Sapphire Ring Giveaway with ERAGEM!

The weekend may be over, but we’re still celebrating our site makeover; and what better way to share our excitement than with a 1940’s Montana sapphire engagement ring giveaway by ERAGEM!




Sapphire is my sister’s birthstone (September), so I have a soft spot for the uniquely colored stone. Found in shades of blue, blue-green and pink, this stone is as durable as it is beautiful. And for the past 10 years, ERAGEM has sold beautiful vintage, antique and new engagement rings. Not only are their stones gorgeous, but they also offer free overnight shipping, complimentary resizing and a 60 day money back guarantee.




And now for the exciting bit — the giveaway! ERAGEM is giving away a 1940’s Montana Sapphire and 14 karat white gold engagement ring (valued at $1799). To enter, just hop over to the ERAGEM WEBSITE and shop around. Then come back to this post and let us know in the comments what your favorite sapphire ring is!


Contest begins Monday, June 13, 2016 at 5:30AM PST, and ends Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be by Snippet & Ink, and notified by email on Monday June 20, 2016.  Please note: winner must live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). By entering I agree to the Official Rules and I agree to receive email updates from Snippet & Ink and ERAGEM. Mail-in entry available as an alternative, see Official Rules.


*This post is sponsored by ERAGEM. 


  • I love the idea of a sapphire engagement ring, poo poo on diamonds! So I actually clicked on every page and they’re all stunnniiiing!

    While if I was engaged to a royal I would adore the Gia 5 Carat No Heat Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Cushion Cut bc damn! I feel like the more modest Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring that’s 18K White Gold is equally breathtaking.

  • Caitlyn says:

    I love all their vintage engagement rings. I particularly like the Bezel Set Old Euro Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum. So pretty!

  • Amalisa Abels says:

    Beautiful rings! I especially liked the VICTORIAN SAPPHIRE RING W/ OLD MINE CUT DIAMOND HALO 18K GOLD!

  • Jessica says:

    Wow – the Victorian Three-Stone Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring in 18K gold is spectacular. The diamonds provide a more modern feel, while the deep blue sapphire and the yellow gold band are timeless and regal. One of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen! Fit for a queen :)

  • Alexandra says:

    How can you choose!? They are all so lovely. I think my favorite is the Australian checkerboard square cut blue green sapphire ring!

  • Mindy says:

    So many to choose from, however I must say the oval sapphire with 2 emerald cut diamonds on either side.

  • Kelly E. says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one; they’re absolutely beautiful! A few favorites, though: Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring 18K White Gold, No Heat 1.48 Carat Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring 18K, and Round Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring 14K White Gold. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. :)

  • Catherine Taylor says:

    I have been searching for the perfect combination of stones for my engagement ring for almost a year now and nothing seemed quite right, but recently I have decided that sapphires and diamonds are the perfect combination. I’m completely in love with the Blue-Green Momtana Sapphire and Diamomd Vintage 14k ring. Can’t get over that unique blue-green color!!

  • Melinda says:

    I love the vintage no heat bluish violet sapphire diamond halo ring – it’s elegant and stunning!

  • Courtney Rae. says:

    My eyes immediately went to the 1940’s 1/4 Carat Floral Diamond Ring. This ring looks very similar to a ring my Great Gram once had on her tiny finger. She had passed that ring to my Grandmother who passed it to my Mother. The beautiful antique is now on my tiny finger waiting to be passed down to my daughter or grand daughter one day. I LOVE having and wearing pieces that mean so much.

  • Such incredible rings and so much diversity in the colour of the stones! My absolute favourite is the Vintage Icy Blue Sapphire & Diamond Deco ring. Just beautiful.

  • I’m obsessed with the classic engagement ring with one clear diamond in the center with smaller crystal beside it. And the one with one clear diamond in the center and smaller crystal around it too. Those two design are timeless. You can wear it in any era of wedding

  • Heather Wykrent says:

    Vintage filigree sapphire and diamond ring! Love the old fashioned feel of this ring! Beautiful rings!

  • Lillian says:

    My first engagement ring was an oval peach sapphire ring with a diamond halo, so I definitely love the idea of sapphires in engagement rings. I’ve found myself loving step-cut stones lately, so when I saw the emerald-cut blue sapphire ring in 18k white gold and a ballerina-style marquise halo, I fell in love! Sapphire is my birthstone, and it seems I keep coming back to it.

