by Shawn Connell for Christian Oth Studio

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  1. elizabeth

    omg! i loooove that dress! i had imagined getting married in color, but it seemed just a step too far. what a fabulous dress!

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  2. Courtney

    What a fabulous dress, indeed. I love how the groom is in white. The contrast is stunning.

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  3. Bridechka

    What a dress on her, its like a fantasy!

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  4. Jena Lepitzki

    What a gorgeous dress! I love how the groom is in white. A fantastic photo, Kathryn.

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  5. Leigh

    Is that Zac Posen’s sister? I think I recall seeing this amazing dress written about before…

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  6. stacychen

    so nice wedding dress , this is the most beautiful wedding dress i have ever seen !

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