by Erin Hearts Court

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  1. Laura

    Love these shoes! Nowadays it seems that so many brides (myself included) are doing the solid brightly colored shoe thing… I love this’ bride’s super-fun take on the trend! Happy Sunday!

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  2. Sarah Winward

    gasp! those shoes are incredible. I had silk ties on my wedding shoes that were dip dyed varying shades of cream and white, but those colors make me want to want to eat popsicles.

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  3. Laarni

    I love this shoes, where did you buy it? They are uber-fabulous!

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  4. Nicola

    How much longer must we wait to see your beautiful wedding? The suspense is getting unbearable!

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  5. Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

    Oh my! Such gorgeous shoes!


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  6. Brandi

    I love the shoes!

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  7. Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay

    Those shoes are to die for!

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  8. lara

    i agree…gorgeous shoes…please share the details for us drooling gals.
    and congrats!

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  9. Stacey P.

    I must know where those shoes are from. Incredible.

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  10. Stephanie @ Little Wed Hen

    I think those are quite possibly the most gorgeous shoes I’ve ever seen! (And his aren’t too bad, either!)

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  11. Andrea

    Yes! DO tell on the shoes. Where? I’ve been looking for something ALMOST identical- JCrew had a pair that were watercolor print, purple and green. But buckle straps with a knot on the toes. These would be PERFECT!

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  12. Lena

    The shoes are from Bakers, from last summer, hopefully they still have some left!

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