Heather & Eric | Vintage-Inspired Engagement Photos

While I understand why a couple might want to have engagement photos for themselves, I had never seen any that really stood out to me (though I do love this idea). At least not until Samuel Lippke emailed me with these photos from Heather and Eric’s gorgeous engagement shoot.┬áHeather is an assistant for Trina Turk, and Eric is a painter, art curator, and DJ. Before their engagement shoot, Samuel spoke with them and suggested doing something a little different – something unique and artistic that reflected who they are. The spring shoot took place at their friends’ ranch in Fallbrook, California. Items such as an antique dress, a parasol and a tripod helped to create a timeless story of a couple in love.

A huge thank you to Samuel Lippke for sending these photos to me, and congratulations to Heather and Eric! Maybe we’ll get to see some photos from your recent wedding…

On a personal note, as I was in the middle of getting this post ready, my dear sweet friend Elizabeth called me to share her good news – she’s engaged! Congratulations Elizabeth – I love you and could not be happier!


  • emily says:

    This shoot is fabulous! I love the concept and the images came out beautiful!!


  • Miss Keswick says:

    I love this idea! It’s so romantic and not at all cliche or tired. I love the suspenders and parasol!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I really, really loved this. I’m totally linking this on my blog.

    and Congrats Elizabeth!

  • Leslie says:

    Wow I love these! Especially that you can’t “date” them with anything real trendy in them, timeless indeed!

  • love those photos! all the greens and greys and white. and they totally lucked out with those moody clouds. those are my absolute favorite kinds of skies to shoot! beautiful!

  • Edyta says:

    extremely creative and absolutely beautiful!! the tone and color is to die for :)


  • Eliza says:

    I think I used to have that awesome old camera…maybe I need to start using it again!

  • Lyndsy says:

    Oh my goodness I love them! Such a throw back. Makes me think of Robert Redford for some reason. Absolutely beautiful!

  • coco+kelley says:

    A.DOR.A.BLE! the parasol is the perfect touch too. so dreamy and romantic… *sigh*… gorgeous inspiration my dear!

  • Monica Rae says:

    This is totally not my style, but I could not stop staring. How gorgeous! These photos make me want to be her.

  • ERIN says:

    I adore these photos! They’re so unique and the ranch they were taken on is gorgeous! So timeless…..

  • jennifer says:

    i love the feel of this engagement session. fantastic idea to show off the couple!

  • Ashley L. says:

    I just took engagement pictures for a dear friend of mine and she showed me these for inspiration. I put my own twist into them and tried to capture my friend and her fiance’s artistic nature. Stop by to see my post on how my pictures turned out :)

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