Scott Andrew


There is a tangible quality to the work of Scott Andrew, although ethereal at times you find true beauty in every frame.

Scott has been commissioned for weddings all over the world with a few of his favorite places being Napa Valley, Bali, Dominican Republic, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Thailand, Mexico, and New York City.  His photographs have been featured by the likes of Martha Stewart Weddings, Tiffany & Co., Kodak, Elle, among others.  From high-profile weddings to DIY backyard affairs, Scott brings the same eye to each event with a zeal for finding the most beautiful elements of the day to comprise a grand story.

Using the beauty and allure of traditional film along with the performance and technology of digital, Scott has been able to strike a balance of the two in his editorial style of photography.  The majority of the wedding day is unscripted and he photographs as it unfolds, yet when it is time for portraits of the couple he excels in directing the couple to elicit the most natural, beautiful looks from them

Born and raised in California, Scott and his family are undeniably natives.  Many have commented that you can actually see the “Californian” in Scott’s photographs.  He truly appreciates the craft of photography and has been fortunate enough to share his unique perspective with many happy couples throughout the years.