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I feel that the ceremony is the most important part of the day, (or it’s supposed to be, at least) and it should set the stage for the celebration that follows. But unfortunately, most wedding ceremonies are boring, long, and repetitious. It’s the same ol’ script used time and time again, and there is typically no connection between the couple and the moment or the one delivering the ceremony. There’s no mention of the couple at all, only by name, which is often times mispronounced. Guests never hear the story of how they met, how they fell in love, what brought them down that aisle, all that they have gone through to get there, and their hopes for the future that they promise to share together. I thought that was terrible, and I simply wanted to change all of that, so I put my education and former career to use to do just that. :)

Through constant communication via email, text, phone calls, video chats, and the most revealing, their Questionnaire, I get to know my couples, and I am able create a ceremony that truly reflects who they are and what they share, and so, every ceremony is unique. Every ceremony mirrors the couple it’s written for, and so my ceremonies are whatever my couples want them to be! We incorporate meaningful music. We include customized various Ceremony Enhancements–my coined phrase for “rituals.” Guests can participate. There are no rules! And so an experience is shared by everyone there! It’s pretty awesome, and I love my job!! :D

*I write 100% original ceremony scripts and vows based on my couples’ love story, who they are as a couple, and what marriage means to them, all while remaining aligned to their beliefs. The result: A fresh, entertaining ceremony that everyone will enjoy and remember!
*I have my own professional sound system with high-quality, lavaliere microphones discreetly hidden on my couples and me so that everyone in attendance can hear their custom written ceremony and vows without the interference of ugly microphones and their stands. The result: Magic moments perfectly caught on film!!
*I am a ceremony coordinator, going above and beyond the common roles of a traditional officiant. I arrive at least 2 hours before the ceremony is set to begin in order to review things with other vendors hired. The result: An organized and cohesive coming together of professionals who are all excited to produce the best experience for everyone there!

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