by Elizabeth Messina



I hope you’ll forgive me posting an image of myself for this Sunday Edition. There is a black and white bridal portrait of my grandmother that I spent a lot of time looking at before our wedding, so when Elizabeth sent this photo over, I immediately felt like this was that timeless image for me – the one that maybe someday my own granddaughter will look at before her wedding…


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  1. Elizabeth

    This picture is absolutely a classic, and I love it so much! You are forgiven :)

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  2. Chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day

    Oh, it so is! I have something similar of my grandmother. What a precious gift to your children and grandchildren someday, and a gorgeous shot of a beautiful bride!

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  3. Jordan

    Oh Kathryn, you win the pretty wedding picture contest.

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  4. caroline

    wow, you and this photograph are gorgeous! so stunning.

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  5. Mary

    One word: BEAUTIFUL!

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  6. Emily

    What a lovely and timeless picture. <3

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  7. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe}

    I couldn’t agree more. This is a classic.

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  8. Kamie

    I love this picture! Definitely something your granddaughter will cherish someday! Stunning!

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  9. elizabeth

    this is my favorite image from your wedding…you are such a beautiful woman…this somehow feels like it is from an old movie or something…i love that this was taken just moments before you said your vows…happy sunday….xoxo, elizabeth

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      That’s part of why it’s my favorite, too. ;)

  10. Syuke

    hi. ive been following your website for over a year now.i love the content and images. today i saw this photo and reminded of one that i took 2 years ago. :) thought i share the link. keep up the good work.

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  11. julie


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  12. Abby – Bright Yellow World

    Absolutely breathtaking.

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  13. Sarah

    Simply timeless. You look stunning Kathryn!

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  14. MeitsMo

    Timeless and stunning- I’m so happy for you guys, and so happy that you had such an incredible wedding!!!

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  15. Kae

    I still can’t get over how amazing this photograph is. Not only is your own granddaughter going to stare at this photo before her wedding, but so many others will also. Thank you for sharing!

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  16. Karen

    It’s beautiful and so were you!

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  17. ka

    jaw. on floor.

    amazing. :)

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  18. Courtney Thomas

    I’ll have to bookmark this page to look back onto before my own wedding. It makes me feel calm. Thank you for sharing.

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  19. the Perfect Palette

    This really is a classic image. I’m totally in awe. Love it to pieces. You are a picture of beauty.

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  20. Evie

    WOW, timeless beauty for sure!!

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  21. Karen Toms

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    The picture is stunning and definitely a classic for future generations to love. I want make sure now that I have a timeless portrait taken on my wedding day too.

    I also adore your wedding dress – it’s gorgeous but also looks really comfortable. You are definitely wearing the dress rather than it being the main event which is something I’ve been very conscious of when hunting for my own dress.

    I’m busy planning my wedding in September and your daily inspirations are making the process even more exciting.

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  22. Kirby {Colors of Honey}

    oh wow! you look so gorgeous, poised and peaceful in this photo. it definitely deserves to be beautifully matted and framed for all your children and grandchildren to see!

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  23. Bianca

    OMG breathtaking!
    This picture, no YOU so beautyful!

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  24. ann wedding favors

    You have the angelic face and I like this picture.. The image looks calm but deep inside there are a lot of things that she wants to say…

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  25. Leslie

    Kathryn, YOU.ARE.STUNNING! Love this photo. xoxo

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  26. Caitlin

    Your blog never fails to make me smile! Beautiful!

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  27. Denise Stock

    That’s why they say a picture can say a thousand words. Ryan is a lucky, lucky man! Congratulations Kathryn on your beautiful wedding! Thank god for pictures to remember all the special moments that your memory might miss (and for all your readers to be inspired by ;-)).

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  28. elaine

    stunning. Elizabeth Messina captures the most beautiful images!

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  29. Kate Holt

    hi Kathryn…i just absolutely love this image. It IS out of time and perfect. Many congratulations on your wonderful day.xo k

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  30. a


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  31. Stephanie @rhinspirations

    Beautiful and classy!

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