• L.Vega says:

    This picture is way cute. I think I invited kids to my wedding so I can get something like this. Children bring something so simple and so special to a wedding….

  • kaitli says:

    Geh. Vega, I'd like to think that children being invited to a wedding is about more than having props.

    I think they can be incredibly cute, but if you're not close with them or their parents…

    They do bring something sweet and special to the wedding, but to the day and the event, not just the photos.

    And it's a lovely photo from MW, as always.

  • Sugar & Spice Event Design says:

    It is nothing like the little ones at a wedding making the night even magical and to show love at its purest form! Great Picture!

  • Manila Homes says:

    I am wondering what this picture is telling us. Well anyway, love looking at it. Something is in this picture which made me smile. Thanks for the post!!!

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