Please tell me I’m not the only person out there who loves walking into Williams-Sonoma, planning out my dream kitchen. I did this even before I was engaged and setting up my registry there! If you’re anything like me, then you’re going to be really excited about today’s giveaway – you can enter to win a $150 gift card from Williams-Sonoma just by registering or adding a new item to your current registry.

flour sack dishtowels flour sack dishtowels

Some of the things from W-S that I love and use just about everyday are my flour sack dishtowels (I’m a firm believer that one cannot have enough of these in the house – they’ve totally replaced paper towels for me), my Silpat non-stick baking sheet liner (no longer leaving half the cookie on the cookie sheet), and my Picardie drinking glasses (they make me feel like I’m at a French cafe!).

best garlic press best garlic press

And then there’s my fantasy kitchen, with things like a waffle maker, a marble pastry board, copper mixing bowl and yes, a fancy garlic press (my sister has one of these and I want it).

Now, who wants that $150 gift card? To enter, you need to:

– Register with Williams-Sonoma, then leave a comment here letting us know you’ve registered, and what your favorite W-S item is and why.
– Or, if you’re already registered, add another item to your registry, and leave a comment here letting us know what you’ve added, as well as your favorite W-S item.

You have until next Wednesday, September 1st, to enter. I will announce the randomly selected winner on Friday, September 3rd. Oh, I should also mention that you can receive an extra entry if you include your public registry link in the comment. I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve registered for!

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  1. Meigh

    Oooh, we less than three Williams Sonoma. We added a new knife block to our existing list; since neither of us has be able to convince the other of the superiority of our own knives, we need a block that will accommodate both sets. Our favorite item is the bee tumblers, which they sadly no longer make.

    Here’s the link to our registry: Thanks!

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  2. Stacey

    I added the American Kitchen Commercial Stockpot, 20qt, Item #: 11-2867034. My parents have one of these, and use it almost daily for our expanding family! I would like to be prepared as my own family starts to expand. My favorite item from Williams-Sonoma has to be the ebelskiver pan I received in my Eater basket… delicious and easy! Such a fun treat.

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  3. Stacey

    ps here is the link to our registry…

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  4. Jessica

    I love William Sonoma! My favorite registry item we just added is the Mauviel M365 Copper 7-Piece Set.

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  5. Katherine

    I just went a little nuts starting my registry. My favorite item right now that I can’t wait to get is… the garlic peeler. Simple, I know, but I hate peeling garlic and this is one of those items I could never bring myself to purchase. It will be a fun gift to get, though! Our registry is at:

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  6. Christina


    It’s so hard to pick one favorite item, but one of the top for me is the past machine! I’ve been wanting one for years!

    I just added the covered cookie sheet to my registry. So useful for baking! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  7. Laura


    My husband and I were married in France last year (he’s French) and we both added our own favorites to the registry although the need for it has pretty much passed. We love to cook, and explore different cuisines. We have many favorites, but our most useful and loved object has to be our maple cutting board. We use it not only to prep the food, but also as a serving platter. It looks beautiful and serves the purpose!

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  8. EJR

    My favorite item that we registered for is a set of wustof knives. The knives that we have right now are soooo dull.

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  9. Bethany

    If walking into Williams-Sonoma on a dreary day doesn’t brighten my mood, I don’t know what does! I am a huge kitchen gadget junkie and I LOVE all things food which is why I knew from the moment my amazing fiancé and I were engaged that WS would be my #1 stop for registry items! What is not to love about this place?! I have to admit its hard for me to choose just one favorite thing, so I decided to go with the multi-use utility knife. I use this knife for everything and it slices wonderfully! I honestly think you can’t have enough, because at least 2 of mine are always dirty – so I registered for another. Today I added some silpats to my list (can’t believe I overlooked them) and plan on adding more items as time goes on. Thank you WS for making my dream kitchen a reality!!

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  10. Bethany

    P.S. Registry ID: 2572869

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  11. Amber

    I’ve finally created our housewarming registry. I’m still in the process of tweaking it but it’s started! Our registry is id # N2824378.

    I must admit, my favorite item is the Calphalon Unison Sear Nonstick Kabob Pan…I love Kabob’s, I make them all the time so this item makes me really excited!

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!!

