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VENDORS: Floral Design

  • ariella-chezar-012

    Ariella Chezar

    “Ariella has developed a new vocabulary of floral design, one based almost entirely on the natural gesture of a plant and the way it grows in the…

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  • kim-starr-12

    Kim Starr Wise

    Born and raised in Upstate New York in an area that annually celebrates lilac trees, Kim Starr Wise developed an appreciation for nature at a young age.…

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  • Laura Miller Design | Snippet & Ink

    Laura Miller Design

    Laura began her floral journey twenty years ago working with a handful of talented designers in Southern California before she branched out and purchased…

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  • stems


    To us, being a florist means more than just designing a centerpiece to put on your table... we help design your entire event with the purpose of creating…

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  • Grace Kim | Snippet & Ink

    Grace Kim Floral & Event Design

    From an early age, Grace expressed a passion for creating through drawing, painting, and sewing. She pursued this interest in art and design, studying at…

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  • fox-fodder-farm-012

    Fox Fodder Farm

    Fox Fodder Farm is a floral design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Fox Fodder Farm creates arrangements and designs that are inspired by the…

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  • Fionna Floral | Snippet & Ink

    Fionna Floral

    Fionna Floral is a custom wedding and special event florist located in the spectacular Monterey Bay Area. For over a decade, Fionna Floral has provided…

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  • Shotgun Floral Studio | Snippet & Ink

    Shotgun Floral Studio

    Shotgun Floral Studio is a self-taught, freestyle focused floral and design house located in Berkeley, CA. Founded, owned and run by Emily Read Bentley;…

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  • Willi Wildflower | Snippet & Ink

    Willi Wildflower

    Willi Wildflower is a custom floral design studio. Arrangements are thoughtfully created and inspired by nature: loose, whimsical, organic, with a touch…

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  • robin-hollow-farm-011

    Robin Hollow Farm

    Robin Hollow Farm provides full-service floral design for all types of weddings and events, using our flowers and beyond. Our specialty is to listen…

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  • southern-blooms-12

    Southern Blooms

    Southern Blooms by Pat's Floral Designs is a nationally acclaimed floral design team that has been specializing in weddings and events since 1986.…

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  • Picture 1

    Max Gill

    Taking cues from the order and disarray he sees in the natural world, Max Gill's designs range from abundant and rustic to elegant and traditional to…

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  • kim-fisher-011

    Kim Fisher Designs

    As the founder of Kim Fisher Designs my passion continues to be helping my clients celebrate their life experiences through floral design, decor styling…

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  • Wendee Sawran | Snippet & Ink

    Wendee Sawran :: Petals & Decor

    Wendee Sawran started in the hospitality industry, working with major hotel brands and learning the ins and outs of hospitality management. This allowed…

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  • Florali | Snippet & Ink


    Blessed with the bounty of Northern California, local and seasonal flowers are a top priority for us. At Florali, bouquets are created using the freshest…

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  • Chestnut & Vine | Snippet & Ink

    Chestnut & Vine

    Chestnut & Vine is defined by iconoclastic designs that pair textural elements with delicate floral materials to create bold displays full of…

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    We are POPPYSTONE, the floral couture design house of Sonoma, California. Our works are admired by design enthusiasts who appreciate our artistic…

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  • Picture 3

    Kathleen Deery Design

    Kathleen Deery and her diverse design team create comprehensive aesthetic looks for weddings, special events, and parties.  Using flowers, textiles,…

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  • bridesmaid-skirts-and-tops-3

    La Fleuriste

    Lidia's work reflects her affinity for both art and nature. She traveled extensively and studied with designers in Los Angeles and Paris before founding…

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  • sarah-winward

    Honey of a Thousand Flowers

    Sarah creates floral arrangements inspired by the natural textures and shapes in nature. Her garden style flowers show movement and texture that are found…

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  • Carte Blanche | Snippet & Ink

    Carte Blanche Design

    Carte Blanche Design is based in sunny Arizona, designing events all over the state and beyond. Owner and Lead Designer, Randi, has always been passionate…

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  • thumbnail

    McKenzie Powell

    Raised in a family of avid gardeners and trained as a graphic designer, McKenzie brings a broad appreciation and knowledge of design to the floral and…

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