10 Amazing DIY Wedding Ideas

Customized lunch boxes for your guests, hand-lettered escort cards, the perfect favor for a summer picnic—from floral envelope liners to giant floral letters, we’ve got a DIY for just about every occasion. Since we’ve shared so many of them over the years, we thought we would round up a few of our favorites. Be sure to let us know if you try any of these projects for yourself!

No. 1 
DIY Botanical Envelope Liners for under $14!
Photography by Christina McNeill / Design: ADELPHI EVENTS

No. 2
DIY croquembouche donut tower by BE HITCHED. Photography by Christina McNeill

diy croquembouche donut tower

No. 3
How to set a table from Celeste Greene and JOSH GRUETZMACHER

No. 4
DIY Wax Seal Escort Cards by ADELPHI EVENTS, photography by Christina McNeill

No. 5

DIY Bath Bombs by Rhiannon Bosse. Photography by SAMANTHA JAMES

No. 6
DIY Floral Letter from LOOP FLOWERS.  Photography by CHRISTINA MCNEILL.

DIY Floral Letter, monogram, wall diplay, back of his and her chairs, chair decor, wedding decor

No. 7
DIY Tin Can Luminaries from ADELPHI EVENTS .Photography by Christina McNeill

No. 8
How to build a DIY boxed lunch from ADELPHI EVENTS.Photography by Christina McNeill

No. 9
Free Printable DIY Seed Packet Place Cards by  ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Photography by Christina McNeill

No. 10
DIY Magnolia Leaf Garland by NATURE’S GRACE DESIGN. Photography by DANIELLE DEFIORE


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