19. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Wow I have chills just thinking about seeing the horses do that. How incredibly amazing!!

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  20. Katie

    IN LOVE with the horses! How cool!!

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  21. Eileen Garcia Photography

    beautiful setting!

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  22. Kelly

    what an AMAZING wedding and story. It makes me want to go to Wyoming and stay there forever!

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  23. Kristine – Cool Wedding

    I really adore country style wedding! And specifically for this cool wedding, I love the drama in the photography! My favorite is the picture of the guests with the horses in the background. It’s breathtaking!

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  24. correy

    Oh geez… you didn’t even have to explain the horses, I saw the photo and started crying. What a beautiful surprise!

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  25. Maxabela

    OMG – horses sure beat butterflies!! Wonderful wedding. Thanks (yet again!) for sharing the loveliness. x

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  26. J – Heavenly Blooms

    Wow, that is such a lovely surprise, I would have been in tears as well seeing the horses… Congratulations Mindy & Kyle… and kudos to you for realizing what is really important on your wedding day…

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  27. Mindy P.

    I just came across this post and read all the comments. This was in fact my wedding and Kyle and I will be married for 5 years this year. I’d forgotten that I had wrote this for Snippet and Ink and reflect back to that incredibly emotional day. Everything was absolutely perfect, but not because I planned it that way. I was emotional unable to finish planning my wedding so I could support my mom in the absence of my father (who has since rejoined our family since and my mother and him couldn’t be happier!). I remember every single person pitched in and helped, and I cannot express how thankful I am for them. But above all, my incredibly strong and brave mother was our gift that day and still is. I cannot imagine my life without her and I am just so thankful for all she’s done. You think the horses are great? You should see what she does for our family in the most selfless ways.

    Thank you again Katy Gray for capturing the day exactly how I remember it. I can still feel the sun on my cheeks and the cool Wyoming fall floating through Jakey’s Fork Canyon.

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