  • Rebecca Schaffer says:

    I’m IN LOVE with the Pear and Marquise 3 stone Wide band ring! It’s so different from what you see around on women’s fingers nowadays. I’m a big fan of anything unique looking like this!

  • I live the Vintage pear shape opal and diamond ring. It is stunningly beautiful and unique. It reminds me of my Gran. When she passed away my mother inherited it, although she only wears it on special occasions as apparently you need to be careful and not to wear it when washing up etc. The pale yet glittery colour is so tasteful.

  • Sarah L says:

    I love the sapphire ring with diamond halo in 14k gold. Just as regal as Kate Middleton’s!

  • Casey E. says:

    The Vintage Blue Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring is stunning. Simple and beautiful! It is great to see women and men going out of the box and going against traditions to find rings and jewelry that are truly unique. Buying things that have meaning instead of buying something for the price tag is what a true jewelry lover is!

  • Jessie Kristof says:

    I love the 1.7 CARAT BLUE SAPPHIRE & TRIANGLE DIAMOND ring! So fantastic!

  • Chanel Leith says:

    I love the color of the 1.5 carat oval sapphire ring set with diamonds in palladium. Swoon!!

  • Amy S says:

    So hard to choose a favorite! I love solitares so my favorite would have to be the 2 carat marquise blue sapphire solitare in platnum. Would be a great right hand accent in a beautiful cut!

  • Courtney says:

    They are all so beautiful, but the one that is the most like my style is the 1.25 ct sapphire with diamond halo. The classic floral look of it is perfect.

  • Shelby says:

    Oh wow, they are all gorgeous! I’m in love with the 1.6 Dark Blue Sapphire Three Stone ring 18k, it is to die for?

  • While I love them all so very much, my favorite is the vintage, no heat bluish violet sapphire diamodn halo ring. It reminds me of one of my grandmother’s rings <3

  • Abby says:

    So lovely and unique! I love the blue-green Mintana emerald ring.

  • Stella Davies says:

    Mad for the blue green emerald cut solitaire. White gold, 3.9 carats. Truly stunning, a classic beauty piece of jewelry.

  • Rachel says:

    I would absolutely die for a sapphire engagement ring – they are beyond gorgeous! I’m especially in love with those green-blue colors. It’s so hard to only pick one, but I’d say the Untreated Round Montana Sapphire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring is my favorite. The metalwork on the band is so elegant, I absolutely love it!

  • Pam Gregoriadis says:

    SWOON!!! The .71 CARAT MONTANA SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND VINTAGE PLATINUM RING – perfect balance of modern and vintage…Classic!

  • Crystal Sell says:

    So many breathtaking rings! Wow!! The Tacori 4 Carat Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Diamond Accents Platinum has to be one of the most gorgeous rings I have ever seen! I must have expensive taste, but it is so worth it! <3

  • Samantha P. says:

    The Montana Sapphire Vintage Platnum 3 Stone Ring is my favorite! They are all stunning!

  • Michelle M says:

    All that sparkles and shines! A girl would be so lucky to have any of the sapphire beauties. The SIMON G 3.8 CARAT NO HEAT MONTANA SAPPHIRE RING 18K surely symbolizes the happiness, memories and love 2 people have for one another in an everlasting relationship. What a monumental ring!

  • I love these rings. And I am. Huge fan of square and emerald cuts, but I like the 1/2 caret 3 stone deep blue sapphire and diamond ring. Super gorgeous!!

  • Grace says:

    8 Carat Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ballerina Cocktail Ring!!! Stunner!

  • Christi Mae says:

    I loved ALL of them! Terribly hard to choose a favorite, but ultimately, the Semi-Bezel Set Montana Sapphire Ring in Platinum caught my eye! I love that it’s low-profile, because I’m constantly using my hands for work AND working out (gripping bars, etc.), and this wouldn’t be in the way whatsoever. It’s so pretty!

  • Such gorgeous finds! I love all the old floral type rings, my favorite being the Old Euro Diamond Retro Flower Heirloom Ring 14k. So beautiful and organic. It’s probably a cocktail ring but I would wear it every day as an engagement/big aniversary ring :)

  • Kelly Walsh says:

    The Tacori 4 carat oval engagement ring is positively breathtaking. I love the symbolic eternity of an oval ring and the elegance in the simplicity of this design. I had not heard of eragem before your post today but I’m glad y’all did. This is a great resource and I will spend too much time perusing!

