by Karen Wise

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  1. Berry

    Oh I just love it when couples use sparklers at their wedding! Its so neat.

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  2. {The Perfect Palette}

    such a special moment captured.

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  3. Heather

    So pretty!

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  4. jane


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  5. Susan Terese

    absolutely stunning!!!

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  6. The Professional Bridesmaid

    I love sparklers! Would make a great end to any special occasion.

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  7. Tara [at] Pacific Wedding Guide

    Stunning! My dream send-off :)

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  8. Melissa

    Gorgeous! I wish I had thought of sparklers. I love seeing those simple ideas that are just brilliant.

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  9. Anonymous

    I always worry that a spark is going to hit that wedding dress.

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  10. Aubrey

    I am still working on convincing my better half that we're going to have sparklers at the end of the night. He thinks it will be too smoky/smelly. Silly man!

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  11. Jessica

    I wish I was having an evening wedding so that we could have sparklers – not much sense at 6pm in September.

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  12. weddingchic

    Fireworks really do just finish off the end of the wedding day. Great at the end of your wedding album!

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