When Jocelyn Filley sent me this wedding, I knew I just had to feature it. Not only is it lovely, but it is a perfect example of how an imperfect day, where it seems that nothing else could possibly go wrong, can still make for a beautiful, meaningful and fun celebration. I’ll let Liz tell most of the story, which starts days before the wedding…

The last day of work before I was leaving to go to Martha’s Vineyard, I was running for a cab because I was late for work. My heel got caught in a groove in the sidewalk, and I tripped and fell. I broke two fingers and had a black eye! I ended up in the emergency room because one of the broken fingers was my ring finger and they wanted to cut the ring off! Thankfully, lots of ice and time brought the swelling down so they didn’t have to. 

Our biggest hope was that we could create a wedding that would be beautiful and feel very personal and fun. We had 130 people in attendance. Sean and I are both very laid back and appreciated that the Beach Plum Inn on Martha’s Vineyard was the perfect setting for casual elegance.

Our wedding logo, a polka-dotted fish, could be seen on many things at the wedding, including our invitations and the fishbowl that was meant for people to put their wedding cards in at the reception.

The weather. Well, what can we say. The wedding site and Friday night party site both would have been absolutely beautiful if we just could have seen on of the inn’s famous sunsets. But it poured and poured and poured from Friday morning through Sunday morning. We were shocked that people even made it to the island since most flights and even ferries were cancelled! The rain was so bad that the Justice of the Peace had to stop talking during the ceremony because no one could hear him over the rain.

For our wedding cake, we ordered cupcakes for everyone and then for the top of the cake stand, our baker made a polka-dotted fish cake in our wedding colors – but on the way to the wedding the baker had to slam on her brakes and the cake slid off her back seat and got destroyed!

Although we had sides on our tents, the band (The Mike Benjamin Band) had to evacuate because a gust of wind blew the rain right under the sides of the tent. The tent was flooded and the band had to relocate to the kitchen area of the inn – not what we had in mind for aesthetics!

To ensure we had the maximum memories possible, we created a guest book station where people could take instant pics of themselves and put it in our album with a note. We also set up a “self-service video camera.” We didn’t want our videographer to chase people around, and our friends felt comfortable speaking to a little camera set up in the lobby.

But in spite of it all… we had such a blast! Not one person at our wedding let the rain get in the way of having a great time. Everyone was on the dance floor (outside of the kitchen). People gobbled down the delicious cupcakes and totally forgot about the actual wedding cake (which the baker brought over a new one at 10:00pm). We partied until they had to shut the lights down at the inn. It was great! It was the most informal but best flow to a wedding that I could have hoped for. And the most important thing? We got married!

Congratulations Liz and Sean! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with us, and for showing how important it is to remember what really matters – and that a little rain doesn’t have to put a damper on a good party. I think it’s safe to say that the best contingency plan is a good attitude! And thank you to Jocelyn Filley for sharing the images with us – it’s so apparent from these photos that everyone had a great time. As Jocelyn said, “What the day lacked in sunshine was made up for in spirit!”

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  1. Zoe

    This is so sweet and inspiring! Their great attitudes kept the party going. A great read for any bride, as there are so many things that can and do go wrong – and in the end, does it really matter when you’re married to the coolest person ever?

    My friend got married in August (I was a bridesmaid) and her florist/cake maker (one person handled both tasks) got in an accident on the way to the ceremony. The only salvageable items out of the three weddings she was going to we’re our bridal and maid bouquets. Cake destroyed and all other wedding flowers, ours and the other weddings, gone. In the end, I felt really bad for the poor cake-flower-woman. We still had a blast!

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  2. victoria (milkfed press)

    Congratulations to Liz and Sean! I give you a million style-points for having such a great attitude, when others may have flipped out and wilted. Here’s to your happy & successful marriage!

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  3. Katrina Wallace Photographers

    Snippet and Ink, I LOVE that you featured this wedding! It’s sweet and inspiring and the bride is a great example of how everyone should approach their wedding day. Rain or shine, no matter what happens, when you have an grateful attitude focusing on all the love and good things in your life, you are bound to have the most amazing wedding day!

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