  • Leah Anderson says:

    I love the EDWARDIAN NORTH SOUTH DIAMOND DINNER RING. I was looking at something like this (but a reproduction) when we chose my engagement ring. It was a top contender ’till I realized I wanted to be able to wear wedding and engagement rings together.

  • Dawna Coleman says:

    I love the 1.38 carat cushion cut no heat Montana Sapphire Platinum ring. The colour of the stone is super gorgeous!

  • Tori Lee says:

    Obsessed with the 4 Carat royal blue Gia sapphire halo ring. The halo style is so pretty and frames the stone in an elegant way!

  • Margit says:

    The vintage platinum star sapphire is my favorite. My mom, who will be married 50 years in 2018, has a star sapphire engagement band

  • Andrea says:

    As a fellow September baby, I love Saphires. My favorite setting is the 3.5 Carat No Heat Blue Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • I’m absolutely head over heels with the Victorian Antique Opal Diamond Ring and especially since opal is my birthstone!

  • Joan says:

    If I were designing my own ring it would look exactly like the Cabochon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring 14K White Gold sku: hh520. It is amazing!

  • Uyen Le says:

    Outstanding from others!

  • H. Elizabeth says:

    I love so many of these rings but I think that the 1.87 carat Montana sapphire set in a classic 6 prong Tiffany style platinum mounting has such a simple elegance. Beautiful!

  • Jane B. says:

    Honestly, what is not to LOVE about sapphires?!!! The one that really, really caught my eye on the Eragem site was the .71 Carat Montana Sapphire & Diamond Vintage Platinum Ring. That setting is incredible! Thanks for the excitement and chance to win a gorgeous sapphire ring. It will look great on my crossed fingers…..

  • Debbie says:

    My favorite sapphire ring is the 3.96 Carat Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Ring…. Classic, simple, and stunning.

  • Christine McC says:

    Oh my God where do you even start – they are absolutely out of this world! All amazingly beautiful but I adore the beautiful simplicity of the Etched Sapphire and Diamond Eternity ring. The type of ring you can wear everyday and admire it ALL DAY LONG!! All of them are beautiful heirlooms to be treasured for generations.

  • Megan says:

    All of their rings are stunning and gorgeous! Love the vintage. My favorite is the vintage Aquamarine cocktail ring!

  • Regulus says:

    That dainty ring with a small cushion cut green blue stone is wonderful. It’s something I’d wear everyday :)

  • Rose says:

    What a great giveaway and I love, love Montana sapphires!! I am loving the Art Deco MT sapphire and Old European diamond ring!

  • Lorelei says:

    The vintage claw set Montana ring is striking! Truly I would be happy with any of them.

  • Sarah says:

    One of my favorite EraGem sapphire rings is the bypass, or Toi et Moi ring with the diamond. But I also love the Montana Sapphire ring in the giveaway! What wonderful designs.

  • All of these sapphires are gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the 2.5 carat greenish blue sapphire solitaire ring but also love the old sapphire three stone ring. All stunning!!

  • Zainab P says:

    All designs are spectacular! Of course that may be because I’m a jewelry lover! But the 4 Carat Sapphire Ring w/ Diamond Halo in White Gold is simply gorgeous!! ??

  • Laura says:

    Oh I love the vintage rings, and the sapphires, all so pretty!

  • Erica Simanonok says:

    My favorite is the Blue-Green Montana Sapphire & Diamond Vintage 14K Ring! I lovvvvve Sapphire because it is my birthstone :) <3

  • What a great giveaway! I love it. My favorite sapphire ring is The Vintage Retro Blue Sapphire Diamond Starburst Cocktail ring! So unique

  • Adam Whiteley says:

    My favorite was the cushion cut blue sapphire 18k white gold engagement ring with the pavé band and accent diamonds in the setting of the sapphire itself. Beautiful!

  • Danielle D says:

    all of the rings are so beautiful! I love the 3.5 Carat No Heat Blue Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring 18K, I’m sure the more I search, the more i’d find that I loved!

  • Wow, what a selection on Eragem. I love the cut & combination of central and circling stones of the SPARK 1 CARAT BLUE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND HALO RING 18K.

    Thanks for running the contest!

  • BarbaraMae says:

    I really dig the 4-carat Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo. It’s simply stunning. I’ve been looking at similar rings in a different price range. :) Of course, the vintage 1940’s ring in the prize is quite lovely too!

