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Today’s Vintage Bride comes from Snippet & Ink reader Kirkland – we’re so happy she shared this with us, and really love how she honored her grandparents’ love story!

“This is a picture of my grandparents the day they eloped in 1940. They met on a blind date set up by one of my grandfather’s Army buddies. My grandfather, who was from Baltimore, said he didn’t want to go on a date with some “hick” from North Carolina, but after they met he quickly changed his mind and they fell in love. If he had a nickel he would ride a trolley across the city to see her every day, or if not he would walk. Their first date was like something out of The Notebook, with a ferris wheel and all. (I only found this out the night before she passed, as he reminisced by her bedside about their lives together.)  The day they married they only had a quarter between them, so they celebrated with a cup of coffee each, and split a cheeseburger.

Following the tradition of my grandparents, the picture below is of me and my husband on the day we eloped, before he deployed.”

Photo: Jessica Arden


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