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I was browsing through one of my favorite sources of inspiration last week and came across this photo of pink Depression glass on a backdrop of crinkled white tissue paper. I couldn’t resist it! So here’s a little pink party inspiration board for this week before Valentine’s Day…

Mood: flirty and sweet
Palette: sugar white, sweet pink

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: pink glassware from perfectbound’s flickr, peach and fuchsia peony and sweetpea bouquet and paper garland canopy both from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: white wedding cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, pink macarons photo by Aya Brackett
Row 3: natural makeup from Martha Stewart Weddings, pink invitation by Betsy White*, white lemonade from Amy Atlas, rose photo by Concrete and Honey

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  • Camille @ Style Notes says:

    So light, fresh, & romantic! The perfect palette for a sweet celebration. LOVE the image of the all-white cakes!

  • Amanda says:

    beautiful. I just did a post about pink and red, and there was this wedding cake that I fell in love with that belongs in this board!!!

  • Anne @ The City Sage says:

    I'm frankly convinced that depression glass is THE best thing since sliced bread. Is there any situation in which it DOESN'T look gorgeous? And so versatile too–I used it for a tabletop on my blog today as well, and the result is totally different!

    P.S. I'm suddenly craving ice cold lemonade :)

  • The Sale Rack says:

    i religiously follow your blog as i am getting married in three months!! you have been such a source of inspiration for our wedding–so thank you!

    i thought you and your readers might be insterested in a contest to win a beautiful magenta personalized leather journal i am doing on my blog. the winner who has the best way to save money wins the journal. since many of your brides are working on a budget, i thought they would have great ideas!

    i bought one with my future new last name…might be a fun idea for your brides too!

  • Kelly Oshiro says:

    I just did a table for The City Sage with pink depression glass. Synchronicity much?

  • jadorelidylle says:

    I know it just passed, but this would be an awesome New Years Eve Party!!! So light and fresh and different!

  • great board… one question. Are the pink treats in the picture macaroons (sp?) or whoopie pies? There has been some debate about this where I work… any ideas?

  • Kathryn says:

    Hi AB,

    Those pink treats are French macarons, which are different from coconut macaroons. And they're reeeeally yummy. :)


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