by Ed Peers

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  1. McKenna Ryan

    What an interesting pic.. It took me a second to figure out what was going on. haha. Those dresses are beautiful!! xx, Lou.

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  2. Adrienne

    Ed Peers has a very keen eye! I love how he captured the bird in perfect focus and the bridal party falls away softly. Really captures the mood of their day. I love the red bouquet paired with those minty maids’ dresses!

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  3. Yelle

    Such a stunning photo!

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  4. Ngaio May

    Hehe we had a photo like this happen! (when I was a bridesmaid last April!)
    We were at Auckland Museum taking pictures outside the beautiful building and a man on a unicycle rode by between us and the photographer!! Resulted in a photo of us laughing and a small blur of a man on the side!
    I love this bird photo! :)

    Ngaio May xx

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  5. Alex

    What a unusual guest !
    It’s what Cartier Bresson named : the decisive moment :D

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  6. arvee

    Wow. what a capture! Love it!

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  7. Monika Wedding Photography

    Splendid shoot, very well done!

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