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  12. Annette Greason

    I am MADLY in love with their Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set and have been since the day I we first made eye contact back in April -despite the fact that I could never justify the 159.95 price tag. If I won the gift card I could pay only 9.95 for the whole set!

    here is my registry by the way…

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  13. Laureen

    Currently registered at Williams-Sonoma and my favorite gift I’ve received so far is the 10-piece glass bowl set. It’s amazing for food prep.

    And Williams-Sonoma customer service is equally incredible. Despite being securely packed, when the bowls arrived one of them had shattered. I called customer service and the representative couldn’t have been nicer. UPS came the next day to pick up the original package at no extra charge and two days later I received a new set.

    We’ve been using the grill we share with our neighbors a lot this summer so I think I’m going to add some of their great grill accessories to our registry:

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  14. Kristi Gutierrez

    I love the Shun Edo Dual-Density knives! I never knew knives could be so sexy. I could go crazy at WS…there are so many goodies and not enough kitchen space ;)

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  15. laura

    We are registered at Williams Sonoma too..registry # 2508541

    I have been eying this panini press since before we got engaged:|eltgrlpan

    I want to make paninis for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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  16. Amber

    I registered and added an All Clad roasting pan as my first item. My fiance love to cook together and have been slowly accumulating a few special items from WS over the past 6 years that we’ve lived together. We cannot wait to add to our All Clad and Le Creuset collections, not to mention the fun appliances like a Belgian Waffle Maker!

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  17. Natasha

    I just registered! I’m so excited! This is also my first comment on your site, and I LOVE the flood of creative inspiration you provide! My absolute favorite WS item is their exclusive Olivier balsamic vinegar- an amazing product for a very reasonable price! My registry list is included for that extra chance to win :) Thanks!

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  18. Natasha

    I just registered! I’m so excited! This is also my first comment on your site, and I LOVE the flood of creative inspiration you provide! My absolute favorite WS item is their exclusive Olivier balsamic vinegar- an amazing product for a very reasonable price! My registry list is included below for that extra chance to win :) Thanks!

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  19. ashley k

    yay how fun! i just started our registry at WS. my favorite, most-coveted product at WS right now is probably the Staub Mini Round Cocotte Set in graphite. There’s nothing like your own individual dish of mac + cheese or home fries to eat from!!

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  20. Maggie [The Freckled Citizen]

    I LOVE W-S! I’m registered and my favorite item on the registry is a Cuisinart Elite Food Processor – I’ve been dying for one for ages. My registry ID is N1016274.

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  21. Jenny

    I am slightly obsessed with guacamole, as is my fiance. So, just added the Molcajete (Item #: 11-3983806) – YUM!

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  22. Alyson

    We’re registered at Williams-Sonoma! I just added the Maple Bacon Rub to our registry, because those are two of my fiance’s favorite flavors and he is the master of the grill!

    My favorite items from Williams-Sonoma are their specialized bakeware — especially the cake pan that looks like a giant Oreo cookie, and the acorn and autumn cakelet pans. One of my friends even used the mini-wedding cake pan to make beautiful little cakes for my bridal shower!

    Here is a link to our registry:

    Thank you Kathryn! Reading Snippet & Ink is one of favorite daily pleasures!

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  23. Sarah Solducky

    I added the La Chamba Colombian Clay Baking Dish, Large, and my favorite is the Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set!

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  24. Christine

    We’re already registered at W-S, but I added the set of 8 glass prep bowls!

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  25. Christine

    P.S. Here is a link to our registry:

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  26. Angie

    I’ve always admired the items at W-S but could never bring myself to buy anything! So of course, W-S was our first stop when we started our wedding registry. Our favorite item thus far is the All-Clad D5 saute pan with splatter screen. It is now a staple in our kitchen and does a fabulous job searing a blackened salmon.

    We’re big bbq lovers but setting up the smoker is a big job. I added the Demeyere Smoker Pan to our registry. Although there are no reviews on it yet, the idea of smoking small foods on an as needed basis is wondrous. Thanks for having this giveaway!

    Here is a link to our registry:

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  27. Judith

    I just added the cotton flour sack towels because those sounded like a good idea and these nifty little pop-up sponges. I’ve never bought much at WS due to being a poor college student, so it was immediately my first choice for my registry!

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  28. April~Living The Sweet Life

    I love William Sonoma. It’s my happy place. :)

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  29. ashley

    I hope to win, this is awesome!

    I registered today for my October wedding 2011.

