• brides and babes says:

    Can I tell you how adorable this is? I need to go dog shoppig.

  • Sugar & Spice Event Design says:

    I am such a dog lover… this is the cutest thing ever. I know my nina would never sit that long for a picture! This is absolutely fun!

  • christina says:

    i love this!! dogs at weddings are the best!
    happy sunday!

  • love-v says:

    This makes me want to bring my bulldog to my wedding. He’ll be in some engagement shots, but this is too much fun.

  • The Future Mrs. Golden says:

    As a Georgia Bulldog and the relative of a Bulldog (my mom has one named Harley and my FSIL has one named Gracie), I find this tooth-achingly SWEET! Love love love it! I want to incorporate my three Labradors into our wedding somehow, but I think it will have to be done with photos since our bunch is a bit rowdy. ;)

  • Ashley Rose Photography says:

    OMGosh!!! we have a lil english bulldog pup, i love this shot :)

  • b e e says:

    i’m so glad you posted one of joe’s pics! he’ll be my photographer for my october wedding and i can’t wait!

  • LauraAnn says:

    I just found your blog. Let me tell you how adorable that picture is! We have two English Bulldogs that my fiance would LOVE to have in our wedding but unfortunately they are very rambunctious and not very well behaved at times!

    Great post and love the blog!

  • Sarah@WeddingBook.com says:

    I have an english bulldog, but sadly got him after the big day. Would have loved for him to be part of it!! And, I think this makes the photo and the entire day so much more personal– dogs do become your best friends!

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