Isn’t there something totally creepy about Victorian-era things? This inspiration board is probably more appropriate for a Halloween party than a wedding, but why not. Haunted gothic manors, Victorian hairstyles and dress, apothecary bottles and tonic labels, ravens and masks. And Edgar Allen Poe, of course. Anyone have Halloween plans that look anything like this? Oh, and just for fun, check out these witchy, ghosty pics.

Mood: Victorian Gothic
Palette: black, white, sepia, red

Top row from left: creepy tree from Westchester Photographic Society, black and red candy apples by Mattbites, photograph of Victorian lady, abandoned manor
Row 2: photo of women with masques by Ellen von Unwerth, Victorian tonic labels
Row 3: black and white cameo via Newport Weddings, Victorian carte-de-visite, raven and birdcage from Better Homes and Gardens, etching of Victorian Gothic house, portrait of Edgar Allen Poe
Row 4: “poison” wine labels from Martha Stewart Crafts, apothecary bottles from Modern 50, Carter’s advertisement with crow via Welcome Collection, Gould Mansion via New York Social Diary

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  1. Kristen Nichols

    Absolutely Love this! Makes me want to curl up and watch old scary movies all day!

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  2. Camille @ STYLE NOTES

    This is so appropriately creepy…& the apothecary jars, Victorian mansion & black masks all have a touch of gothic glam, too!

    / Reply
  3. Matrioshka

    Wow, if anyone could make me want a creepy Victorian kind of goth style wedding it’s you. So beautifuly eerie!

    / Reply
  4. Lauren

    My fiance’s sister did a raven/Poe inspired wedding and it was gorgeous! See photos here: and the (short) video here:

    All this makes me love Halloween even more than I already do!

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  5. Angela

    this is amazing. my husband’s favorite poem is the raven. if i saw this before our wedding (which was just a few weeks ago), i would have changed the theme for this! our theme wasn’t very far off though (books). love it!

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  6. Sarah

    I actually did go to a wedding just like this last year on Halloween, complete with a black wedding dress, masks, and candy bar!

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  7. Amy@OldSweetSong

    This. Is. Truly. Awesome.

    / Reply
  8. Aleah + Nick Valley

    Oh, now this is so spooky! There’s something so mysterious about the Victorian-era.

    / Reply
  9. Eric

    very interesting.. very month appropriate!

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  10. Alicia@CharityWedding

    I love the spooky caramel apples! Such a fun idea! Great board!

    / Reply
  11. Stephanie

    Oh my gosh! I’m swooning over this board. Those candy apples & the masks especially. I created some Halloween invites last year that were Poe/The Raven inspired. View them here:

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  12. Lo

    Such a chic alternative to a fall wedding, loving the masks!

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  13. bargain bex

    just discovered your beautiful blog and site and i am fast becoming utterly smitten – just divine!

    can’t wait to see what you post next …

    from a fellow bargain-seekin’ blogger,


    / Reply
  14. Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events

    Awesome inspiration board as always!

    Perfect for the macabre bride, and you know she’s out there! It would be too much fun to put together a wedding from this board.

    / Reply
  15. Alexis – OMG I’m Getting Married

    Now that is an awesome moodboard. love that typography

    / Reply
  16. Alyson

    I think the thing that makes this inspiration board so fun is that it’s sexy on top of all of the more obvious elements. “Rawr!” quoth the Raven.

    / Reply
  17. Joe

    Best. Mood. Board. Ever.

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