Affordable, Talented Wedding DJ’s from Scratch Weddings

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Choosing the right music for your wedding reception is one of the keys to a great party, and a talented DJ can ensure that everyone has a great time. Not sure where to find one? Scratch Weddings has done all the legwork for you. Not only have they built a nationwide team of rigorously screened DJs, but Scratch Weddings will also help you find the perfect wedding DJ based on your style, taste and music vision for the night.

Scratch Weddings DJs are experts at reading the crowd and building energy on the dance floor by mixing and blending a diverse set of genres to appeal to your taste and guest make-up. Meaning everyone from the best man to Grandma Judy can all have a great time!

Working with Scratch Weddings is a risk-free, stress-free experience: you get a fully-screened DJ, a customized playlist based on your personal music and event preferences, a dedicated music manager to handle all the details, and a 72-hour “change of plans” full refund policy. So much of wedding planning can be incredibly stressful – why not take the stress out of at least one decision!


Bottom image by Levi Stolove Photography.
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  • A talented wedding DJ will make a wedding memorable. This is something that will completely change the feel of your wedding. It is worth a few extra dollars to hire a great DJ. Thanks for the post!

  • There are people who blame Wedding DJs for being loose of feet when they create music for the ceremonies. But, this one looks so real, perfect and ideal for the weddings.

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