Skyla Arts


Based in Northern California/Bay Area, Elizabeth Chang of Skyla Arts enjoys providing quality makeup & hair artistry and customer service to her clients.  Elizabeth prefers to be called by her nickname, Liz. Liz, her husband Bo, and their cat, Skyla, are happily growing their roots in Mountain View, along with their growing collection of electronics. When Liz is not with a bridal client, she is working on-set for commercials and advertising, making her an expert in providing hair & makeup for events, as well as print & film.  Published in online wedding blogs as well as magazines such as Seventeen, ELLE China, Hero Magazine, Tantalum, La Petite, Z-Life Magazine & Entrepreneur, Liz has also been on the hair & makeup team for editorials featured in The Knot (National) and Vogue Italia Sposa. Growing up, she loved teaching others tricks of the trade and noticed the instant positive effect makeup application had on her peers. It is “the look” in her clients’ eyes that say “I love the way I look!” that brings Elizabeth satisfaction and inspires her to continue working in the beauty industry.

Having lived in 3 continents and 6 countries, Liz identifies as a citizen of Planet Earth. She is passionate about social justice, especially in education and women’s issues, and aims to use her beauty techniques to help people achieve their goals. Elizabeth believes in the importance of environmental responsibility; beauty is important, but not at the cost of our environment! Watching the Bride & Groom exchange vows, either when she is hired to do touch-ups, or watching the video highlights after-the-fact never fails to bring tears to Liz’s eyes.  There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than watching two people embark on the next chapter of their lives.  I cannot wait to work with you!


Phone: 323-346-7599