Cake batter ice cream, lawn chair pins, and happy Fathers Day weekend!

Cake batter ice cream. Because, why not?

Loved this video for two reasons: 1) Can you imagine making music and getting this reaction from Pharell? and 2) I could listen to this song on repeat.

Honeymoon advice from the experts.

Last minute DIY Fathers Day gifts.

Smitten Kitchen’s strawberry milk sounds like the perfect summer breakfast.

And strawberry rosewater chia fresca sounds like the perfect drink for a summer afternoon.

All sorts of royals (including the pinchable-cheeked kind) celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday (love the captions in this slideshow).

The house from Father of The Bride is for sale (for a mere $2 million).

How perfect is this tropical print dress for long summer days (and nights!)?

Or you could create a DIY tassel dress.

Done with Marie Kondo? Next up: creating and organizing your dream closet (this feels so out of reach to me I can’t even stand it, but a girl can dream).

Lovely chopstick rests made from beach glass.

Enamel pin of the week: the seasonally appropriate lawn chair.


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