  • Colette says:

    I love the Montant Sapphire Vintage Platinum Three Stone Ring. I love that shade of blue. Simply gorgeous!

  • Delaney says:

    I love the Montana 3 carat ring – gorgeous (but I pretty much love all of them!!!)

  • Moira says:

    I’m a sucker for the vintage sapphire rings. They have such extraordinary detail and timeless style.
    My absolute favorite is the Montana Sapphire & Old European Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring because it is beautiful and reminds me so much of my Grandma’s Wedding Ring, which I have always loved! Such a fun giveaway. Thanks!

  • Linda says:

    My favourite sapphire ring is the GIA Sri Lanka Blue Sapphire Ring w/ Baguette Diamonds.

  • Kira Lennox says:

    The Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring is absolutely stunning!

  • Christina Ashby says:

    Being that my birthstone is amethyst I’m in love with the 1960 14 karat gold vintage flower ring. It has its own little personality with a twist of sweetness.

  • Morgan says:


  • Ashley Boardman says:

    Graduating college this December and my boyfriend and I are talking about getting engaged sometime this year. I’m not a fan of diamond wedding rings even though my birthstone is a diamond. These rings are SO beautiful! My favorite two are the vintage round sapphire milgrain 14k gold and the untreated round Montana sapphire yellow gold engagment ring. These are both so simple – they’re perfect!

  • Christine says:

    I love the Tacori 4 ct blue sapphire oval ring! It reminds me of my grandmother’s ring! :)

  • Jelisa Pretz says:


  • Kelly Ryan says:

    I love the Untreated Round Montana Sapphire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring. The gold and sapphire combination is beautiful!

  • My favorite sapphire is the Unheated light blue sapphire ring. It is breathtaking!!! I am lucky to wear an inherited emerald over 100 years old. Thank you for including me in this entry to win a piece of your work.

  • What a fun contest :)

    Can you please hint to my future hubby that I’d like the BLUE GREEN MONTANA SAPPHIRE RING, 3.9 CARAT NO HEAT? I see there’s only one left, so let me take it off your hands <3

  • Meredith Richmond says:

    sku: wm10559

    I love a unique engagement ring!

  • Laura says:

    Beautiful ! Love the blue gray pink square cut with four posts, just gorgeous ! Thank you!

  • jenny says:

    So many beautiful favorite is the 2ct deep blue sapphire and diamond halo! Stunning!

  • Cynthia Beahm says:

    OMG! My engagement ring was a sapphire. It’s a solitaire with a double diamond band…..but that more turquoise one or anything with a halo!! It’s also my birthstone and I would love to collect them!!! (In my dream money-is-no-object fantasy land) ?

  • Lara Karpinski says:

    Cannot get enough of the 14k gold Sapphire with diamond Halo. That is my dream ring!! It’s the perfect combination of a classic stone with a modern touch. So in love!

  • Brittany Lee-Cerato says:

    I’m in LOVE with the Unheated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring in White Gold.
    Though rose gold is more my skin tone, this blue is perfect for my colouring and the setting is stunning!
    As we’re both Uni students, I’m dreaming, but a girl can dream right?

  • Karen Van Horn says:

    I really like the unique blue green sapphire 3.9 carat no heat Montana ring. It would make a great anniversary ring!

  • Katie sundseth says:

    The rings are amazing!! I have always loved a sapphire for an engagement ring because of the uniqueness! I especially liked the VICTORIAN SAPPHIRE RING W/ OLD MINE CUT DIAMOND HALO 18K GOLD!

  • egy says:

    The blue sapphire was really amazing, and it was succed to attacted my girl eyes to have this one for our wedding day in 2018 -__-. I don’t really know anything about sapphire but as my eyes said, i choose The Icy Blue Sapphire as my favorite.

  • You have a selection of beautiful and unique rings and frankly I would be delighted to own any of them. Although married for 8 and a half years now, my Husband and I just never found the right ring and I’m still looking. I actually love this one on your website:
    sku: wm10203c
    The 30’s was my favourite era for fashion, music and now it seems jewellery too!

  • Joanne Doucet says:

    My favourite ring is a pear cut ruby with diamond halo: wm10360. It’s my birthstone and my favourite gem cut! ??❤️??

  • Michelle says:

    The VINTAGE 2.1 CARAT OVAL GREEN SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING is gorgeous! I love the color of the sapphire and the detail on the band is stunningly beautiful.

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