    My fave item is the OXO Containers set of 20, because I love organization- and I need to get more organized once gettting married.


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  30. ashley

    My public registry- (i’m not sure if this will work, but it is public-promise)

    Registry ID: 2609358

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  31. ashley

    My public registry-
    Registry ID: 2609358

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  32. Lane

    I love anything Emile Henry, especially in the cobalt blue. I added the garlic press and a vegetable peeler to our registry today after seeing your post.

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  33. Court

    Just created a new registry – this is a great contest! My favorite WS item is their Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Kiwi. My then-boyfriend got it for me on our anniversary, and it proudly sits on the stove at all times. I can’t bring myself to put it away in a cabinet!

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  34. Miriam

    I could have added all of Williams-Sonoma to my registry. I LOVE the store. And I can’t even cook…but my fiance can! But I can bake and clean! So of course I added the floursack dishtowels because they’re so soft and wonderful. I also added the garlic slicer/masher. My final addition was the Picardie tumblers.
    I’ll also tell you what my favorite piece on this registry is…the Breville blender! It’s the most perfect blender and I’ve had blender envy for a while so I can’t wait to get my own!

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    • Miriam

  35. Jennifer

    I just added the ice cream maker to my registry. My favorite items are the All Clad pots. They are the best!

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  36. Emily

    I absolutely love the Mauviel Copper Beating Bowl, it is so beautiful! Who ever thought kitchen appliances could be so lovely? I just registered on Williams Sonoma & I’m so glad I did, they have some great stuff on there. Here is my registry link.

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  37. ashoz

    W&S was one of the first places we started a registry and of course it wasn’t difficult to find more things to add!

    Our new item is the All-Clad Splatter Screen, Large.

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  38. Beth

    What a dream to walk through Williams-Sonoma and create our registry! We’re still adding to it. I was inspired by your suggestion of the Silpat Cookie Sheet Liner, so I added that. We’ve talked about getting one for a long time. Can’t wait to bake some cookies together!

    I received a third pan off my registry for my wedding shower and we use it to store our homemade ice cream. It’s the perfect size for storing in the freezer as well as in our limited Brooklyn apartment kitchen with very little storage space!

    Our dream date nights is cooking at home together, so a gift card would be so fun to stock up the kitchen!

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  39. Beth

    ps. here’s our registry link which we’re still adding to:

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  40. Laura

    Our favorite are the Le Creuset dutch ovens! So versatile and come in such great bold colors – they’ll last a lifetime!

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  41. Claire

    We’ve long been intending to register at Williams-Sonoma for kitchen products since we love to cook together!

    This contest pushed us to get the registry started, so I began picking out a few items today. My favorite item on the list so far is the traditional finish muffin pan, 12-well (Item # 11-1984129)

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  42. cindysue

    I just registered for several things including a microplane grater, silicon spatula and spoon, and a pizza crisper :)

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  43. cindysue

    P.S. love all things silicon from WS. They make everything come out of the loaf pan/muffin pan/cookie sheet so easy, especially when cooking things gluten-free :)

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  44. Jessica E.

    We just signed up for Williams-Sonoma’s registry for our wedding! I have just now added the OXO stainless steel salad spinner after my fiance said first that he thought we really didn’t need one. However, after trying to make salad for the first time last night since we’ve been together (I usually do it), he changed his mind. The salad was all wet and he said, “Okay, you’re right. I think we need a salad spinner after all. This is just not working.” :)

    Our public wedding registry can be accessed at


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  45. Kimberly

    I added the Cuisinart 12 cup food processor (and many more goodies). This would make my life soooo much easier.

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  46. Melissa

    Oh, the many things that I could add to the WS registry! Today, added the three tiered oven rack (and a few other things) because we just agreed to host both my fiance’s and my parents for Thanksgiving. We have teeny tiny oven, and that thing would be such a help for all the sides that I’ll be making!

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  47. Melissa

    Oh, and by the way folks, I know it is temping to register and hope for the 6 qt monster Kitchenaid 610 Pro, but unless you are planning to breed and feed an army it is just too much. I have one and NEVER USE IT because a) it is too heavy to lug out, and b) the bowl is too big to affectively mix average sized batches. It is effing beautiful, though!

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  48. Elizabeth

    I LOVE WS!! I already have a registry so I added the mini muffin pan, traditional finish. Recently I was given the Cuisinart Hand Mixer and I absolutely love it! There are so many wonderful things in this store!

