Brion Hopkins pretty much summed up everything I think you should know about him in these two sentences:

“I shoot film and digital, and I will travel anywhere to shoot a wedding (including Cuba, I would go to Cuba for free actually). Also, I love chocolate chip cookies.”

He left out the part about how he also takes freaking awesome photos, but I think they speak for themselves…

I couldn’t resist including one of Brion’s polaroids:

Want more? Go check out his blog and his website, and then sign him up quick, because now that the word is out I’m pretty sure he’s going to be all booked up in no time…

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  1. Leslie

    Love the Polaroid!

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  2. Megan Campbell

    Love the color and flare!

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  3. Ashley Moss

    So glad to see Brion on here! What a talent :) Congrats!

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  4. danielle

    wowzers! love love the polaroid!Does he want to come to sedona, AZ?? It's really pretty :)

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  5. k

    I love the polaroid—it is fantastic.

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  6. lairdea

    SO lovely,I'm a sucker for good old romantic photography

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  7. Jonathan Canlas

    Brion is an animal. And when I say an animal, I mean one you want to snuggle with :). He is an amazing photographer and equally an amazing person. So, so cool.

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  8. Ms. Bunny

    The first two pictures — yes please!

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  9. Brion Hopkins

    Thanks Kathryn! Jon I love you man and for sure I love AZ :)

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  10. {The Perfect Palette}

    Great work!

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  11. A.Mountain.Bride

    some of the best photos I've ever seen.

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  12. robyn

    gorgeous. i love.

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  13. zee

    what an awesome, awesome photographer! i absolutely love his work. his style is fun, colorful and romantic at the same time … a delicate but well-achieved balance.

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