Kristi Amoroso Special Events


Kristi Amoroso Special Events, LLC, is one of the premier event planning companies in Northern California.  Founded in 1998 by Kristi Amoroso, the company has planned over 250 weddings, social and corporate events since its inception.

Kristi’s body of work is considered the height of professionalism, taste, and style in the industry, and her passion for perfection and elegance has elevated her to the top of the event planning business.  She maintains impeccable relationships with her vendors – this partnership is a key factor in the success of her events.

Her work has been published in every notable wedding and special events magazine in the country. Her client list includes some of the Bay Area’s most noted public and private individuals.

Kristi grew up in the Bay Area, and has spent time living in Italy and Los Angeles. She makes her home in Sonoma, California, where she is married with three children.

(Photos: Kate Webber, Jose Villa, Meg Smith, Jesse Leake, Gertrude & Mabel)


Telephone: 415.218.1460 and 707.938.9808