It’s been awhile since Our Labor of Love visited us here on Snippet & Ink, and I am so excited to have them back. They captured this totally fun nightclub wedding perfectly! Says Camilla, “The pics by Jesse and Whitney from Our Labor of Love are, in my opinion, beyond words.” She also shares where she and Hank found their wedding inspiration:

Hank and I wanted a wedding reminiscent of the days of the Copacabana that incorporated our quirky, eclectic style and sense of humor. We wanted the feeling of going to a nightclub in the early 1960’s, looking fabulous, eating a delicious meal, having cocktails, and being entertained by comedians, singers, and dancers.

Another key element was to express my Russian cultural heritage, so we had small matryoshkas [Russian nesting dolls] as favors that our officiant shipped to us from the Ukraine, and took matryoshkas and samovars from my family’s home to use throughout our venue as decor. We had a full Russian menu with vodka on every table and incorporated words in cyrillic on our invitations, programs and menus.

Now how fun does that sound? Okay, so on with the photos, and don’t miss Shark Pig‘s video at the end!

Some of Camilla’s budget-saving tips: I have no shame in going to places like Claire’s, Express, Forever 21, etc. when it comes to accessorizing. My bridesmaids looked killer and it was so cheap putting together their looks. I had a local tailor make my dress, which ended up being considerably cheaper than any bridal salon I went to. And Old Navy shoes. Nobody sees ’em. ‘Nuff said.

(Look very closely to that top photo with San Francisco in the background… see the Bimbo’s sign in between Camilla and Hank?) San Francisco’s famous Bimbo’s 365 Club was the perfect venue for the over-the-top retro nightclub feeling Camilla and Hank wanted to create.

The guys wore playful boutonnieres by Fritts Rosenow.

Our ceremony was made awesome mainly by the fact that we were married by our good friend who became ordained just for our wedding. He wrote the funniest ceremony, which he began by saying to Hank and me, “Thank you for coming.” I have some of the most talented friends on the planet, from actors and comedians to singers and songwriters, and it was beyond amazing having them contribute their skills to our day. (And I love the noisemakers for the kiss!)

(How awesome is this neon sign! Wouldn’t this make a great wedding gift?)

Camilla shares some of her favorite moments: The Hora was absolutely insane. I think pretty much all of our 170 guests got out on the dance floor. It felt completely wild and out of control, a total explosion of joy. Our first dance stands out to me as well – it was one of the few moments Hank and I just got to be calm and quiet with one another. One of the best moments of the night for me was when after our last song, Tony Bennett’s “I left my heart in San Francisco,” our guests broke out chanting “Hank and Camilla! Hank and Camilla!”

We really wanted to create an atmosphere in which guests felt they were able to let loose and celebrate. We had a klezmer band, which brought the house down, and scantily clad Brazilian dancers who totally surprised our guests and got everyone up and into a giant conga line.

Finally, I just had to share this little note from Camilla with you, because less than a month from our wedding, I know this feeling well: It always drove me a little nuts when people told me to “enjoy” the wedding planning process. To be honest, it wasn’t always very enjoyable to me, but I have to say that all the hard work was absolutely worth it. Your wedding is a big deal and it takes effort to make it just how you want it! But it was worth it – I don’t know how many times I have heard from guests, “Best. Wedding. Ever.” It’s really a good feeling.

Photography: Our Labor of Love

Cinematography: Brian Morrow aka Shark Pig

Venue: Bimbo’s 365 Club

Bride’s dress / Groom’s suit: both custom from Al’s Attire

Bridesmaid dresses / shoes: J.Crew / Forever 21

Funny boutonnieres: Fritts Rosenow

Neon sign: Ark Sign

Programs / menus: Hello!Lucky

Klezmer band / Brazilian dancers: Kugelplex / Aquarela

Congratulations Camilla and Hank! And a big thank you to Flash Dance members Our Labor of Love and Shark Pig for sharing your work with us! You can see more great photos from Camilla and Hank’s wedding over on Our Blog of Love.

Hello!Lucky is a sponsor of Snippet & Ink.

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  1. Dina

    One of my favorite weddings ever! So beautiful. I love weddings with personality, where you can learn more about the couple and not about the wedding planner.

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  2. Kelly Sauer

    I simply love that video!

    / Reply
  3. Shalini

    Oh my god that was out of control! I’m dying over the hilarious table markers!

    / Reply
  4. Matrioshka

    So awesome! Bimbos is such a great space!

    / Reply
  5. lydia {ever ours}

    love the amazing team behind this wedding. and amazed at how much of what the couple wanted shined through. such a fun wedding.

    / Reply
  6. Aileen@LoveandLavender

    I LOVE this wedding!! So many fun and playful details, you really get a sense of their personality.

    / Reply
  7. Megan Clouse

    So much FUN!! Love the theater venue and the place cards are hilarious!

    / Reply
  8. Rachel – theWeddingVine

    Love the black accent on the wedding dress! Stunning wedding!

    / Reply
    • camilla

      black grosgrain ribbon purchased for a couple bucks at the craft store down the street from my apt. i threw it on at the last minute right before leaving the house because it felt like something was missing. glad you liked it!

  9. Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride]

    this is, by far, the best wedding i’ve ever seen. and i’ve never said that. i love the photography (obviously), the boutonnieres, the venue, the film, everything about it.

    / Reply
  10. Jessie

    How sweet this video was!!!

    And I love your inspiration boards!

    Thank you for sharing!

    / Reply
  11. Wrinkle in Time Photography

    such original boutonnieres…I bet the boys loved them!

    / Reply
  12. Melissa Blake

    i love the little touches on the lapels!

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  13. perfect bound

    I could watch that wedding video all day long. What a great time.

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  14. the gracious gaze

    what a fun day!

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  15. Inessa Zherebnenko

    such an awesome, beautiful and fun wedding.

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  16. Kim @BrideGoggles

    AHHHH! I love this – so much fun. And his bout is amazing :)

    / Reply
  17. Heidi@TrulyEngaging

    What a perfect expression of their personalities! Super unique, fun, fanciful and thoughtful. Love it!

    / Reply
  18. Janssen

    The boutonnieres are so cute! Now who says you need to spend great fortune just to have a great wedding?

    / Reply
  19. Maria@

    how gorgeous. adore the black accent on the dress. the whole wedding has little touches of fun. love it.

    / Reply
  20. Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events

    Wow, that looked fun! I love, love, love those table numbers. Great ideas all over the place, well done!

    / Reply
  21. Caroline

    so FUN! i love the boutonnieres- super clever.

    / Reply
  22. The Demoiselle

    Simply amazing Kathryn! Love the backdrop and the detail at the edge of seating! Perfection.

    / Reply
  23. Lori

    Oh my goodness your noisemakers are fabulous!!! Can I ask where you found them? Thank you!!!

    / Reply
    • camilla

      we found the noisemakers at tags were made by hello! lucky, tied on with twine and hot glue gunned onto the noisemakers by yours truly. glad you like them!

  24. Lori

    Thank you so much for the info! Your wedding looked AMAZING!!!

    / Reply
  25. Gertrude & Mabel Photography

    ok you two, what an adorable wedding and perfect video for your day! We absolutely adore the cinematography of Shark Pig- we work with so many videographers & love to see new work from folks we haven’t worked with before. Love the retro look and the edit really shows your personalities- awesome! Plus you were shooting at the school I went to – brought back some great memories. Congrats!

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