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VENDORS: Photography

  • Emilia Jane | Snippet & Ink

    Emilia Jane

    Emilia Jane is an award winning editorial wedding photographer with a classic style based in Chicago and New York City who travels often and appreciates…

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  • Julia Franzosa | Snippet & Ink

    Julia Franzosa

    My favorite weddings to photograph are outdoor ceremonies for radiant couples who live with intention. The intention to live and love to their fullest…

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  • Em The Gem | Snippet & Ink

    Em the Gem

    When it came time to name my business I thought about using my name - Emily. But then I thought about the people that know me. The ones who get me. They…

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  • a-bryan-photo

    A Bryan Photo

    There’s no bigger day and, as a photographer, there is no bigger honor. Our studio's love of documenting on film coupled with our passion for…

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  • The Nichols | Snippet & Ink

    The Nichols

    Named one of "Martha Stewart Weddings's Top Photographers," the Nichols have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Weddings Unveiled, Style…

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  • Wedding Film Photographer

    Christina McNeill

    My path to photography probably started before I was even born, my grandparents met when my grandfather was dropping off film at the local drugstore’s…

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  • Jen Huang | Snippet & Ink

    Jen Huang

    Jen Huang approaches weddings with a romantic, fine art sensibility. Known for her fresh, light-filled portraits, Jen has been featured on the covers of…

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  • trent-bailey

    Trent Bailey Photography

    Trent and Dara, the husband and wife behind Trent Bailey Photography, create beautifully authentic and artful images of life’s most meaningful and…

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  • SMS Photography | Snippet & Ink

    SMS Photography

    My name is Stacy Sodolak and I married an amazing man 3 years ago, we live in South Austin with our 3 crazy dogs! I like to have fun, be a little silly, I…

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  • Picture 2

    Meg Smith

    Meg Smith has been described as one of the most distinguished 'light hunters' in the world. Frequently featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, with over…

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  • Wendy Laurel | Snippet & Ink

    Wendy Laurel

    Wendy Laurel is a film photographer shooting weddings and families in Hawaii. She’s lucky enough to live on Maui with her husband and four children.…

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  • Mary Margaret Smith | Snippet & Ink

    Mary Margaret Smith

    My name is Mary Margaret, but feel free to call me MM! You’ve probably heard the quote that if you do something you love you won’t work a day in your…

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  • Danielle Defiore | Snippet & Ink

    Defiore Photography

    The best moments are the ones where you engage with loved ones, letting go of all expectations, simply connecting and seeing the truth in each other. I…

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  • Karen Wise | Snippet & Ink

    Karen Wise

    Karen Wise's modern and sophisticated style is a favorite amongst the elegant New York bride. She specializes in portraiture and draws from her experience…

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  • josh-gruetzmacher

    Josh Gruetzmacher

    Your wedding will be full of family, friends, and fun. Lots of fun. So should your photos. I want to create fine art images that are bright and full of…

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  • Kristen Wood | Snippet & Ink

    Kristen Wood

    For more than a decade, I have worked as a professional photographer. Having an education in photography and hands-on industry experience has uniquely…

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  • Catherine Mead

    Catherine Mead

    From Polynesia to Provence, Catherine travels the globe to capture people in love. Photographing on film, her timeless photographs are filled with…

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  • the-mccartneys-photography-011

    The McCartneys

    Working together as a fine art husband & wife photography team is an absolute blessing. And, it’s one that we don’t take for granted for a single…

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  • Melissa Jill | Snippet & Ink

    Melissa Jill

    There’s one thing you should know about me before you hire me to shoot your wedding… I might cry during your ceremony. Despite my best efforts, I’ve…

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  • Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink

    Nancy Ray

    At Nancy Ray Photography, we believe in living for what matters most. We believe in creating a legacy with how we live our lives and in the way we capture…

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  • kristen-loken-11

    Kristen Loken

    I’m Kristen. Photography has always been a part of my life. My father was an avid amateur photographer, so we always had a darkroom growing up. Some of…

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  • silvana-di-franco

    Silvana di Franco

    A wedding to me is part photojournalism part, life-style part, directorial. So is my approach to photography. I truly enjoy all the excitement and…

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  • Erin Kate

    Erin Kate

    I am an artist who is inspired by love and life. I absolutely love weddings. It is a great privilege when I am chosen and trusted to interpret a wedding…

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  • Christy Cassano Meyer

    Christy Cassano-Meyer

    After the cake has been eaten, the DJ stops playing tunes, and the beautiful dress comes off, what's left are your memories. Photography plays such an…

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  • EstherSunPhotography060

    Esther Sun

    Specializing in lifestyle & weddings, Esther is a fine art photographer based in Southern California. She is recognized for her light-filled, soft,…

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  • corbin-gurkin

    Corbin Gurkin

    Spontaneity. Considerations of composition, light and color. Often, the elements of a beautiful, compelling photograph align in the blink of an eye.…

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  • elizabeth-messina

    Elizabeth Messina

    elizabeth is an artist & a mother.....who loves to bring a little more sweetness & beauty into the world.... her innate sense of style is…

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  • karen-hill

    Karen Hill Photography

    Love is in the air! Please visit and fall in love! We love what we do and we love photography. At Karen Hill Photography, our…

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  • 20

    Jeremy Harwell

    “I absolutely love weddings!  To be able to capture two people at one of the happiest times in their life, couples who have found one another and…

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  • carrie-patterson-005

    Carrie Patterson

    Carrie has become one of the most recognized and published wedding photographers in the Rocky Mountain West. It is her authentic style and relaxed…

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  • britt-chudleigh

    Chudleigh Weddings

    Britt Chudleigh is an award winning photographer whose formal education as an artist greatly influences her approach to documenting authentic stories and…

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  • Jillian Mitchell

    Jillian Mitchell

    I tell stories with my cameras. Some of the most important stories I get to tell are that of two people in love and at the heart of these stories are the…

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  • Greer Gattuso | Snippet & Ink

    Greer Gattuso

    I am a wedding and portrait photographer who uses the grace of a fine artist and the sharp eye of a storyteller to capture images that are intimate,…

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  • Erin McGinn | Snippet & Ink

    Erin McGinn

    Hi! I'm Erin McGinn, a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in Rhode Island. My background as a wedding planner, blog and wedding magazine editor,…

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  • Cappy Hotchkiss

    Cappy Hotchkiss

    Cappy Hotchkiss Photography‘s vision is classic, modern, emotional and fresh.  She achieves dynamic color and striking black and white using both film…

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  • By Leah

    Leah McCormick

    We are a perfect match if you want to have your cake and eat it too! In essence, you mostly just want to have fun on your wedding day and magically get…

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  • Gia Canali Photography

    Gia Canali

    Over the last ten years, Gia’s work has taken her to weddings traditional and non-traditional, religious and civil, rural and urban, high-end and…

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  • Kate Ignatowski | Snippet & Ink

    Kate Ignatowski

    Drawn to a neutral palette, industrial spaces full of character, and the quiet beauty of the outdoors, photography is my medium for creating art,…

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  • Heather Cook Elliott | Snippet & Ink

    Heather Cook Elliott

    People who haven't seen my work often ask me what style I work in. My answer is complicated, yet simple: My style is really a method. I work…

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  • mksadler-011

    M.K. Sadler

    Lifestyle photographer Meghan Kay Sadler uses her backgrounds in design and painting to document life with honesty and simplicity. Based in California,…

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