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  49. Genevieve

    Oh, they have so many fabulous things! I’m registered and of the item added today I hoping for the Staub 4-Piece Cookware Set the most!

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  50. Joan

    Because fall in New England is apple picking season, I added the Apple Peeler/Corer to my registry. It will get a lot of use!
    My very favorite (and most wanted) item is the Bachmara Decorated Tagine. It is beautiful piece; just perfect for an aspiring gourmet.

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  51. amy

    I just got engaged but i knew a long time ago that when i got to register the first thing on the list would be red ceramic bowls from W&S…and now they are! i love the 7piece set i found in the store

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  52. edris kim

    i just added the de Buyer Mandoline to my registry. cant wait to make my own potato chips with my husband to be :)

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  53. Meghan

    You’ve sold me on those Picardie tumblers. I’ve added those to my registry (

    As far as my favorite- that’s so hard! I would have to say the artisanal line from Emile Henry. I love the caramel-colored bakers, loaf pans, and pie plates. I’ve also been lusting after the Mauviel copper and porcelain double boiler.

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  54. Nicole

    Oooh, I absolutely love the electric citrus press. I’m a huge fan of fresh squeezed juice (grapefruit is my favorite, followed by orange), and the electric citrus press would make my mornings!

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  55. Heather

    I registered for several things including 2 more flexible spatulas, since ours is on its last legs.

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  56. Talia

    We love Williams-Sonoma, so it’s hard to pick our fave. Right now it would be the end grain counter block that we just added. Love, Love, Love…..

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  57. Talia

    Oh yes…and here’s our registry
    Also added the all-clad measuring spoons and cups.

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  58. Kyle D

    My favorite thing from Williams Sonoma is the Lime Chili rub my fiance purchased. Since I’m a usually a klutz in the kitchen, she sends me to the grill where I’m more comfortable. While playing with spices, marinades and fire is more my territory, this rub was so delicious and easy to use that my fiance grilled me some of the best pork tenderloin I’ve ever had!

    Because she stepped out of her comfort zone, I would like to step out of mine and make her some cookies that aren’t burnt and stuck to the cookie sheet, so I added the Silpat non-stick cookie sheet to our registry! Hopefully it gives us as much luck

    Kyle from Michigan (Sept 2011 wedding)

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  59. Lindsey

    I love the kitchenaid mixer in yellow!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  60. Taryn

    I just registered with Williams-Sonoma and really hope I get the KitchenAid Mixer for my wedding! I would love to have it in my arsenal to make wonderful cakes and desserts for my future hubby!

    My registry can be found at

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  61. Kristine

    I heart Williams Sonoma – I could seriously spend hours in that store, every time! :) We set up our registry recently, but I added a few items: the Laguiole Cheese Knives (b/c I love all things cheese!), the cherry salad bowl and the Apilco Oval Platter.

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  62. Kari

    just added the le creuset grill pan in Cassis color – am loving this new color and thinking about switching entire bakeware set over to it! Also added some all purpose towels. Yippee! love WS…

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  63. Omaira

    Just added the all-clad souble burner griddle to my resgistry! Should be perfect for Sunday morning pancakes! YUM!

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  64. Okeoma

    Love Williams-Sonoma! I just registered for the glass dome cake stand!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  65. Susan B

    We love to grill and smoke, so I added the Smoker Box to my registry.

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  66. Kyle D

    Now able to post our public registry

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  67. Brittany S

    My favorite item is the Williams-Sonoma Pitcher! The shape is so elegant and it reminds me of hosting summertime parties outdoors, something I love to do!

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  68. joey

    I just started my registry! The maple rolling pin is my favorite.. my fiance is canadian!

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  69. Kristie

    I added the Anniversary Bundt Pan. It has great customer reviews, so hopefully my cakes won’t stick to it like they do with my current bundt pan. My favorite W-S item is the 10 piece glass bowl set, which I received at my bridal shower. I had no idea how useful the bowls would be – I use at least one almost every day!

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  70. Jennifer

    I have been drooling over the 12 piece Le Creuset set for awhile but thought it was too much to put on the registry. I just realized that people can contribute to it by getting gift cards of smaller amounts through the registry! Every bit counts for the big ticket items!

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  71. Amanda

    i love love the all clad cookware (we already have a few pieces), and the glass cake stand, and the marble pasty board

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