Board #147 | Valentine

I have stacks and stacks of typical Valentine images: doily envelopes, heart-shaped sugar cubes, chocolate chocolate chocolate and pink pink pink. And I could not bring myself to make that kind of board. I have no problem with sweet handmade paper goods, and you know I don’t have a problem with chocolate. But to be perfectly honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing. I prefer my love and romance year-round, expressed in small ways daily and surprising ways unexpectedly. But that’s just me, and I knew I couldn’t get away with ignoring Valentine’s Day, of all things, on a wedding blog. So here is a chic, modern, romantic inspiration board for you for Valentine’s Day. May you give and receive lots of love today, and everyday.

Mood: chic romance
Palette: ivory, champagne, black, red

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, hair pin by Erin Cole, heart garlands via Apartment Therapy, photo from Modern Day Design
Row 2: note card table from Rebecca Thuss, cake by April Reed, photo from Artfool, champagne from In Any Event
Row 3: bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, dress via Perfect Bound, dress from Martha Stewart Weddings, Elum Press card via Design Mom


  • perfect bound says:

    Wow. I love that red dress now even more (if that was possible!) thanks so much for including me in your post. it’s always such a treat to stop in everyday. happy valentine’s day!

  • Angel says:

    This is so elegant…a beautiful take on Valentine’s day.

    Have a happy <3 day!

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